February 5, 2014

Right Now - February Edition

It is February which is the month of love.  It's way better to focus on cheesy love stuff than the winter that never seems to end.  So, let's talk about things I'm up to right now.

Reading - Woop.  I'm staying on track with my reading goal this year so far and I'm enjoying my plane rides and Sunday mornings more than ever.  My favorite book so far this year was The Husband's Secret.  Up next in the queue are these:

Eating - peanut butter and celery.  It will always be one of my favorite snacks in the whole world.

Watching - How I Met Your Mother is ending in about a month and I know people have not been loving this last season, but I think it's fantastic.  They are bringing back everyone (although no B Spears appearance yet.)  Also, my husband and I started watching Seinfeld.  He has never really seen it before and is loving it as much as I hoped he would.

Missing - Football... just kidding.  Honestly, I miss shoveling.  Not most days, but I loved being able to sneak in a workout and help my neighbors out in the mornings.  That kind of makes me sound like a crazy person.

Anticipating - My big fat hug with Katie that is happening tomorrow.  We have an awesome ski weekend planned in Vermont and it is our first friend visitor and we are over the moon excited.  Also, it makes me LOVE that it's snowing.

Wishing for - Rangers tickets.  I need to get to Madison Square Garden ASAP.  As soon as the Olympics are over, I'm going to get myself to a game.

Drinking - the usual - wine, water, coffee, vegetables, beer.  We also got some gift cards for the restaurant downstairs that has martini happy hours and they have a blood orange martini that I love to treat myself with.

Laughing at - a video that we looked up while chatting with my in-laws on FaceTime.  Somehow we got on the topic of things my father-in-law thinks are hilarious and this video happened... I can't even explain why peeing on an electric fence is funny to me.  Sorry.

Loving - our building more and more each day.  Now that we've met some of our neighbors, it seems even more like home.  They opened our brand new gym this week and the Dunkin Donuts will be opening some time this month.

Listening to - slow, winter feeling music which seems perfect since the days have been a little gray lately.  Then every once in a while, I'll turn this song on and change it up.  It gets me in the dancing mood.


  1. You miss shoveling for your neighbors. How sweet are you!

    Have soooo much fun in Vermont!!!!

  2. love LOVE pharell! it's been such crap weather here so his music always makes me happier.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. That is so exciting that Dunkin is opening in your building! And I really want to read the Divergent series!

  4. That Happy song is giving me life this winter. I mean I love Pharell anyway, but that song is GREAT. I just finished Allegiant, I'll be interested in your thoughts on it!

  5. Pharell makes my heart happy. ANd he's super cute, too! Even with his Smokey The Bear hat.

    Um, I really can't get past Dunkin opening in your building. I'm moving in!

  6. The Interestings and Malala are on my list too. Allegient was okay but not as great as the first two books in the series- i thought anyways.

  7. I've been wanting good books to read, and those sound great. Blood Orange martini sounds amazing. Pictures and details on it when you do drink it!

  8. Now, I love HIMYM. But the slap episode? That was the worst 30 minutes of TV I have ever endured. At least this past week was much better! I hate that the show is ending, but I think it is time. It does make me happy that they are bringing up past characters. Reminds me of old times!

  9. I was happy to shovel last night to get some exercise.

    MFD loves to shovel out the neighbors.

    I couldn't do The Interestings. I stopped after about 30 pages.

  10. You have a Dunkin, gym, and martini bar in your building? I need to move there immediately.

    The Husband's Secret is next on my list of books to read, now if I would only move quicker on the library hold list. I'm trying to be better about getting books from the library rather than just buying them on my iPad all the time. Amazon one-click is not doing my bank account any favors.

    PB and celery is delicious. I often wonder who came up with the combo. Who would ever think to mix the two? A genius, that's who.

  11. I am loving this season of HIMYM too! I think it's great that they are incorporating a lot of people that have been on the show. I loved the episode that was all about the mother.

  12. I go back and forth on HIMYM, some episodes have bored me, but some make me sad the show is ending, and I love the "mother"! I have both I am Malala, and Allegiant, on my to-read lists...now I just have to actually read them!

  13. please come shovel my driveway next time you are home!

    CAN'T WAIT to come be a friend visitor soon! Hopefully winter IS over by then!

    I am loving HIMYM but I am really sad that it's going to be over...


    Ok love you.
    I want a martini now.

  14. I will die if Britney comes back on HIMYM. And The Husband's Secret was sooo good.

  15. How convenient that they're opening the dunkin after the gym. haha

    I am so sad HIMYM is ending, but I'm with you I've loved this season!

  16. This is weirdly coincidental, but I just read I am Malala and The Interestings. I brought home Allegiant on hold from the library today! I'd love to know what you thought of them! :)
    Have you tried celery and hummus? Or pb and apples? So yum!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  17. I can't believe your husband had never really watched Seinfeld before!!! Better late than never!

  18. I have not been reading at all, ugh. Why? I couldn't tell you. My nightstand seriously has probably close to 10 books stacked on it right now and I haven't touched them at all!

    So glad your place is feeling like home :)

  19. I'm still pretty far behind in the last season of HIMYM...but I so hope they bring back B. Spears- that would be awesome!!

  20. Adding The Husband's Secret to my Kindle wishlist!

    And that peeing thing really is hysterical

  21. Lets Go Rangers!

    I love Peanut Butter and anything peanuts. I also love cream cheese on celery.

    How is it possible he never saw Seinfeld? Wow.


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