June 27, 2014

My Week on the Road

I am sitting in my hotel near the airport feeling extremely lucky for the week I've had, but ready to go home and see my husband and my pups.  I've been extremely busy this week so I'm recapping by sharing the good, the bad and the classy moments of my week traveling through Indiana and Ohio.

The Bad:

My first night I decided to walk to Applebee's for a solo dinner.  It was sunny and warm.  As soon as my food arrived, the rain started along with the heavy winds and flash flood warnings.  Such perfect timing.  OK, it wasn't that bad.  I just had a beer for dessert and waited out the rain.

The threat of a tornado while stuck in our little Indianapolis office with 4 grown men.  I really didn't want to hide in a bathroom with everyone for the afternoon.  We survived.

The Mississippi River is flooding my hometown including my grandma's basement.  It might be a blessing in disguise because her basement was stuck in 1964, but she shouldn't have to be stressed out about ANYTHING EVER.  This is a picture from Kare11's Instagram account.

Missing lunch on Wednesday.  Not sure how that happens, but I must make sure it never happens again.

And the worst news of all, getting a picture from my husband of our beloved private pier at the apartments that burned down.  They are investigating the cause, but it will be out of commission while they rebuild it and I will miss spending warm summer nights out there.

The Good:

I was reminded this week that I'm really good at my job.  Some weeks, I don't feel like that, but this week was re-energizing and I'm so excited about the busy few months ahead of me.

I got to celebrate Gwensday with the real life Gwen.  I had so much fun hanging out in their neighborhood and meeting her husband and her neighbors.  I'm so glad Columbus was on my path.  If they aren't careful, I'll be showing up for one of their parties soon.  They are seriously the most welcoming people and I had so much fun.

I saw a double rainbow.

I got to spend an evening laughing and eating Mexican food with Erin.  Our dinner quickly became 2.5 hours long and our server kind of wanted to join us.  I just love her.  She's a great person and I hope our paths cross again soon.

I drank a Sangria that was $2.99.  I love the Midwest... or is Covington, KY in the South?  Well, either way, I love a giant glass of tasty Sangria for under $3.

I had a full 1/2 hour of alone time to check out the North Market in Columbus which was highly recommended.  I tried Jeni's splendid ice cream and it was splendid indeed.

The Classy:

I had at least 2 semi truck drivers witness a full Jerry McGuire style rendition of Free Fallin' while driving my mini van rental from Indy to Columbus.

I followed up Tom Petty with Bruce Springsteen and felt super American.

I walked to Walmart from my hotel and purchased mini wine bottles, a People magazine and a Hershey's candy bar.  When I got to the cashier, I waited while a young man bought a super size pack of condoms.  The woman working remained quiet and sincerely wished him a lovely evening.  When she saw my purchases and then asked for my ID, she started laughing and told me my purchase was "so Jersey."  I don't even know what that means.  I think she was calling me "classy."  So, thank you to the lovely woman at Walmart.  You're a real Indiana Peach.

Signing off from Kentucky - where you can still smoke in bars.  Have a great weekend!


  1. we've had some crazyass weather here too -- flash flodding that took out the main highway that connects the burbs to the downtown core. then we had another tornado that took out some houses/areas up north.

    sorry to see that pier!! i hope they rebuild it fast.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Wow, what a week! I loved the ending... Nothing like singing some good ol' Tom Petty/Springsteen to make you feel super American. :)

  3. SO amazing to meet you and get dinner! I hope we get to do it again in the future-- whenever and wherever that might be!!! ;)

  4. The classy section is by far the best. I hope the flooding eases up soon!

  5. Lol your purchase following the guys purchase is hilarious!!!
    I sing like Im the next american idol in my car especially wrecking ball..now thats a sight to see LOL

  6. *sigh* They still allow smoking in bars in Tennessee too. Sometimes I feel like I live in an uncivilized state.

    <3 Jackie

  7. Jealous of your Midwest prices- the sangria sounds tempting! And sorry about your pier :( That sucks big time to lose your summer spot!

  8. She was definitely calling you classy! So glad we got to hang out and you're welcome at a party any time!

    Covington will call themselves South or Midwest or Cincinnati-suburb or whatever will benefit them in the moment. ;) (Aaron went to high school in Covington.)

  9. Whenever I go back to Michigan I'm shocked at how cheap everything is when you go out to eat or drink-- I love it, so no complaints, but such a difference from being near a big city! Glad you had safe travels for your trip even with all of the rain & bad weather! Hope your grandma's basement ends up being alright- flooding is never fun to deal with! And OMG at the cashier saying your purchase was so Jersey, what does that even means?! haha

  10. I am still laughing out load at my desk at work "When I got to the cashier, I waited while a young man bought a super size pack of condoms." bahahhaa

    i am soooo sad about the pier. :(

    miss you. love you jersey girl.

  11. HA! That's so Jersey of you! Classic!

    Weather here in NYC has been terrific!

  12. I love that you got to meet some of my favorite Ohio ladies. You're right they both rock :)

  13. that is so sad that the pier burned down!! and so jealous you got to hand with so many awesome ladies!!

  14. So sad about the pier!! And the flooding!!

  15. What a week! I'm glad you met Gwen & friends, they really are so welcoming! And Erin too, that's awesome!

    I was totally belting them out on my way up the coast this weekend.

    I'm sad about your pier!


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