August 15, 2014

Almost Home

We are only one state away now.  Today, we traveled through Ohio, Indiana and Illinois and have landed on the eastern edge of Iowa.  We had another great day of adventures.  I will have more pictures to share in the future, but for now, I will share a few more nuggets of wisdom that we learned along the way.

1. Never say no to a 24-hour drive thru donut shop... or ice cream for breakfast if you stay away from gluten.
2. Drink champagne in Champaign, IL.  Why not?
3. Make complete stops when you are in Newtonsville, OH because they are watching.
4. US 50 is a beautiful way to see southern OH.
5. Turns out donuts + sandwiches are a real thing.  I ate one today.
6. Casinos live on boats in Iowa.
7. People in the Midwest really are as nice as the stereotype says.  You run into someone accidentally and they apologize... every time.
8. Turns out you can get just about anything on your license plate. 

Happy Friday to everyone.  I can't wait to be back in the motherland soon.


  1. You're so adventurous! I've never thought of casinos on boats - except for maybe cruises. Crazy!

  2. I totally love these tidbits you've been throwing out and that picture made me laugh, a lot.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. 24 donut shop? Yes, please! I hope the last bit of your trip home is safe and just as enlightening :)

  4. People who live in the Midwest truly are *so nice* the point where they scare me, and I think they are up to something. I was amazed at how flat the highways were in Ohio - not used to that!

  5. Champagne in Champain for the win. Also, that GOD license plate is uber creepy. Almost all the Dunkin Donuts around here are 24 hours, so I guess I'm used to 24/7 donut shops. Safe travels!

  6. Wait... in other states they don't say they're sorry if the bump into you?!?! RUDE!

  7. Haha sounds like it's been a fantastic trip!


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