April 4, 2014

Come on, Get Happy

Lists make me happy.  I love the idea of adding a little sunshine and happiness to the world.  So, learn a little more about me and the things that make me so very happy.

My husband.  He's pretty much the coolest guy in the world.

The pups.  Everything they do makes me laugh.  Did you see the video of Quincy walking backwards up the stairs yesterday?  You can see it on my Facebook page.

New York City.

Mac & Cheese.  Really, just cheese on everything.

Coffee on Saturday mornings with a good book.

An afternoon thunderstorm when I can take a nap.

Good smelling candles.  I have a slight addiction to BBW 3 wick candles.

Hearing my nieces laugh.  It is infectious.


Musicals.  Newsies is one of my favorite movies.


Ice, cold beer - especially with a slice of fruit in it.

Farmer's Markets, especially the kind with samples galore.

Finally having sisters.

Christmas movies.

Summer dresses and flip flops.

My family.

Tulips.  They are my favorite part of spring.


Brand new pillows.

The changing of the seasons.  The first spring rain, the first hot beach day, the changing of the leaves and the first snow.  The best moments.

Yoga pants and comfy sweaters.

Good chapstick.

Girlfriend vacations.  Just weekends spent with my best friends all over the country doing nothing but laugh and be ridiculous.

Road trips.


Witnessing random acts of kindness.

Peanut Butter.

Baseball games, beer, fried food and sunshine.  Happy opening week!

This song:

Reading about the things that make other people happy and discovering new things to try myself.  If you click on the link below, you'll get to many more lists like this one.

Venus Trapped in Mars

What makes you happy?  Hopefully you'll get to enjoy a few happy moments this weekend :)


  1. ice cold beer, seasons, baseball, girls trips YES! Such a great list! I had fun doing my list too!

  2. Napping when the weather is bad, is the best!!!

  3. What a great list! I love random acts of kindness, ice cold beer, baseball, flip flops and all of the things! :)

  4. These pictures are all so nice! Love the one of you and your husband! Looks like much fun was had in all of the photos :)

  5. Thunderstorms when you're home and cozy are the best!

  6. You know I read this whole post and loved every little bit about it (per usual), but then you went and threw a Fenway Park picture in there and I can't think about anything else.

  7. I love those 3 wick candles! The ones that crackle like wood?!

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I put you under my sponsored part of my blog in the sidebar area! :)

  9. This list made me happy! Love reading such positivity..I'm definitely making one of these!

  10. I love this!! Mac & cheese and weddings...doesn't get much happier than that! ;)

  11. Your'e so right, afternoon thunderstorms are the BEST!

  12. I love your lists, especially the seasons and girlfriends pics.

    We have many things of happy in common!

  13. This list made me totally smile :-) Having sisters is the best right? I could listen to my sisters kiddos crack up all the time I love it!

  14. Aw, this list was much needed on this cloudy, gloomy day! LOVE that picture of the flatiron building!

  15. Loved ALL of your happy list!! Especially loved the pics of you and your girlfriends, so happy and so fun! :)


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