June 11, 2014

Irrational Anger

I am one of the most optimistic people that I know, but not these last few days.  I have been a real pain in the ass.  Good thing only my dogs have had to deal with me.  Justin has been working 16 hour days, so I have been able to pout and stomp around the apartment without too much judgment.

Aviva on Real Housewives of NY.  She makes me completely insane.  I had to listen to her talk about her dad's sexcapades on last night's episode and it makes me want to throw up.

Middle fingers.  I have seen too many of these lately, especially around our apartment.  These are your neighbors and there is no need to flick off the person that is dropping off my elderly neighbor.  Her hazard lights are on and there is plenty of room to go around her.

Cream Cheese Wontons.  I know these are trash food, but I love them and I can't find them anywhere.  I love cupcakes, pizza and some kinds of candy, but they just aren't the same.  I've never met a wonton I didn't like.  Two weeks ago, I ordered some and they came stuffed with meat and no cheese... what?  Then last night, I found a restaurant on GrubHub that listed these as an appetizer (and specified cheese) and I clicked order with some sushi on the side.  I was so excited that the 70 minute delivery time didn't phase me.  I turned on Scandal and sat on the couch so excited about my solo dinner plans. 10 minutes before my delivery time, I get an email that my order has been cancelled due to distance.  I've never been so angry about food before.  My awesome husband picked up some sushi on his way home, but no fried apps accompanied this lovely gesture so I was still pissed.

The Stanley Cup.  I JUST WANT THE RANGERS TO WIN.  Monday's game sucked to watch.  I refuse to give up hope, but tonight needs to be a Rangers win to move forward.  I could cry just thinking about it.

My work inbox.  Just when I get things caught up, I get completely slammed again.  I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to that beast.  Plus, I have Friday off so I'll probably be crying come Monday.

My desk.  It's gotten out of hand.  It needs to be purged, cleaned and organized, but I'm writing this instead of taking time to get it under control.

Things that I'm angry about that are totally justified = ALMOST EVERYTHING ON THE NEWS.  But that's a topic for a totally different day.

Now that I've gotten all of that off my chest, I'm going to try to pull it together, get some shit caught up today and enjoy a good hockey game tonight.  Oh and watch this at least 5 times...

I'll probably also check out some other confessions on Kathy's link up today.  Happy hump day.


  1. NO cream cheese wontons?! What is the world coming to?! I'm going to be sending some your way. Our local Chinese buffet has them, and I might just go get some for lunch now.

  2. I would have been upset about the food thing too! You think they would have not let you order at all if you were too far away? So glad your husband brought home sushi, though I'm sure it wasn't the same! I hope you get some wontons soon!

  3. Oh, this was me last week! Our roommate made brownies, and I got angry. About brownies! (Mostly about the mound of dishes accompanying the brownies, but still). But I blogged about it (being grumpy, not about the brownies - well only a little) and got 12 hours of sleep and felt better.

    I hope your optimism recovers and the Rangers win!

    Jenn | Business, Life & Design

  4. I am the queen of irrational anger, so I smell what you're cooking.

    I hope you slam that place all over yelp!

  5. Are cream cheese won tons the same kinda thing as crab rangoon? If so, I'm also addicted. So good!

  6. I am the same way and I think you being pissed about the food is TOTALLY rational!

  7. Wow order cancelled because of distance!!! I would have called that stupid restaurant and gave them a piece of my mind!!!!

  8. Sometimes I just want to shake my stinking computer at work because my inbox is never ending haha.

  9. OMG sometimes I get SO angry over so many things and I'm glad I'm not alone! That wonton thing though? NOT OKAY AT ALL.

  10. Some days I get angry for stupid crap too. Oh and Aviva drives me nuts!!! Im going to watch that ep tonight I have it dvr'd

  11. dumb and dumber is hilarious. want to hear the most annoying sound in the world??? EEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! lol i love that.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  12. Rangers just scored and I screamed - FYI haha. But crab ragoon my FAV - kinda the same as yours since I don't think theres any real crab in it. Also, try delivery.com! its my jam

  13. I'm so ridiculously busy at work, too. I actually LIKE it right now though b/c since I'm new it keeps me busy. Ask me again in a couple months and we'll see how I answer! haha

  14. I have never even heard of cream cheese wontons, but they sound amazing.
    Go Rangers :-)


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