May 2, 2014

Right Now - May Edition

May is my favorite month in the whole year.  It's birthday month for my husband and I and we always have really fun weekends planned.  I love that spring finally seems to figure itself out and the weather gets warmer and warmer.  So, today I'm sharing with you the things I'm doing right now.

Reading nothing.  I just finished the Light Between Two Oceans and I haven't started anything else yet.  My list is getting a quite long and I'm excited for many warm nights on a bench outside with a book.

Eating everything at Smorgasburg this weekend.  We will be visiting this outdoor food market and my stomach is doing a happy dance just thinking about it.  Also on the list is Oysters, donuts and baked eggs.

Watching Scandal.  I absolutely love this show.  I can't get enough of it.

Missing my mom.  Mother's Day is coming up and we won't be seeing either of our mom's this year.  Each holiday feels weird for different reasons.  We are booking tickets for our first real trip home together for a wedding, so we'll be able to catch up with them then.

Anticipating a weekend of so much laughing.  Our good friend, Katie, will be here all weekend and we are so excited for her to be in New York City for the first time ever.  Plus, anytime we have a visitor, I have an excuse to eat/drink my way through the weekend.  Who wants to be productive when you have guests.  Our last adventure with Katie was our weekend in Vermont, so I'm excited to add another adventure to our list.

Wishing for the construction downstairs to be DONE.  Those asses start right at 7 and work until 4 and the noise has been making my mid day conference calls a little tricky.

Drinking Elderberry beer.  One of you other bloggers talked about it last year, so when I saw it in the case at the store, I had to try it.  I really like it.

Laughing at the people outside on the street.  Sometimes those Jersey guys really live up to their reputation.  I can currently hear a conversation happening about how much weight they can lift and how big their arms can get before their first shore weekend.

Loving the warm weather.  Even though we had a rainy week, the sun has come out now and it was shorts & t-shirt weather.  I hope it stays nice this weekend so we can play outside.

Listening to a few new bands and a few old ones.  I finally have a new playlist to add.  Also, we are going to see Fitz & the Tantrums next weekend, so I've been rocking out to them a little more too.  If you need some more awesome jams, go and check out Whitney's Back That Azz Up link-up.

If you are interested in our weekend adventures, follow along on Instagram @stephgregerson - it will involve a bunch of food and drinks and NYC.


  1. Loving this playlist! Thanks, friend! xo

  2. hahahah bro talk is the best. on those rare occasions i do go to an actual gym, i listen to their conversations and i have to stifle my laugh

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I miss Scandal so much right now. I was thinking of starting it all over again b/c I miss it so much! haha

  4. I'm excited to see what you get into this weekend!

    I've been on a reading tear and I think my brain needs a little breather.

  5. I hate not being able to see my mom on Mother's Day! Every year I always think I'll try and plan a trip home around this time, but so far it hasn't worked out yet. What did you think of the book? I think it was my favorite book I read all of last year!

  6. So glad you have a friend coming to visit! Visitors are definitely a reason to eat lots ;)

  7. let me know how the food is!! its on my summer to do list!

  8. Oh hi, professional photographer! That picture at the top is GORGEOUS! Have fun this weekend, enjoy the weather!!

  9. This is the best time of year up I the city. All the newness if spring, and everyone finanlly able to get out from their stuffy apartments. Enjoy!

  10. Smorgasburg is so much fun and so much to eat!


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