July 1, 2014

Right Now - July Edition

Oh hey, it's July.  Hold on while I set down my beer and my floatie and fill you in on what's been happening in my life lately.

OK, I'm ready.  Last week I was traveling for work and this weekend, we escaped the city and headed north for the weekend.  Now I'm back and work is busy, but I'm making time for some fun.  Right now, I'm...

Reading the memoir written by my favorite housewife, Carole Radziwill.  I had no idea what to expect, but she is a fantastic writer and I've only read about 1/4 of the book so far, but I'm loving it.

Eating so much watermelon.  I bought a huge bowl of cut up watermelon for $3.98.  It is fresh and amazing and I'm going to eat every last piece of it.  Also, I made the mistake of buying the sea salt brownie bites from Trader Joe's.  Why do I do that to myself?

Annoyed at the fact that the 4 news articles I read from local and national news outlets shared both sides of the story about the health coverage of contraceptives ruling in the Supreme Court yesterday - the men were quoted as happy about the ruling and the women quoted were all angry about the ruling.  It's like they weren't even trying to get a variety of opinions on the situation.  Also, I'm annoyed that my husband has never seen the Princess Bride.

Watching Real Housewives (duh) and Seinfeld, but really not much.  It's summer and we do summertime outside.

Beginning my Green Smoothie Challenge and I'm super excited about it.  Jump on board today.  Also, this will be my yoga month to knock another item off my 30 before 30 list.

Loving New England and the entire north east.  We spent this last weekend in the Berkshires and it was perfection.

Missing my nieces and my nephew.  It's painful.  We just found out that there is a full family vacation happening next week and that makes it even harder because we will be here.

Anticipating a few amazing summer weekends in July plus a visit from a few of my college girlfriends at the end of July.

Wishing for endless lazy summer days to do nothing other than read and eat watermelon.  Also, if you could throw in a lake home or beach home for the summer - I wouldn't be mad about it.  Also, I need a new blender so I'll be heading to Homegoods to see if I can get lucky with a good deal.

Drinking fruity beer and sangria for days.  I can't get enough sangria and if you have a recipe of some good stuff - please send it my way.  I have yet to make my own because I'm a little afraid that I will screw it up.

Laughing at the Great Outdoors.  I love that movie.

Confused about soap operas.  I just saw a commercial on TV - didn't those all go away?

Listening to the songs in this playlist:


  1. Oh I miss you. Just started making smoothies and if you have any yummy recipes send um my way! Also just started Spotify and need to build up my music list. Have good playlists? And most importantly--how has Justin not seen the Princess Bride?! Get that man on board! ;)

  2. What's he saying? Oh, go faster? You bastard! The Great Outdoors rules.

    Your husband has seriously never seen The Princess Bride? You need to rectify!

    However my favorite thing about this post is you in your floatie with your beer.

  3. ummm Im gonna need those chips and guac and beverages delivered HAHA

  4. Sea salt brownie bites?! I want some of those for sure. I see a trip to TJ's in my future.

  5. ok hold up - your husband has never seen the princess bride?! this needs to change, stat.

  6. That first picture is just fantastic! :) I've been trying to come up with new green smoothie recipes so I'm def gonna check out their site, thanks!

  7. OK, here's something funny. I had never seen The Princess Bride until a few days ago. I don't know why - I think it's one of those that I thought I had seen but really hadn't. Weird. But I couldn't watch the giant rat scene. Gross.

    There are a couple songs on that list that I'll need to check out, but I'm loving Fancy and Problem.

  8. Watermelon + salt: GIMMEE!
    I used to be a diehard General Hospital fan for YEARS.

  9. How has he not seen The Princess Bride?! Watermelon, Sangria, and reading is the perfect summer treats!

  10. LOVE sangria! I've tried a few recipes off Pinterest and all of them have been amazing!

  11. 10 dollar Sangria pitchers on Sundays at Mikie Squared in Hoboken!

  12. I just put Carole's book on hold at the library - I can't wait to read it!


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