April 3, 2014

Never Say Never

I think Bucket Lists are fascinating.  I love lists.  I make one for everything, but I've never actually made a bucket list for life.  I like to set my goals at somewhat of an attainable level and I feel like bucket lists are always these magical lists that you need millions of dollars for... or you need your life to be a romantic comedy.

When I saw the idea of a "bump it" list, I loved it.  That is a list of things that you will never do.  Now, I'm careful to say the word "never" because I never thought I'd move anywhere near NYC and I stare at it out my window each day now.  So, here is a list of things I will probably, most likely never do:

Ride a unicycle.
Own a cat (I'm allergic.)
Learn to play the Trombone.
Understand Justin Bieber.
Cheer for the Green Bay Packers.
Go hunting.
Understand Physics.
Return to my old carnivore ways.
Climb Mount Everest.
Become royalty.
Swim across the English Channel.

Even better - here is a list of things that popped into my head that I decided not to put on this list, which is concerning because that means somewhere in my brain, I think these things might actually happen.

Learn to speak Chinese.
Live on a farm.
Pet a Unicorn.
Write a book.
Have a pet snake.
Run for political office.

I can't even imagine being a politician, but for some reason, I couldn't put it on the never list.  Maybe I'll have a farm with snakes and unicorns somewhere in China.  I think that would make for a great book.  What's on your list?  Link up with the two lovely ladies who came up with this idea.

The Handey Way


  1. Pet a unicorn. Bahahaha. Obviously that's going to happen. Good thing you didn't include it.

    And I don't think any of us will ever understand Justin Bieber. Also, right there with you on skydiving. Just why?! The plane is perfectly capable of landing you safely.

  2. Understand Physics, ditto. I love your almost bump it list, like petting a unicorn. It can happen. Thanks for linking up :)

  3. I love this idea!

    On mine:
    1. Get math
    2. Care about NFL football
    3. Be a social conservative

    1. This is my exact list. Haha. And my husband-to-be loves NFL so much!

  4. You think you may possibly pet a unicorn someday? Interesting... :)

  5. "Maybe I'll have a farm with snakes and unicorns somewhere in China. I think that would make for a great book." -- That is totally a book that I would read!


  6. I love that there were a few things that you couldn't put on the never list. I would hold out for petting a unicorn as well. You NEVER know!

  7. LOL! I love this idea and I loved your items that didn't make the list even more! So true though-- you really never can say never!

  8. Bahahah I love that "pet a unicorn" didn't make the cut JUST IN CASE! ;P

  9. bahaha...Understand Justin Bieber. I think that's on everyone's Bump It List...because that boy has problems.

  10. I'm a never say never kind of person too, but there are definitely things I can say with about 99% certainty that I will never do. Love that you included the things that didn't make the list as well. Almost makes you want to try some of them just to see if you can, doesn't it?

  11. I will DEFINITELY be linking up :)

  12. I guess if you live on a farm you could have a snake? And run for town board of the farm town? :)

  13. Awww man, I would love to pet a unicorn! LOL Stopping by from the blog hop

  14. I love your "not never" list, except for maybe the snake thing. ;)

  15. Had to laugh whene you said "Never Understand Justin Bieber"! So true. I agree with a lot of your list but I do want to skydive. Pet a Unicorn? I might have done this when I was very drunk one night.

  16. I said swim the english channel and climb mt everest too!! uh-uh. no thank you!

    great list! :)


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