June 4, 2014

Time to Confess

Let's have some real talk about some things that I'd like to get off my chest.

Most importantly, it's the first game of the Stanley Cup this evening.  I've been successful at getting my husband to enjoy the NY Rangers this year, but the truth is, he has a different number one team.  He grew up in Southern California and has been true to the LA Kings since day one.  If you ever read this post from last year, then you'll see that even I've worn a Kings hat before.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that his favorite team would end up playing against the Rangers for the Stanley Cup.  So wish us luck.  One of us is going to end up really sad when this is over and I think it's going to be Justin.  Until then, I'm going to make sure he doesn't show his face in public with his Kings gear on.

Quick side note - did you know it's cheaper to fly to LA and get tickets for a game at the Staples Center than just crossing the river and going to Madison Square Garden?  I know New Yorkers have money, but I think it totally sucks that my chance of going to a game have completely gone away.  Don't worry, I'll be entering any contest that involves possibly winning tickets (and I won't take my husband unless he wears his Rangers shirt.)

I'm annoyed that Kimye got married on my birthday.  Of all the days in a year, why did they have to pick my birthday?  Now I'm going to know their anniversary date all 72 weeks that they are married.

I caught myself watching that stupid show about the girls that think that are falling in love with Prince Harry last night.  I actually watched it for 10 minutes before turning it off.

I own 7 maxi skirts.  I think I need to stop.  It's becoming a problem.  I did get 2 as birthday gifts, so those shouldn't count.  Maybe I'll get just one more.

I also just counted the number of sunglasses I own and it's disgusting.  I love cheap Target sunglasses.  And you can tell if I've had a little to drink because I put them on.  I'm that girl.

I'm super awkward at hellos, goodbyes and receiving any sort of gifts.  Those things happened a lot in the last week, so I apologize to any friends/family because I just always feel weird participating in any of those things.

I watched 5 episodes of Real Housewives that I was behind on last night and loved every second of it.

I feel better getting all of that out.  Now go visit Kathy and read some more.  Happy Hump Day (and yes, I still think that commercial is funny.)

Vodka and Soda


  1. The camel commerical will always be funny. That was some marketing genius IMO!

  2. I'd be annoyed at Kimye if I were you too! Also, no -- the extra two maxis totally don't count. And yes! I'm awkward at getting gifts too -- I'd much rather give them!


  3. Married on your B-DAY?? Ouch!! :( so sorry and I too had that crap on for literally maybe a minute when I decided it was really the worst thing I had ever seen and promptly turned it off pretending it never happened!! I hoard sunglasses anddd purses myself lol!! hagd!! ;)


  4. Dude, a faceoff of two beloved teams? A house divided! It's very Shakespearean.

    I have a major dress problem. To be fair, I wear them to work almost every day in the summer.

    Sorry about the Kimye situation.

  5. I think I would die laughing if I watch that Marry Harry shoe, but also my IQ would drop. How can you be that gullible? Especially now that Google exists?

    The only sunglasses I own are cheap ones. I'll often buy multiple pairs of the ones I really like just in case they are lost or broken. I need ot restock my stash soon.

  6. Kimye should pay you a grievance fee! How rude!! Also, no shame in having so many maxi skirts. I think I have at least five maxi dresses....and yep there's another one on the way. :D

  7. I loved the "and I think its going to be Justin" HOW are tickets over 1,000 dollars?! Soooo dumb!

  8. I am going to watch the game tonight just I can imagine what is going on at your house. Can we Facetime? hehe. And you have nothing to be ashamed about - maxi skirts are genius. They are basically public-acceptable PJ bottoms and I love them too.

    Ps - I have a hard time getting through one day without listening to Fancy, saying "so brah" to myself, and dreaming of the smells/sights/tastes of NYC. #imisssobrah

    love you fool.

  9. I can't believe Kimye had the nerve. DIDN'T THEY KNOW?

  10. I need a maxi skirt! I believe it about the hockey tickets. People here in Boston often fly to Baltimore or other places for Red Sox games in particular, although lately the prices aren't as bad!

  11. There's no such thing as too many maxi skirts!

  12. Replace skirts with dresses and that is totally me. I think I officially have a problem!

  13. Yeah Kimye got married on my anniversary so I feel your pain...

  14. I NEED more sunglasses. You can mail them to me :)

  15. Just pulled up the score of last night's game. The Rangers will definitely pull of game 2!!!

    Did you ever get a mint maxi skirt? Obviously that needs to be your final maxi skirt purchase if not.

    And I'm TOTALLY that girl who puts her sunglasses on when she's intoxicated. Gosh, just another reason why we're besties :)

    1. pull off* #ishouldproofreadmoreoften

  16. Well, it looks like your guy will have bragging rights as the Kings one the first game.

    LOL at Kimye taking over your birthday. They are a really selfish couple!

  17. Ugh, justin is an LA fan.... I just threw up in my mouth a little. Unacceptable!
    You can never have too many maxi skirts!
    Now I hate Kimye ever more. The nerve!

  18. Too funny you mentioned your birthday- my husband made a comment about how they have the same anniversary weekend (not the same day, but close enough) and I was like NOPE- It's OUR weekend ;)

  19. Waaaaaiiiiiitttt...you're a natural Rangers fan? I just assumed you converted because you moved there!

  20. I follow Erin over at love fun and football on twitter and saw she tweeted you and I thought "hey, I like making new friends, I'll go meet her!" And I'm glad I did! Yay for a new blogging buddy!


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