July 3, 2014

A Weekend in the Berkshires

As you know, I spent last week on the road for work (recap here if you missed it.)  Justin has been putting in 12 hour days almost every work day and many Saturdays for the last month.  It's been insane.  I was sitting in a lovely rocking chair in the Charlotte airport on Friday when he sent me a text about going on a last minute trip to Boston.  I was intrigued and immediately started researching options.  I missed the dogs a ton and wanted to make sure they could join us wherever we went and I ended up settling on a weekend in the Berkshires.  Have I told you how much I love the east coast where everything is less than a 3 hour drive?

Turns out, he was totally joking and was quite surprised when he got home and the bags were packed and a cabin was rented.  It was just what we both needed though.  We had an amazing weekend filled with mimosas, grilling, lake time, sunsets, pasta salad, good local beer and exhausted pups.  Plus, anytime that you are able to include $4.99 floaties from Stop & Shop, nothing can go wrong.

rat terrier/chihuahua mix

We have always loved Cape Cod & Boston, but it's safe to say that Western Mass did not disappoint.  We enjoyed our time in the Poconos in May, but I think the Berkshires were a little more us.  It felt a lot like our favorite lakes at home but the cute little towns were quite a bit older and the drive included hills and covered bridges that don't really exist in Minnesota.  We can't wait to plan our next getaway there.

What are you waiting for?  Go get yourself a $5 floatie and have a fantastic holiday weekend.

beautiful sunset


  1. Sounds like the PERFECT little getaway....and those sunsets! GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Did you see the latest episode of the Real Housewives of New York City, where they were in the Berkshires and Ramona complained the entire time? Don't know what the hell she was complaining about thought, you look like you were having a fantastic time!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE that sunset, so awesome! I'm completely jealous of all your East Coast excursions...3 hours (almost in any direction) and I'm still in TX! Ha! (Plus, you always take such great photos which make me even more jealous!)

  4. Gorgeous photos! So happy you guys make the most of your time here. I've been an east coaster all my life, and I'm quite certain you and Justin have seen more than Steve and I! 4 more days til I can have a Fruity Pebbles donut!!M

  5. Your sunset pics are glorious. And of course your floatie and the dogs looking like they're living large on their vacation.

    My college roommate's parents moved to the Berks full time a few years ago from Port Jeff in Long Island. I've never been, I should go.

  6. oh how gorgeous are those pictures/sunsets??

    Vodka and Soda


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