March 4, 2014

Right Now - March Edition

Reading - As much as I can about the word clean, but definitely not reading as much as I'd like to.  Yikes.  I finished the Divergent trilogy.  Not impressed.  I promise, I'll get back into books soon... like this week.

Eating - Baked Eggs at Cafe Ronda.  If you are in New York City and looking for a brunch spot on the Upper West Side - they have amazing baked eggs.  It's one of my favorite meals.  If you are on the Upper West Side, you should hurry your butt to Levain Bakery and order the best cookie of all time too.  But right now, I am literally eating Skittles - the kind in the purple bag.

Watching - Breaking Bad.  Finally.  I refused to watch this show until all 5 seasons were available on Netflix so I could binge watch all the way through.  I managed to stay away from all the spoilers.  Yay me.

Missing - warm weather.  Like for real, I need spring ASAP.

Anticipating - A few parental visits this month.  We are missing home for many reasons right now and knowing that my mom is coming next weekend and J's parents are coming in a few weeks is my favorite thing ever.

Wishing for - Vacation.  It turns out that even days off are busy around these parts.  I am pretty excited for our next sit around and do nothing vacation... and I don't have any idea when that will be. Also, I know I'm not the only one in the world that thinks these two would make the cutest couple.

Drinking - Magic Hat #9 - "a performance in every bottle."

Laughing at - this post from Girl in Beta.  I love finding new funny blogs.

Loving - this story about a 4 year old girl & her mom being creative and this mash up from Avicii & Rick Astley called 'Never Gonna Wake Up".  Also, I love Jared Leto... all over again.  I need to see Dallas Buyer's Club ASAP.  Last, but definitely not least, I love when I see bloggers helping raise money for charity.  If you haven't donated and entered this giveaway yet, please go check it out.  They are giving away a ton of stuff to one lucky person that gives any amount of money to the Ivy Movement.

Listening to - my winter playlist on Spotify.  It's super random, but I'll share it for you anyways.  What am I missing?  Anything good right now?


  1. isn't breaking bad so awesome?? best show ever.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Those cookies...omg look delicious! And yesss how cute are Emma and JGL??! adored them presenting together!

  3. I love/hate you for putting that picture up cause now all I want is half baked chocolate chip cookies!!! Lol

  4. Not gonna lie, didn't read the rest of the post after the cookie picture. Gotta find me a cookie like that!

  5. I must get one of those cookies next time I am in NYC- wow!

  6. Oh my goshhhhh that cookie looks amazing - I have to get one next time I'm in New York!

  7. I love those two!!! So cute.

    And I need that cookie STAT.

  8. I want to start watching Breaking Bad, too... but I liiiive for spoilers! Seriously, I'll scour the ends of the internet for spoilers on EVERYTHING! haha

  9. Ummm I need to remember this when I'm in NYC next month! I NEED THAT COOKIE.

    Also, I am SO jealous of you just starting Breaking Bad. We watched the marathons when they were on over the Christmas break and it was just as good the second time around.

  10. As soon as Steve and I catch up on Big Bang Theory, we are going to start Breaking Bad. Even though it's about meth, my inner chemistry nerd can't wait! So glad you are partaking in all the AMAZING eats in NYC. The possibilities are endless. Seriously!Magic Hat is amazeballs. Love it

  11. Levain Bakery is amazing. Those who have never experienced a cookie from here don't know what they are missing.

    And yes, we need Spring here now!

  12. I'm with you I need spring yesterday...but those cookies?????

  13. I haven't watched breaking bad yet, and don't know much about it, so bonus for me!

    That cookie looks amazing. NYC has so many phenomenal food things.


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