June 5, 2014

The Brooklyn Bridge

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge was one of the things on our NYC bucket list that I was most excited about.  We emailed the friends that were coming out for Memorial Day weekend to see what they wanted to do and that was on their list too.

Friday turned out to be a beautiful day that started with brunch on the Upper West Side and then a walk through Central Park.  We wanted to keep playing outside so we decided to head to the bridge.  The subway stop at City Hall brings you right up to the walkway for the bridge.

Now for the pictures...

Once we crossed to the Brooklyn side, we found the Brooklyn Bridge park and a nice spot to stop and have a drink before taking the ferry back across the East River.

I would absolutely do this over and over again.  We love to get out and walk and the views from the bridge are gorgeous... except that Verizon logo in the picture above - that's just annoying.  You have to be prepared for it to be busy on a nice day and be careful for the bike lane, but it's definitely worth doing if you are in the NYC area.

Also, you should always try and get a good photobomb in.  Justin saw Kelsey getting her picture taken and did this:

Hope you jump high and reach for your dreams today.


  1. Love. This. Surprisingly, this is not something I've ever done even though I am 90minutes away. Must get on it. The pics are beautiful, and you're right, the Verizon logo is bugging the shit out of me.

  2. You got gorgeous pictures! I've never been all the way across, but I definitely want to go the next time we're there. We were there after Christmas a few years ago and it was freeeezing!

  3. I love this! As you know it's on my To Do list. Fabulous photos.

  4. Ugh, still haven't done this! I've actually only been to Brooklyn like three times in my life. #fail

  5. Totally on my bucket list too!

  6. You took some amazing pictures! I have waked across it many times and it never gets old. Such a thrill and good walk!

  7. The photobombs made that weekend. I miss it so much. :(


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