September 12, 2014

Thank You Notes Vol. 4

Because if you've ever seen this post, you know I'm in love with Jimmy Fallon.  Since I love him, that means I love everything that he does, so I'm going to do a round of Friday thank you notes.

Thank you Bath and Body Works for putting out fall candles even though it's still summer.  It's the only situation where I'm totally on board with jumping the gun.  (yes, Kelsey, I bought 1 big candle and 3 mini candles last night but my husband knows about them.)

Thank you Lush for the greatest shampoo and conditioner that I have ever used.  My hair smells amazing and the frizziness is going away even with a few humid days.  Also, I love everything you sell.

Thank you internet for convincing me that I do things my dogs hate.  I read this article about the 11 things humans do that dogs hate and ordered my dogs new leashes and harnesses that are dedicated to "sniff walks."  My dogs better love me a million times more for this major life change.

Thank you little brother for making the best decision over Labor Day weekend and asking Jen to marry you.  I'm so excited to have another sister and I love even more that she asked me to be part of your special day.  Love love love you both.

Thank you coffee for getting me through this final work day of the week.  Well, I guess I should thank you for getting me through every work day.

This weekend will include a trip to the Botanical Gardens, cinnamon rolls, coffee, books, football and so much pajama time.  If I'm lucky, it might also include a late night trip north to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.  I leave you with this song (because I'm buying tickets to their December NYC concert in a few minutes.)


  1. Congrats to your brother!!! So exciting!

    And yay for THTH tickets!! You know, they are playing in Charlottesville the night before our wedding. Maybe you want to see them twice and then crash a wedding? ;)

  2. I need to hear about this Lush product line. I am in desperate need of good shampoo/conditioner that helps tames humidity frizz!

  3. Your weekend sounds like all the best things rolled into one awesome time! :) Congrats on your brother's engagement- YAY!!!

  4. So I need to know, do you color your hair? If so, I assume it's good for colored hair? My hair always has Uncle Larrys.

    Congratulations to your brother!

    The harness is a good way for the dogs to be a little free/explore. I am always hugging them and petting their head and face though. LOL I do make sure to play with them a little every day when I get home and get them out at least for a wander up and down the block so they can sniff around. Hopefully that balances out?

  5. congrats to your brother, yay! and now i need some new candles! lol

  6. Ohh, I want fall candles! I'm trying to hold off on decorating my house (yes I decorate for fall) but it's so hard! I have wanted to try Lush, I have heard such great things about them!

  7. ahh, I love The Head + The Heart, I'm seeing them in October!! also your weekend sounds like such fun!!

  8. B&BW candles are the bomb. I bought 6 about a month ago when they had one of those 2 for $22 sales. The smell and throw is AWESOME! And they burn so evenly, too!

  9. Good lord I thank coffee every day!

  10. I think I need that Lush conditioner just bc it's called Happy Happy Joy Joy! Ren & Stimpy, bestill my heart. Congrats to gaining a new sister and congrats to your brother. And Amen to the coffee Gods!

  11. I love eh ve re thing about this post! GO TIMMYYY!!!!! So happy for all of you guys, Jen is awesome!!

    I miss you. I want to come hold your hand to Rivers and Roads ;) but seriously, super jealous.



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