March 11, 2014

The Ladies Take NYC

I'm sick, I'm exhausted, I'm so busy with work.  But I am sooooo happy.  My mom and 3 of her best friends visited us this weekend and it was an absolute blast.  It felt like I was on vacation with them.

Here were the brief highlights from the weekend:

  • Their first afternoon that involved a tour of the apartment and an afternoon drink at Pier 115.
  • Our first trip to McSorley's Old Ale House.  The beer was great and the service was fantastic.
  • Saturday spent exploring Brooklyn.  I introduced the ladies to Crif Dogs and they tried a few crazy combos.  My mom had a hotdog wrapped in bacon with pickles, peanut butter and crushed potato chips.  We also discovered The Commodore (and their amazing fish tacos) and Kristophe's.  We finished our Brooklyn adventure at Radegast Beer Hall.
  • Sunday, we enjoyed a family style dinner at La Mela with dessert afterwards at Ferrera. 

yep, picture of a picture
  • Sunday night walking tour of the Flatiron District (self guided obviously).
We had great weather and they were up for just about anything.  I found a few new places that I will be happy to return to.  It was so great to see my mom and hang out with her and the ladies for a few days.  

Now, I'm going to spend the rest of the week trying to get caught up at work, make myself feel better and relax a little bit.  Time for more medicine and my pillow.  I miss my mom already.


  1. So happy you had a good weekend with your mom! Sounds like you guys stayed really busy...and full :) I'm not sure I could get on board with a bacon wrapped hot dog & peanut butter though. That's....interesting.

    Feel better!!!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend!! That hot dog your mom had sounds amazing - hot dog wrapped in bacon with pickles?! Forget it!!

  3. Fabulous! So glad you enjoyed La Mela.

    I had some insane McSorley's nights in my early 20s. Good times.

  4. I'm in need of great restaurants like you've found. So happy you had a great weekend. Feel better soon!

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  6. Looks like a great trip! Hope you feel better :-)

  7. What a great weekend! Even all nauseas I can still drool over. The goodies from Ferraras! Yum! Hope you feel better!

  8. FUN! I almost bought those St Patty's straws at Target.

  9. Now that is a way to spend time in NYC! McSorleys is my fav bar in the city as the history there is so cool, Crif Dogs rocks, and Radegast Beer Hall is so much fun. Ferrara's is always good for pastries. Great weekend.


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