July 11, 2014

Stars, S'Mores & Sleeping Bags

We are heading out camping this weekend.  It is on my 30 before 30 list to take my husband away for a weekend of stars, s'mores and sleeping bags and it couldn't be a better time.


We are saying goodbye to iPads, computer screens, televisions and the city.  We've got a menu of campurritos, not-dogs and s'mores.  I've got a batch of campsite sangria made up in a big plastic jug.  We treated ourselves to new cooking sticks for the fire.  There's nothing a weekend full of fresh air and no showers can't solve.  And don't forget singing songs like this around the campfire (I doubt Justin will let that continue for more than 30 seconds.)

In other 30 before 30 news, there may be zip lines involved this weekend to check another thing off the list.  I've been making progress on my bible reading.  Our Iceland trip has officially entered the planning stages.  I'm also on day 12 of the yoga challenge which is officially the most days in a row that I have gotten through.

Is my list the most random thing you've seen?  Do you have a bucket list?


  1. I love all the little trips you guys take together!!! Grab some Reese's Cups and use that in place of a Hershey bar when you make your s'mores. #perfection #thenhaveoneforme

  2. Love it! Also LOVE ^ that suggestion for Reese's Cups. Pure genius. HAVE FUN! Wear sunscreen and bug spray! <3

  3. while i loves me some camping, i can't tent it and will rent a cabin instead. i still love the outdoors though :)

  4. I turned 30 last fall, and I still have a ton of things on my list, but I did complete half of them in about 18 months. Bucket lists are so important.

    Anyway, have fun camping. I'm definitely not a fan, but at least I can say I tried. ;)

  5. Those shoes are so cute! Camping is so much fun!

  6. I hope you had a great time!

    My aging eyes...what does that thermos in the photo say?

  7. Hope you had an awesome time... I haven't been camping in forever!


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