June 2, 2014

Right Now - June Edition

This pictures sums up the feelings of all the living creatures in this apartment tonight.  Yep, I'm alive.  I'm 29 years old.  We celebrated our birthdays with friends in the city and then headed back to Minnesota for our first real trip home since moving.  It's been a little hectic, but we are back and I'm ready to get back into my normal routine.  Here are some of the things I'm up to right now.

Reading books for the Summer Reading Challenge.  I am almost finished with This is Where I Leave You by Jonathon Tropper.  The movie comes out this fall (trailer here) and so far, I'm loving it.

Eating apples and peanut butter.  It's my new favorite combination.  Also, mini donuts have been a favorite of mine lately.  There is a place in Chelsea Market that makes mini donuts with crazy kinds of sprinkles - strawberry & thyme is my favorite.

Watching the final episodes of Breaking Bad.  We have only been able to watch a few episodes at a time recently because it's so intense.  A few more evenings and we will have it all completed and my life will be back to normal.

Missing my normal routine.  The last few weeks have been so much fun, but it's exhausting to run around all the time, so I'm excited for a few days at home to get caught up on sleep and responsible things.

Anticipating a lot of loud, intense hockey games during these Stanley Cup Finals.  GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!

Wishing for beach weekends at least once or twice this summer.  We've had a few day trips to the ocean lately and it's been amazing but I want longer.

Drinking smoothies, white wine, iced coffee and all kinds of fruity beers.  Also, family breakfast this week involved mimosas and they just delivered us a bottle or three because they know us so well.

Laughing at some of the best birthday cards ever.  I love getting mail - I think we've established that.  So birthdays are especially fun and my friends come up with the best cards.  This year was no different.

Loving the amount of things we've crossed off our NYC Bucket List lately.  This summer is going to be a freaking blast trying to get even more checked off the list.

Listening to the next song that everyone is going to be sick of any day if they aren't already.  You're welcome for getting this in your head.

I'm happy to be back on the blog again.  I haven't taken a long break like that in a long time.  I had a few posts ready to go and then I just didn't schedule them because I needed a little break from all things computer.  I'll share more of our Minnesota adventures tomorrow.


  1. Ah. Breaking Bad was so good. My husband and I watched it last summer, so we could watch the finale the last season when it aired. It is such an intense show. I know what you mean about not being able power watch it.

    I am feeling you on the iced coffee too. That is the only thing I'm drinking recently, other than water.


  2. I don't think I could EVER get sick of Iggy! :D
    Orrr apples and peanut butter! MMM!

  3. i am love love loving Iggy too! i walk around the house singing 'I g g y' and my husband was like aw cute and now he's like SHUT UP.

  4. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a great trip home! I read This is Where I Leave you a few years ago and only gave it 2 stars, but everyone has been raving about it lately! I'm definitely interested to see what the movie is like though! Ahhh Breaking Bad! We started it a few weeks ago and my husband is still really into it but I couldn't get past season 2, it was sooo depressing-- should I try and stick it out another season?! Glad you are back to the blog!

  5. There is absolutely nothing like waking up at the beach. Make it happen girlfriend!

    I am existing on water and iced coffee.

  6. I need to be drinking everything you are drinking.

    and apples & PB, nommm

  7. You had me at mini donuts... Steve and I were at the amish farmers market by our house over the weekend, and they had donuts with FRUITY PEBBLES sprinkled on them. Fruity. Pebbles. Pure genius.

    Glad to see you back! Water and coffee for me these days <3

  8. Ohh love that song! And love the book too- wish the movie was out sooner than fall!

  9. YOU HAVE A MAY BIRTHDAY?! when was it?


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