September 23, 2014

So Long Summer

I wrote my requirements for summer back in June and I revisited that list today.  Turns out, I didn't accomplish everything on that list, but I had an amazing summer.  It wouldn't be a normal blog if I didn't highlight some of my favorite things that we did, right?

Watched the Mermaid Parade in all of its crazy and insane glory.  In my opinion, it's one of the best ways to kick off the season.

Summer afternoons sitting outside enjoying fresh air, sunshine and a few cold ones.

A weekend at a lake in the Berkshires sitting on the dock watching one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.

Flying over a mountain valley via Zip Line.

Nights in a tent in the mountains enjoying the sounds of nature.

Spent a hot, but amazing, weekend in Nashville.

Bonfire nights with marshmallows and sangria.  So much sugar.

Epic road trip across the country with one of my best friends.  Laughing, singing and some of the great roadside attractions this fine country has to offer.

Lots of yoga, strolling and healthier decisions.

An engagement ring on my soon-to-be sister's finger.  And a new puppy niece that I got to play with for hours on a weekend trip home.

Weddings, weddings and weddings.  I love celebrating love.

Minnesota weekends with decent weather and not quite enough time with friends & family.

Days spent wandering through little beach towns.  Our favorites were Newport, Cape May and Montauk.

A successful bicycle ride through New York City.

Sunday strolls down so many streets in Manhattan complete with crepes, brunches, pizza, smoothies, donuts, seafood and tacos.

It was just a wonderful three months.  I'm sad to see summer go, but I'm excited for our first Autumn on the east coast.  I think my favorite thing about living here are the endless places to explore and discover.  

What was your favorite summer moment?  


  1. That puppy is too stinking cute. It sounds like your summer has been on helluva an adventure!

  2. You had such a fun-filled summer, I am living vicariously through you and Justin! Also, I love his blue bow tie, it's pretty flipping awesome. I know I have seen that pic before, and I cant remember if I said it then. Bow tie for the win!! Hope the fall brings just as many fun adventures!

  3. You got it in this summer! I'm glad. Fall in the Northeast is freaking amazing. I hope you enjoy it!

  4. This is great recap to see all of the highlights of your summer-- you made it to some beautiful places!


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