October 4, 2014


I jumped on the bandwagon back in June with #100happydays.  I liked seeing other people's happy pictures and I love taking a second at the end of my day to reflect on the happy stuff.  My biggest problem was forgetting to take a picture and then trying to find something around the apartment to take a picture of.  Sorry for a few pictures of wine and pajamas.

Since I don't have one favorite Instagram photo, I thought I'd share my favorite posts from this title project.

1. Weekend in the Berkshires  2. Quincy, the greatest Schnauzer in all the land  3. Cape May, NJ  4. Nashville weekend  5. Empire State Building  6. Black Bean Burgers & Beers  7. Rainy days  8. Fantasy Football Draft  9. Handing out You Are Beautiful stickers in midtown

1. Beautiful backyard wedding  2. Morning walks with the dogs 3. View from the ferry  4. Nieces

1. Grandma's first selfie  2. Lola, my little sidekick  3. Beautiful sunsets  4. Saturdays with my husband  5. The infinity view of the Freedom Tower  6. Neighbor friends  7. Bathtime with Lush, face masks and wine  8. That one time we met Shaun White  9. Happy hours with friends (and wine in a can.)

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Have you done #100happydays?  Are you playing along with Blogtober yet?


  1. I've never done the #100happydays challenge, but these pictures have definitely inspired me to think about!!

  2. i love the photo collage!! these are all awesome!

  3. I love your IGs, I think you do 100 happy days well! I always think I should do that...then I don't.

  4. Morning walks with the dogs is my favorite of the whole bunch, they are just so much fun to look at! Pretty cool collages. Thanks for sharing Steph. :)
    Luchessa @ http://luchessa.org/

  5. Aww what a great way to capture and document some of your favorite memories!

  6. Grandma's first selfie, I LOVE it
    That bus is way awesome too :)

  7. Very well done! Your nieces are so adorable

  8. Yay! I really should do this. It's so nice to have a record of 100 things that made you smile. Love your pup! So cute!!!


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