August 14, 2014

On the Road Again

I am currently somewhere in Eastern Ohio ready to begin day 2 of a road trip back to Minnesota.  One of my best friends drove out to the east coast a few weeks ago to spend some time with her different friends in NYC.  We decided that we would drive back together this week since Justin & I have a wedding and I have some work training to do at our headquarters in Minneapolis.  We set out yesterday and took a southern route through PA, MD and WV and ended day 1 in Ohio.

A few things I learned on day 1 of this trip:

1. Maryland & West Virginia are amazingly beautiful while driving through the hills.
2. The Cumberland Gap is in Tennessee, not Cumberland, MD.
3. Meals are cheaper in this part of the country.
4. Hershey, PA smells like chocolate.
5. Roadside America is the most ridiculous place I've ever visited (most pictures to come.)

Today, we are covering Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.  I'll be back to regular programming one of these days.


  1. Virginia is even prettier than West Virginia....just sayin' ;)

    You seriously are my adventure idol. I would never choose to drive in a car for that long. Lol.

  2. Shartlesville is a hilarious name. It starts with shart. LOLOL

  3. Hershey smells like chocolate? I need to go there. and yeah I agree with Steph - shart haha


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