July 2, 2014

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures are things that make you so happy, but you feel a little weird about it... you know, a little guilty.  Here is the definition from the almighty wikipedia:

Yep, campy styles of entertainment.  Duh.  I love it.  Here are some of my "guilty pleasures" that I really don't feel that embarrassed or guilty about:

Pretty much any movie with John Candy (including his small cameo as the security guard in Vacation):

Donuts of all kinds.

Mario Party video games - especially the old school ones that were made for the Nintendo gamecube.

Ridiculous parodies of popular songs - even if they've been totally over done.  I watched this one yesterday and loved every second of it.

Facebook stalking people's wedding albums.

Janet Evanovich, Emily Giffin, Charlaine Harris and that one series of Nora Roberts books I've read.  They definitely aren't making me smarter, but I fly through them and enjoy every second.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  It's available on Netflix and we have watched at least 4 episodes already.

Frozen cocktails out of a machine.  A little trashy, don't care.  Extra credit if I get an umbrella.

All things Bravo.  Real Housewives, Million Dollar Listing, about 1/3 of the other trashy shows they air.  I love it.

The dollar section at Target.

Full House.  And on that topic, why don't they replay Step by Step - that was always my favorite TV show and I can't find it anywhere.  Help.

I probably listen to more Justin Timberlake than most normal people.  Also, I love the Coyote Ugly soundtrack... still.

Instagram photo challenges.

Wearing no pants.  I do this more than I should, especially since I don't always have my windows closed.  There's no game more fun than running from the kitchen to the bedroom super fast so no one will see you.  I should really just close my windows more often.

The cupid shuffle.  I might be the only person that will admit to liking this, but I know you've all done it on the dance floor at a wedding after a few drinks.  Just own it.  Love it.

All that said, I don't feel very embarrassed about any of those, but I'm counting them as confessions.  Now go read everyone's guilty pleasures and confessions at the link-ups below.

What are your guilty pleasures?

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  1. I'm so not ashamed to admit I do a lot of these things. Like - FB stalking wedding albums (or Instagram hashtags - get on it!), Emily Giffin (I wasn't even aware I should be embarrassed about this - I LOVE HER BOOKS), frozen cocktails because....why not?, BRAVO - AMEN and we may or may not have pulled up the Cupid Shuffle and Cha Cha Slide on YouTube when we were at the lake and did it in the hallway (it's all my 6 year old cousin's fault....) ;)

  2. Right there with you on SO many of these lol! Mario Party games new and old are amazing :) We play them regularly- no judging! $1 section at Target gets me every time.... yes, I'll take one (or two) of each! And the cupid shuffle is fantastic-- NO SHAME!! :)

  3. ok i need a bullet point list for all of this. john candy, yes! parody songs, have you seen the i'm so pregnant? hilarious. Janet Evanovich + Charlaine Harris freaking love them! and frozen cocktails out of a machine, my fave! OMG Yes I loved Step by Step!! and Full House, the best.

  4. I think I love ALL of these things. Especially the donuts.

  5. Girl this list is basically my life.

    We just got a game for the Wii U that is basically Mario Party (but not Mario...so kind of a cheaper rip off), but still SO MUCH FUN. We used to spend hourrrrrrs playing Mario party in college on the N64. So much fun.

    And Cupid Shuffle...I'm so on board with that.

  6. I'm with you on anything and everything on Bravo! I miss the old school nintendo games so much! They were some of the best!

  7. It's not a party (or a night out at a bar) unless the Cupid's Shuffle is played. I also love Full House, it's kind of my nightly routine to turn it on Nick at Night before I fall asleep. Uncle Jesse, that is all.

  8. John Candy in Planes, Trains and Automobiles = love.

    Donuts = love

    I stayed up until my eyes hurt stalking 400 photos of a girl I barely know wedding album on FB. Whoops.

    Pink Power Ranger.

    I was present for one of these Frozen Cocktails - I conquer.

    Is it still the dollar section when you buy $20 worth of shit. (Me, last week.)

    Step by Step = love. I wanted to be Al growing up. I wore flannel and my brother's handmedowns to be like her.

    I miss you drunk at a wedding with sunglasses on with a dance to Mirrors. LOL

    And yes, I love that damn song. Is there not a Vine video you took of me prior to Arver's wedding?


  9. I'm on your side girl, no pants for this girl!

  10. I really don't feel guilty about the baser things that I enjoy. LOLOL Especially books. There's an audience for everything. I love the Stephanie Plum series hard. I am first in line to read the newest book and have been for years!

  11. Girl i do the cupid shuffle every time it comes on at the bar mostly bc I have no idea how to do any other dance!

  12. Love a good frozen cocktail out of a machine and the dollar spot at Target - Yes Please!!

  13. I love the Cupid Shuffle. I'm not a dancer but I race to the dance floor when that comes on, no shame!

  14. Yes to all of these things! I really love the Vacation movie and the dollar section.

  15. All of those authors are guilty pleasures for me too- and they basically all have new books out!

  16. Great authors! As for FB stalking... I'm there lol

  17. Yes to frozen cocktails, especially put together with pantslessness!

  18. OK, who DOESNT love the cupid shuffle? it's irrestible! and i love that on that description of guilty pleasures... do my eyes deceive me or does it say - bachata? lolol!

  19. YES to frozen cocktails! I could go for one (or five) right now!

  20. My guilty pleasure movie is He-Man Masters of the Universe. And Lula in the Janet Evanovich movies is so funny. I just wish Stephanie would choose between Joe and Ranger.

  21. I will happily break down some cupid shuffle. I might also be known for leading people to the dance floor during those types of dances. They are easy, they are entertaining, and it gets people moving and not standing around like a bunch of bumps on a log.. DANCE BITCHES!

  22. Yes to so many of these! Donuts and Facebook stalking people's weddings and Full House and Step by Step and NO PANTS. YES!

  23. I love Emily Giffin books. Frozen cocktails are the best. I have been addicted to reality tv lately.

  24. The Coyote a Ugly soundtrack is amazing. I have a guilty passion for Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Steel Panther, cookies n cream ice cream with jimmies and gummy bears. Caramello bars. He-Man. YouTube makeup tutorials. Fart jokes. Mannequin. Celebrity gossip.

  25. I can watch those movies over and over! Along with those frozen cocktails and trash tv shows. Just don't tell anyone!

  26. So many of these things. I didn't really watch Step by Step, but it reminds me of the show My Two Dads, which I loved. LOL Also, I'll never apologize for loving chick lit, and I have a weakness for trashy frozen cocktails, too.


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