June 6, 2014

Requirements for my Summer

Today's weather is perfection.  I'm kicking some serious ass at work to try and enjoy a little time outside later this afternoon.  Summer has officially arrived and I kind of love how much people are talking about it.  I decided to make a list of the requirements I have for this summer.

Cowboy boots & hats while exploring Nashville

Watching the Mermaids parade by at Coney Island on June 21st

Exercising in fun ways like hiking and kayaking instead of treadmills and weights

Days with no social media, emojis or selfies

Exploring Connecticut and Massachusetts with a few small road trips

Movies in the Park - for sure Ghostbusters, Back to the Future and Big

Reading... so much reading

Pitching a tent and drinking cold beer by the fire somewhere in the wilderness

Beach days complete with umbrella rentals

Game nights on the rooftop deck or the pier with neighbors

Outdoor baseball

Daydrinking... just kidding, that's all year round


Practicing my Icelandic and getting our fall trip planned and paid for

Lake time in Upstate and hopefully in Minnesota

Eating, drinking and strolling our way around the city when it has been deserted on the weekends

Hammocks and picnics

Running barefoot in the grass

Finding a friend with a porch that I can sit on

But, my first mission is to get rid of the tan line on my feet from my Toms.  

If you love reading lists like this, go check out the link ups that Erin from Living in Yellow and/or Kym from Travel Babbles are hosting.  Just go show Kym some love anyways because she shared some happy news today and my heart is happy.

Happy weekend!


  1. I knew I love this list as soon as I read the first requirement. AMEN.

    I don't have a porch, but I have a deck. Come on downnnnn.

  2. This list rules. I don't have a porch, but I do have a stoop from which to watch the neighborhood pass by.

    I'm trying to get out this afternoon too!

  3. So much reading! That's on my list too :) and baseball too haha

  4. I think Im going to unplug this weekend, I need to!

  5. There is stand up paddle boarding in the river in Hoboken! - that can count as your fun exercise!

  6. Day drinking is a must!! The rest of your list makes it sound like you're going to have one epic summer!

  7. YES. at least to all of the things that i can do right here in WI.

  8. Amen to the day drinking! I think that's a summer prerequisite! This is a great list :)

  9. Yay for reading! I have a whole STACK of books waiting for me! :D

  10. Fabulous list! My favorite time in the city is when it clears out on summer weekends!

  11. hiking and fast walking is my #1 go to for cardio during the summer! i hate indoor cardio anything.

    Vodka and Soda

  12. Awesome List- I too am LOVING all things summer!!!
    I have a porch, your welcome to visit :)

  13. Where are you seeing your movies in the park? I go to Hoboken. They're showing E.T. this year and the bf has never seen it - what?! I agree with too many things to mention from this list!

  14. So jealous you're going to Iceland!!

  15. This is an awesome list! I'm so excited you're moving forward with your Iceland trip! What an amazing adventure that will be-- and in the meantime it looks like you have lots of other things to keep you busy :)

  16. That's a heck of a summer to do list! I approve of all the drinking!


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