February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Monday

The Super Bowl is over.  I'm so happy for the Seattle Seahawks, Bruno Mars, tattoo leggings and puppies because they all had a great weekend.

I also had a great weekend filled with football fun and lots of Jersey love.  We went to Super Bowl boulevard to check out the action and then I remembered why I dislike Times Square and we quickly escaped the madness.  Here is my one picture:

I just couldn't enjoy myself in the middle of all that craziness.

After an afternoon battling the crowds of people, we decided to stay in Jersey on Saturday and find ourselves a new hang out spot.  After checking out a new dog park with the pups and wearing them out, we decided beer was in order.  We struck gold.  We were parked in Hoboken and typed in "bar" and the first thing that popped up just said Pilsner Biergarten.  Yes please.

It was all German beers all the time and it was glorious.  We spent the afternoon there.

Lots of wieners were consumed by other people around us.  We just took pictures of them and sent them off to our friends.  You are welcome.

Sunday was the big day.  We played outside and enjoyed the 50 degree weather as much as possible.

For the game, we went to a party downstairs at our building, drank Dos Equis, won some gift cards, ate a lot of food and met a bunch of our neighbors.  I'm tired and disappointed in the lack of awesome commercials (maybe I just wasn't paying attention.)

To sum that all up: I need tattoo leggings like Anthony Kiedis and you should definitely check out my new favorite place if you're ever in Hoboken.  I feel like this post is just garbage, but I'm going to have another cup of coffee and just hit publish.  Happy Monday y'all.


  1. i didn't watch the superbowl. instead, i fell asleep. #solame LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  2. So much good beer. And so many wieners! haha!

  3. The commercials were so disappointing this year!! I only laughed at like 3 of them :(

    And that bar looks so cool!!

  4. Gah, I am jealous of the beer AND the wieners.

    I fell asleep about halfway through, but the commercials I did see were pretty blah.

  5. haha you do need some tattoo leggings. glad you had such a fun weekend! what a cool bar!

  6. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who runs far away from crowds, even for exciting events!

  7. No, paying attention or not, most of the commercials sucked. So disappointing!!!

  8. I don't think I could get down with the crowds either, but yay for finding an awesome beer place!

  9. The commercials were pretty bad. I was disappointed. But then, I didn't watch the second half of the game because it was kinda boring.

    I love the sound of that bar! I have a friend with family in Hoboken and he's thinking of moving there himself in the near future. I'll have to tell him to try it out.

  10. Such an awesome weekend. I've always wanted to go to Hoboken.

  11. The Superbowl was a bit boring, but I was SO happy to see Seattle win!

    And your weekend of weiners and beer... Hello! Winning! The next time you're in Hoboken, check out 1 Republik, it's a good bar with an extensive beer selection! It gets crowded on weekend nights with the trendy Hoboken crowd, but it's a good place!

  12. So jealous - I want to check out that new beer garden soon!

    Also, I just put up a blog post on me not watching the Super Bowl. I agree on Times Square!

    Great blog post!


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