May 21, 2014

An Update on my 30 Before 30 List

Lists.  I could go on and on about my love affair for them.  Making a 30 before 30 list was so much fun for me and as I quickly approach my 29th birthday this weekend, I figured I should revisit it and see what the next year brings.

1.  See a show on Broadway.  It's so funny that I made this list long before I ever knew that I would be moving to the east coast.  I've checked this one off multiple times and will continue to add to the list.
2.  See the sunrise on the Atlantic.
3.  Visit Disney World.
4.  Get 10,000 hits on the blog.  The original goal was 100,000 hits and then I thought that would be impossible.  Truth is, I think it will likely happen as long as you lovely people keep showing your pretty faces around here.  Crazy.
5.  Pretend to be a runner and participate in my first race.
6.  T-Shirt Quilt with old shirts.  This was done by my lovely friend, Annika, and we are forever grateful.
7.  Go kayaking.
8.  See Top Gun.
9.  Become a Vegetarian for 30 days... and this turned into WAY more than a month.
10.  Do a one month photo challenge.
11.  Spend a weekend with new friends.  I love these ladies.

12.  Shop in a store I cannot afford.  Thank you husband.

In Progress/Scheduled:
1.  Read the Bible.  I went to a Catholic school growing up, so I've been through the Bible before, but as an adult, I'm struggling with lots of questions and I felt compelled to dive back in and see what happens.  I'm about 1/4 of the way through currently and picking up the pace with only a year left.
2.  Raise $1000 for charity.  I've made it to $500 and I'm going to sign up for the MS climb in NYC next year and will be working to hit my final goal then.
3.  Complete our New York City bucket list.  Clearly, that page needs a little updating.  We are cruising on this list.  We have a few visitors in the next few weeks that will help us check off a few more items, plus I think I have a few more to add.

4.  Find the St. Paul Winter Carnival medallion... or work my ass off trying.
5.  See 5 more baseball stadiums.  I have marked off 3/5 with Miller Park, the Coliseum and Yankee Stadium.  This summer should include a game in Philadelphia and a trip to Citi Field to see the Mets.

The things I better get going on:
1.  See the sunset on the Pacific.  Technically, I've completed this, but Karl the Fog kind of ruined it for me, so I would really love to make it back to the west coast to do this again.

2.  Go camping with my husband.  We are currently looking at weekends to head up to the Catskills and pitch a tent.  I'm pretty excited about this.
3.  Step foot on a different continent.  We are in the beginning stages of planning an Iceland/Ireland trip for the fall, but until dates are locked in, I can't count this as "in progress."
4.  Eat Lobster in Maine.
5.  Visit 5 Microbreweries.  I'm adding vineyards too, because we love those just as much.  I had to remove new restaurants in St. Paul since we moved, so I added this as a substitute.  
6.  Go Leaf Peeping in Vermont.  
7.  Zip line.
8.  See the Northern Lights.  Hopefully this will happen when we are visiting Iceland, but it's hard to plan on things like this.  Fingers crossed.
9.  Send a message in a bottle.  Still trying to figure out what to put in a bottle that would be fun to find.
10.  Give my parents an epic gift.
11.  Take a random class off of Groupon.
12.  Bring Justin to Canada - can you believe he's never been there?
13.  30 Day Yoga Challenge.

Looking at the items I have left, I would say this will be a very busy year.  We have been saving money and preparing ourselves for some epic adventures, so hopefully it will all fall into place.  If you have any suggestions on any of the items we have left, please let me know.  

Also, as always, share your lists with me.  It doesn't have to be a 30 before 30 list, just leave a link in the comments below. If you need me, I'll be searching for microbreweries in the area to plan for this weekend.


  1. You are making such amazing progress! And I think you will definitely get 100,000+ page hits! To see the Northern Lights would be SO amazing, and I have to ask, what is leaf peeping?

  2. This is going to sound so bad, but I just can't read through the Bible. There are parts of it I just can't get through and then I give up.

    And now that you are on the East Coast, taking a trip to Canada will be no problem! You could take a 1-2 day trip up to Niagara or Toronto (although Toronto to me felt like a smaller NYC).


  3. You're doing great. And you can always add Fenway Park to your stadium list :)

  4. Eat lobster in Maine is on my list too! HOLLER!

    I should update my life list. It could use it. I don't think I've ever shared it on my blog before.

    Yes! Philly stadium! I hope to see you when you come for that.

  5. yes to canada!!! i recommend the east coast (gorgeous), toronto (obvs, duh!) or vancouver. and come in the summer; the winter here blows.

    Vodka and Soda

  6. I love lists like this! And it's great that you're doing so many of the things on yours!

    I actually just made a Self Actualization page for mine. It's 2 part: bucket list and "self actualization" activities, which are basically something new I try to do each month that I haven't really done before. The bucket list progress is slower, because I've got my whole life to do it!, but I try to do 1 or 2 things from that each year.

    Jenn | Business, Life & Design

  7. This is an awesome list!! My absolute favorite is to step foot on all of the different Continents. And I would love to see the Northern Lights.

  8. Feel free to add Progressive Field to your list :) We also have a ton of microbreweries in Cleveland tooo!!!

    I should add eating lobster in Maine too...sounds absolutely delicious.

  9. You're doing REALLY well with your list. Mine has kind of fallen to the wayside. At first I was super pumped but then my inner lazy bitch kicked in. haha

  10. Hows about I come live with you for a month (for free, of course) and we can do the 30 day yoga challenge and run around NYC and knock some of those things off the bucket list. Justin who? Kidding, Justin! I bet you can do a gnarly down dog.

  11. this is so awesome, i havent knocked anywhere near as much - only like 2 things - off my list! seeing a show on broadway would be absolutely divine! one day. im jealous you've done it multiple times :)

  12. DAMN you are making huge progress! This is so cool, but I don't know that I'd be dedicated enough to follow through with all of mine if I made one.

  13. Looooove this! used to live in Ireland so let me know if you need any advice for the trip!

  14. You're killing it with this list girl!

  15. My friend traveled to Alaska back in February to see the Northern Lights and said they were absolutely incredible! I hope that is something you are able to see!

  16. I still have to create this list! Perhaps this is something I can start on tonight!

  17. Wow, most people barely knock anything off their lists like this! You're doing well!

  18. Great list! I actually just went to Citi Field 2 weeks ago- it's so big! And I love love Citizens Bank Park- don't forget to get a cheeseteak while you're there!

  19. i think you should put "come back to miller park" this list.


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