July 18, 2014

Feelin' Good Friday

Traveling for work is exhausting.  I always find myself working insanely long days because I have so much to do for work and not much to do that isn't work related.  I am looking forward to the vision of the New York City skyline tomorrow as I return back home to my husband and my dogs.

Since my life has been so thrilling this week, I obviously have so much to share with you.  Let's see - plane, layover, plane, car, meetings, emails, meetings, sleep.  Repeat meeting, emails, meeting, sleep 3 times. Done.

Now that you're caught up, I want to share a few of my favorite things with you today.

1.  This picture has been making me smile all week.  It might be the background on my iPad right now.  Rafiki might be my favorite Disney character ever, which is saying a lot.  We "lion king" Lola almost every morning.

2.  Our camping food and drink last weekend, but especially the "Sangria" that we made because I couldn't find any and we didn't have much to work with.  We used a little google power and a little improvising and my awesome tumblers from Walgreens.

3.  These Starbucks mugs.  We've been collecting them since last August and they are my favorites to drink out of.  I was able to pick up a new Chicago mug during my layover.  I love them.  I want all of them.

4.  This 5 Year Journal that I heard about from Lisa @ Two Martinis.  It's easy to do it every day and I think it will be kind of fun to see my answers change over the next 5 years.

5.  The Feelin' Good Playlist on Spotify.  It's amazing and it has been exactly what I needed this week.

I'm thinking up with the ladies doing the blog every day in July (check them out here), Friday favorites with Amanda and the new link up over at September Farm.  Have a great weekend.


  1. Rafiki is the best! Lol love him!

    That sangria looks very interesting. Google is so awesome!
    Hope this coming week is better with work and you can relax a bit.

  2. That sangria recipe looks awesome! I tried making my own sangria recently and my "experiment" didn't turn out so great. I doubled up on the fruit - lemons and oranges - and after a day or so it was really, really citrus-y. Yours looks easier and tastier (2 major pluses). I'm also intrigued by the 5 year journal. I must have all the things!

  3. Love that Rafiki meme! I love those Starbucks mugs too- such a fun thing to collect from everywhere you travel! I hope you guys have a good weekend!

  4. I've always wanted to collect those Starbucks coffee mugs, but I don't think I go enough places to make it worth it. But...I kind of do! Ugh, the struggle. I've never been one to collect anything, so that's my problem.

    Sangria? Sign me up! I could use some right now, I don't care if it's on 9:15am.

  5. oh my god that sangria. perfect. i love the rafiki meme too!

  6. I kinda want to try that sangria now LOL

  7. Definitely making note of that sangria...may have to try it TONIGHT! Thanks for sharing! Love those starbuck mugs, too! Have a great weekend!

  8. Those Starbucks mugs are adorable! It will be interesting to see how many you collect!
    I love that diary, I think I need to order myself one

  9. I can't wait to try that sangria recipe! Such a good idea to use Sunkist!

  10. September Farm? New to me blog, must check it out.

    Genius sangria improvisation!

    I love You Really Got a Hold on Me.

  11. Loving the music! :) and I have that journal! It's amazing!


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