September 9, 2014

Plans Change and Volcanos Erupt

I have talked so many times in the last few months about our Iceland trip.  As I was getting ready to purchase our airline tickets, we received a call about our home that we still own in Minnesota.  We have tenants and there were some issues - some big issues.  All I heard was insert my money into the toilet and flush.  Homeownership can be stressful, but it's even worse when you are living across the country.  Thank goodness our dads are willing and able to help us meet with contractors and get things back in order.  Without them, one of us would have been on a flight back home until the matter is resolved.

The Iceland trip... well, that's being rescheduled.  The same day we got the call about the house was the day that the news broke about the volcano erupting in Iceland.  Crazy how things happen like that.  Now, I've heard that the media is exaggerating the situation a little bit, but I've made a new hobby out of watching the Live webcam of the Volcano.

We will be keeping our vacation plans this fall close to home and hopefully heading out of the country in the spring.  And we are thinking that maybe owning a home in another state might not be our thing for too much longer.

In other news, the Vikings won this weekend.  I won one fantasy game and lost the other.  I found this picture on the internet and I loved it.

I have to say that the Vikings/Packers rivalry gets pretty heated sometimes, but we know that we haven't won a championship in a million years.  So many of my best friends are from Wisconsin and I love them no matter what football team they cheer for.  And I think Aaron Rodgers looks like Ellen.  

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  1. Ugh. Owning a home in general can be stressful, so I can't even imagine what's it like half a country away! Good luck with that!

    Glad you guys are still planning to go to Iceland too. I'm positive that's going to be a trip of a lifetime!

    Also, that picture made me LOL and I don't have any feelings towards either team. Insert crying laughing emoji here.

  2. So frustrating about having to reschedule your trip, but it definitely seems like things lined up to tell you this isn't the right time. Funny how life works out like that sometimes. That meme made me laugh out loud, though it took me a few seconds to get it :)

  3. Hello, found your blog through the giveaway! Sounds like a very stressful situation but I'm glad your dads were able to help! Love that meme! :)

  4. that is terrifying about the volcano, and that sucks about the house - so stressful! hopefully everything works out soon! i sent that meme to my husband lol

  5. You didn't want to view the volcano eruption in person? But it could be the experience of a lifetime! Just kidding - I hope the housing things get resolved and your trip is awesome whenever mother nature settles down.

  6. As a MN girl, I love that Vikings/Packer meme! Too funny!

  7. oh my goodness. I actually laughed out loud at that picture, sad little Aaron Rodgers!

    also I'm pretty sure dads are the best when it comes to house problems. I've come to the conclusion that mine can fix anything!

  8. Poor thing! =\ It's tough enough owning a home- but yes, across the country?! I can't even imagine the stress that can bring... I hope things can work out as best (and affordably!) as possible!

  9. Ugh, Steph. It's funny how things work out like that.

    Remind me, how long are you slated to be east coasters or there is no real end date?

    Our plan is to retain our current home as a rental when we move...I fret over that even though we'd be within 30 minutes to an hour. I'm glad your dads can help!

  10. Blah, so sorry to hear about your home troubles! And screw that stupid volcano!

  11. Tim hated being a landlord! I couldn't imagine having to do it from so far away!


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