June 12, 2014

Coliseum - Home of the Oakland A's

When MLB players step up to the plate, they are usually blasting some new hip hop song or their favorite country anthem.  Josh Reddick of the Oakland A's decided to do something a little different.  

He uses Careless Whisper.  It's becoming a favorite of the A's fans who sway back and forth anytime the song comes on.  I giggled when I first saw it.  We went to the Coliseum for a game last fall and it was an interesting stadium to visit.

We went to a noon game on a weekday so there weren't too many people at the park, but the fans that were there kept us very entertained.  Lots of shirtless men, lots of drunk men and a few ladies that drank white wine and stayed in the shade cheering loudly.  We were on vacation, so we enjoyed some sunshine beers and a good game.  The beer choices were great at the Coliseum, the food choices were horrible.  The stadium location wasn't the greatest, but the BART does lead you right to the concrete tunnel of love walkway that leads you to the stadium.

We are happy to have another park checked off our list.  I don't think we'll be rushing back to this ballpark anytime soon.  The A's have the same colors as the Green Bay Packers, so it just doesn't make me feel very welcome.

Check another one off the list for us.

Tell me - which MLB stadium is your favorite?


  1. Well I'm pretty darn partial to Nats Park, but I also absolutely LOVE Orioles Park. Something about the brick all around gets me.

  2. As a San Francisco Giants fan I can attest that AT&T Park is a way better choice as far as well...everything!

  3. BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA... Careless Whisper... that is just GENIUS right there!

  4. Get to Yankee Stadium girl! That's my favorite but I am TOTALLY biased haha Camden Yards is second - did you love it??

  5. Oriole Park @ Camden Yards is hands down an amazing ballpark! :)


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