April 11, 2014

sports - the ones I love and the ones that make me yawn

I am a sports fan and it's is the beginning of a new season.  Baseball is all over my television and there were riots over college hockey in my hometown overnight.  Since it's Fan Friday, I will share my favorite sports and teams with you and also a few sports you won't find me watching.

Sports you won't see me watching:
Boxing or fighting of any kind (exclude Rocky please because that's a movie)
Nascar or any driving sport


Sports I like watching sometimes:

Basketball - I do sometimes feel like the Kardashians have taken over this sport, but I love the last 2 minutes of any basketball game.

Tennis - I like watching Tennis, but I don't really have any favorites.  I just enjoy watching the faces they make when hitting that ball and then trying to copy them when I hit a tennis ball.

All events of the Olympics - Except that I only like watching them during the Olympics (unless it's snowboarding, I like that all the time.)

Here is my list of my favorite sports and my favorite teams:

Hockey - I have written about hockey a few times before including reasons I love hockey.  It's the sport I grew up with in the cold tundra of Minnesota.  I didn't really understand the love of college football, because we only had a D1 hockey team (go Bulldogs.)  Hockey during the Olympics this year was my favorite thing to watch.  My NHL team of choice is the New York Rangers.

Football - I didn't grow up in a football family, so this love bloomed once I started dating Justin.  I have now learned the heartbreak of being a Minnesota Vikings fan and I love every minute of it.

Baseball - And this is my favorite.  I love everything about Baseball, but mostly, I love afternoon games when the sun is shining, the beer is flowing, my team is winning and I'm eating funnel cakes (or something else amazingly bad for me.)  I will always be a Minnesota Twins fan, but I also cheer for the Boston Red Sox since that is my husband's team and we celebrated our engagement at Fenway Park (plus it's our favorite ball park in the country.)

This baseball season has me more excited than most.  Now that we live on the East Coast, we will be crossing so many new stadiums off our list.  We are heading to Yankee Stadium at the end of the April and I can't wait.

We have been to 8 out of 30 stadiums so far.
Those are my sports, my teams and the things that get me excited.  In other athletic news, I ran with my husband last night and he pushed me during the last 1/4 of a mile so I sang Eye of the Tiger loudly to try and embarrass him.  Mission failed.  I just got really winded and learned that he can quickly leave me in the dust.  Happy Friday all.

Tell me what your favorite sport is and what team you cheer for.  You can also check out my guest post today on one of my favorite blogs, Life According to Steph.

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  1. NY RANGERS?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It's a wonder we're friends ;) GO CAPS (except, not really since we aren't even in the playoffs). I think our love for the Red Sox for the exact same reason (minus that husband part) makes up for your chosen hockey team.

    Now get to Nats Park ASAP.

  2. Golf is the equivalent to waiting for water to boil. Except for the water typically boils faster, therefor we get it over with and can go on with our day.

    However, I will say in defense of soccer, the fans know how to pregame and they do it right. The goal is to get so drunk before the game that once you're actually watching it, you're so drunk it becomes interesting. Also, there's a lot of chants and songs... so, that's fun.

  3. I'm with you on the golf thing! Thumbs down!! I love football (soccer in the US), and Basketball!

  4. Soccer players terrify me. They have such intensity when it comes to that sport. You'll never catch me watching golf. I'd rather watch paint dry.

  5. Saw your guest post with Steph - I live on the Hudson River too! Are we neighbors?! haha

  6. Basketball, baseball and hockey are just about the only ones I can get on board with because they're the only ones I can understand. Hockey is the BEST by FAR!

  7. Ughhhh I am a Sioux fan and I can't believe the Gophers win last night. Devastating! Although I don't love MN hockey, we can still be friends because I am huge Vikings and Twins fan :)

  8. I'm right there with ya on the Golf and Nascar watching (thumbs down). But I'll never understand why people get so excited about Baseball as well. It seems just as boring to me, unless I'm in the stadium in which case I completely understand lol. Hockey, Football, and Basketball get my votes!

  9. Yay hockey! I hope the rangers are doing well but not as well as the ducks!

  10. My husband gets annoyed with me because I'm always more interested in looking for celebs at basketball games than having any interest in the actual game-- haha and I'm with you on nascar and golf not really being my thing! I love baseball games as well! There are few things better than enjoying a game on a nice day with your food/drink of choice-- usually something not good for you as you mentioned! I love your idea of visiting all of the parks! You guys have to make it to Comerica Park!

  11. I can't watch golf for crap. Not my thing. And NASCAR - no. Although, I've heard it's better live. I'll give that a shot at least once.

    I can only watch baseball if I'm in the stadium.

    Anyway, football is my thing. Steelers all the way!

  12. Football, baseball, and hockey for me. Golf and soccer are just way too boring. Honestly, even the Olympics don't hold my interest.

    Let's Go Rangers!

  13. NY RANGERS? SAD DAY. Wah. I love the Fly guys, obviously.

    I like baseball better on the radio or live. On TV not so much.

    I love college basketball and college football but have no team affiliations. I just think they have more heart than I see in professional sports.

    I hate NFL football and NBA basketball. I would also never watch NASCAR (not a sport), golf, tennis,

    Both of my brothers are soccer superstars, so I can watch them in person but I find watching it on TV to be horribly boring.

  14. Stopping over from SMD's blog, loved your post over there :) I am a college football fan, college basketball and baseball fan. While I love being AT the games, I'm okay with watching them on TV too. I've never seen Nascar, but I loved your boring picture and I know a lot of people that just love it down here since you know, Daytona, lol.

  15. Wooo Yankee Stadium! Make sure you get the cheesesteak and garlic fries :)


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