July 21, 2014

A Day in my Life (GIF style)

I love this prompt from the Blog Everyday in July challenge.  I stalk this blog and love her "week in gif" posts.  They are my favorite.  So, here is a typical day for me using some of my favorite reality TV characters (and some of my least favorite.)

I'm a morning person, so jumping out of bed is usually never an issue for me.  My husband is not the same.  He is usually annoyed by my AM energy.

First up, coffee and news.

Then my workday starts and I have a good hour before anyone in the central time zone is in the office.

Once 10:00 hits, meetings have started and my day takes a turn.

1:00 rolls around and I realize that my stomach is screaming at me.

I attempt to choke down the kale juice mixed with whatever fruit is supposed to cover up that taste.

I dive into my afternoon training sessions and emails until I can't take it anymore around 5:00.

I make dinner, hang out with my husband and then contemplate going to the gym.

After deciding against the gym, I decide to paint my nails.

I settle in to write a blog post.

And then attempt to schedule some social media stuff for the following day.

Once the clock hits 9:30, it's one of my favorite times of the day.

And then I do it all over again the next day.

All GIF's are from Reality TV GIF's Tumblr which is a guilty pleasure website for me.


  1. I am not a fan of the GIF but I liked this post!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA I love this!!! Love all the RH gifs - and I am so a morning person too!

  3. 9:30 is my bedtime too! I couldn't function if I didn't get at least 7-8 hours of sleep!

  4. Im always at work for at least an hour by myself too, its great.

  5. Love it!! Much respect for being able to describe your full day in gifs! I would have given up after 2! HAHA!

  6. Morning people actually exist?! I thought that was a myth... haha

    The settling in to write a blog post GIF most accurately describes how I feel when I'm trying to write a post!

  7. I love the first GIF . . . I'm usually the grandma, haha :) Also, I'm in love with your blog title!

  8. This is toooo good! Love all the gifs you picked out! I'm still working on turning into a morning person, it seems like the most pleasant thing ever!

  9. going to sleep is my favorite time of day too! lol

  10. What?! A morning person?? I had no idea some people actually liked mornings...

  11. Hahaha... sounds a lot like my days, too! Love that grandma giving the finger!!!

  12. oh my gosh that first gif is priceless. ok they all are. i'm a morning person too, most of the time haha.

  13. Yay, now I don't feel like such an old lady...I thought I was the only one who enjoyed an early bedtime (9:30 is perfect but not always attainable). Love all the GIFs! I'm always impressed how you fancy bloggers find the perfect ones that fit your post...I'm so not skilled!


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