April 10, 2014

Thankful on a Thursday

Hallelujah.  I walked outside and it is gorgeous today.  Thank goodness for a work errand that got me out of the office for a few minutes.  Windows rolled down, sunglasses on and happiness is floating around in the air.  Well, happiness and the smoke from the brush fire in Edison this afternoon, but still - nothing can bring me down today.  I think I'll even enjoy an evening jog (I probably won't enjoy it while it's happening, but afterwards I'll be happy.)  I am extremely grateful for the sunshine today.  Happy almost Friday everyone.

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  1. I'm so happy it's sunny here as well! :D It's amazing how the weather changes our mood.

  2. As long as you treatyoself to some vino after the job, this is THE perfect day.

    1. errrrr, jog... not job. Can't even blame siri for that one.

  3. I walked outside and now my throat is sore from the pollen. Womp womp!

  4. Good weather always makes me happy too!

  5. I love days like these! Soak it all up!

  6. Love the PERFECT days and getting to enjoy them, even if only for a short time :)

  7. I am SO happy you linked up for this! Isn't it amazing how much the nice weather can make a big difference in everything? I feel like it makes me feel 1000000x better!

    ps. gorgeous photo as always!


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