October 22, 2014

Broadway Round-Up

The best part about living so close to NYC is that everything you could want for entertainment is within reach.  We almost always take advantage of the TKTS booth in Times Square or the South Street Seaport. Most of the shows are 50% off and since we are happy seeing most of their options, we usually have a back up plan if our first choice isn't available.

We have seen a few shows since we moved and we have so many more on our list.  I figured I'd recap the ones we've seen so far.  The list is in order from my least favorite to my favorite (so far.)

Cinderella - At the Broadway Theater - Tickets available at TKTS

We saw this in February when Carly Rae Jepsen and Fran Drescher were starring as Cinderella and her stepmother.  We knew that it would be different than Disney's version going into it, but we just felt like the songs and story weren't as memorable.  Even though this was our least favorite, we still enjoyed it, but there are so many good shows that I probably wouldn't recommend it.

Rocky - We were lucky enough to see this show during its run on Broadway this spring, but it is no longer playing.

This is a show to bring your husband to.  The music was good.  Nothing was quite as amazing as the last scene when the entire theater is transformed and you feel like you are at a boxing match.  Everyone is on their feet.  If this comes to a theater near you, take your favorite Rocky fan - it will not disappoint.

Chicago - Playing at the Ambassador Theater - tickets can be found at TKTS

This is a Broadway classic.  What shocked me the most was that one of the lead actresses has been doing this show on and off since it first opened on Broadway in the 90's.  The talent was incredible.  I loved how simple the sets, costumes and stage were and I love that the orchestra is right on stage the whole time.  This was a TKTS purchase for us and it was worth every penny.

Rock of Ages - Playing at the Helen Hayes Theater - Tickets can usually be found at TKTS.  We bought in advance to get 4 tickets together.

We went to this show with our friends, Caroline & Tony, when they were visiting at the end of September.  Constantine Maroulis was playing the lead role and my husband was a fan of his when he was on American Idol (which sadly was almost 10 years ago.)  This show is like going to a party/concert.  There are jello shots and loud music and lots of laugh out loud moments.  And then we met Constantine after the show.  Caroline even got her t-shirt signed :)

The Newsies - Unfortunately, it is no longer on Broadway.  It finished its run this summer.

The show was phenomenal.  It is clear why it won the Tony award for best choreography.  That movie is one of the greatest things to happen to my junior high self.  It took every ounce of self control I have to not jump up during Seize the Day and start dancing.

I will tell you that the lyrics are not all the same as the Disney movie, so you will look silly if you do sing along.

Aladdin - Playing at the New Amsterdam Theater - buy tickets in advance

We just went to see this show on Saturday.  It was my favorite so far.  We bought the tickets about a month ago to go with our friend, Jen, before she moves to Florida.  The music was fantastic.  The show was so entertaining.  It had all of your favorite Disney songs, plus a few new songs.  The genie was amazing and a Tony winner for obvious reasons.  Our seats were expensive and way up high, but once the show started - it was clear that we were going to get our money's worth.

That's the list so far.  We have so many more that we want to see and have a few on the calendar for November.  Jersey Boys, Lion King, Kinky Boots, Cabaret, On The Town, If/Then.  The list could just go on and on.

Since the Blogtober prompt today is pet peeves, I figured it would be a perfect time to share these top 5 theater pet peeves.
  1. PUT AWAY YOUR CELL PHONE.  Stop recording the whole damn thing and don't take pictures during the show.  The flash is annoying and you are annoying.
  2. Get there on time.  Nothing is ruder than making an entire row of people get up.
  3. Sit in your assigned seats and keep your legs to yourself.
  4. Be quiet.
  5. Cool it on the $20 cocktails.
You would be surprised how many people are so out of control rude at these shows - don't be those people.  

Helene in Between Blogtober

If you made it through this super long post, you are a star.  What's your favorite show?


  1. NEWSIES!!!!!!!! I have you to thank for being able to say I saw that before it ended :) I really need to watch the movie one day.....

  2. oh cell phones in any kind of theatre make me all stabby. especially with the flash! I'm hoping to get to see Wicked at the Fox for my birthday!

  3. I've never been to a Broadway show, isn't that crazy? I have been to an Air Supply concert on Broadway but it's not the same. It's on my to do list!

  4. I was so sad that I missed Newsies. I definitely want to see Rock of Ages and Lion King. My all time favorite (and first) show was Rent. My favorite currently running one was definitely Wicked. So, so good!

  5. anyone talking, eating loudly or on their cells make me so annoyed! i would have loved to see Newsies, womp womp. I have seen the Lion King & Mary Poppins (in London), and we are going to see Wicked in December. so excited!

  6. Oooooh so jealous of your Broadway adventures!!! I've only been once for Of Mice and Men!!!

  7. SO jealous! Aladdin has been on my list since I saw it was coming out, but I don't know if it will happen. Disney always does such a good job-- a few years ago I saw The Little Mermaid and it was also amazing!

  8. I hate when we go to a movie theater and people come in 10 minutes after it has started. I don't care if you thought there would be lots of previews - get there on tim, so we don't have to listen to you and your friend talk to each other and try to figure out what is happening.

  9. You lost me at Cinderella with Karlee Rae Jepson. Yuck. It wasn't on Broadway, but we saw Book Of Mormon in Philly in August.. Amazeballs. Newsies is the only one I've seen from you list, but definitely one of my faves!

  10. Just saw Rock of Ages last week for the third time and loved it again!

    Need ti see Rocky!

    Score free passes from Yelp to see Aladdin. So amazing and we had orchestra seats!


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