March 28, 2014

Thank You Notes Vol. 2

Another Friday, another round of thank you notes and a continuing love for Jimmy Fallon.  

Thank you sunshine for briefly gracing us with your presence last Saturday afternoon so we could sit on the pier.  Please come back NOW and stay for a while.  I need to go outside and play.

Thank you Dunkin Donuts for being everything I wanted in a neighborhood coffee place. Your doors opened for me after I walked through the welcome balloons, your employees were excited that it was the first day, my latte was perfection and my donut was even better.  Now, please have a rule that I can only treat myself to coffee & a donut once a week or this is going to become trouble.  But really, I love you.

Thank you spring break for allowing my college roommate/bestie to come and spend a few days with me.  We are going to have a freaking blast this weekend and I can't wait.  Also, thank you for giving me an excuse for a 3 day weekend because who doesn't want one of those.

Thank you New York City for welcoming our visitors last weekend and giving us a little sign of springtime on Saturday.

Thank you Buzzfeed for this list of items to improve my Wineaholic lifestyle - also, I'm a tad bit embarrassed that I already have items 1-4 and I think I'm the only blogger that doesn't own a wine sippy cup (but i did just send 2 to one of my best friends for her birthday.)

Thank you heating pads for helping me get through yesterday and also being a magnet for my ornery Schnauzer who never likes to cuddle.  He sat on my lap for over an hour last night and it was wonderful.

Thank you brunch, wine, umbrellas and so much laughing for sponsoring this weekend with Emma the dilemma.  Here are all my favorite pictures of her in one place.  This song is dedicated to you.

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  1. you caved? i thought we were fighting the donut battle together?!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Your skyline pictures make me swoon-- so amazing! I've been loving my heating pad this week as well, such a nice comfort! I hope you have a great weekend Steph!

  3. Lola looks like a model! Really though, that's an awesome picture.

  4. Have so much freaking fun this weekend!!!!

    I haven't read that buzzfeed list, but did you hear that Starbucks is introducing wine into their stores?

    Yay for puppy snuggles!!!

  5. The heating pad got me through the first few days of this week, too. And now I want donuts.

  6. DUNKIN DONUTS! I was so excited to see that pic on Instagram yesterday.

    I am not down with wine sippy cups. I will take the glass please.

    Have the best time with your friend this weekend!

  7. Hooray for a friend visiting! :) Enjoy your long weekend together!!

  8. Puppy snuggles are the best kind of snuggles... even if you have to use trickery to get them! ;P

  9. Better you than me for the DD I would be there every day! also Penny has been much more cuddly with me lately too. I am not sure why but I like it.

  10. I'm with you on the sunshine here in NYC. Next few days look good. Bring it on!

  11. I love to read these a la Jimmy, with the theme music playing and everything.


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