February 28, 2014

Problems... Everyone Has Them

#stephsworldproblems are real... for me.  In some people's opinions, this might be even more ridiculous than first world problems.  Here are a few that happened this week:

This happened on Twitter.

Yep, I distracted my husband with Cadbury Eggs and our favorite Pizza and IT WORKED.  But I also realized that it's a problem when I have to bribe my husband to not care about the frivolous purchases I have made this week.  Yep, I ordered a case of wine, a new pair of Tom's and possibly some other items we'll attempt to hide.

Another problem is twitter while I'm watching things I've recorded.  I love skipping commercials but it always makes me a little behind the people that are "live tweeting" things.  Shouldn't I just stay away from Twitter?  Yes.  Do I?  No.  Damn Survivor.

So, I got to go see JIMMY FALLON LIVE on Tuesday.  In case you missed that, read all about it.  Now, I see the tweets about his show and feel super left out.  That's crazy, but it's really happening to me.  Just call me, Jimmy.  I'm here waiting.

Sometimes my dog (Quincy) looks at me like I'm the most obnoxious and weird person on the planet.  He really knows how to make me feel horrible.  #rude

I'm ready for a new look for the blog... it's like a disease.  I need to win a free design or something because I can't keep changing my mind every month or so.  I know I'm not the only one with this problem.

I cracked my damn iPhone screen.  Well, I didn't just crack it... I demolished it.  New phone on the way.  I can't believe I made it this long and dropped it as often as I did, but when it happened (damn thing vibrated right off my desk onto the floor) I was shocked and horrified.

I ordered my unicorn shirt from the magical Whitney and I have to wait now.  I would like it now.

I need to get out and make some friends in this lovely corner of the world.  This whole adult friendship thing is soooo weird.  I feel like I'm dating again.  Uff da.  Makes me feel a little homesick and also a little pathetic.

So I'm actually a pretty positive person, but sometimes I feel the need to complain about ridiculous things.  Good news is that it is FRIDAY.  So, with all that negativity out of my system, let's jam.

Take your good vibrations and go visit Queen of Yoga Pants & Backing Azz Up, order a Unicorn shirt and jam out.  Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Tilly gives me those looks that could kill sometimes too! I'm like GIRL PLEASE! Love the throwback Marky Mark!

  2. I can't wait until my paypal is activated so I can grab a shirt. I'm so excited! Also, boyfriend is the same way when I go shopping. JUST LET ME SPEND ALL MY MONEY.

  3. If I know I can't watch a show on the night it airs- I will force myself to turn Twitter off because I don't want to know what happens!! especially The Bachelor- because people tweet that shit like crazy!

  4. i have never had a cadbury egg - ever. i don't know if i'll be able to handle the gooey inside. the mini-eggs...those i can def deal. in fact, i've been known to eat the whole bag because they're so yum!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  5. I avoid twitter on those nights because they drive me insane! As for that new design, let's see if we can work something out :)

    But in all seriousness, I love Quincy's face! Are you sure it's not just the eyebrows giving you that look?

  6. I think everyone should order cases of wine on the internet - genius!!

  7. OMG! I change my blog design WAYYY too much also! I get bored with them so quickly! I am always on Etsy looking for some cute cheaper ones. I'm sure if I invested in a blog designer that made one exactly how I wanted, I would be less likely to want to change it. But I'm not willing to fork out that much at once right now. The struggle is real.

  8. Buying food in exchange for clothing items/booze... I think you might be onto something!

  9. My dogs look at me like that too. #doublerude

  10. Princess Matzo Ball gives me looks like that allll the time. How rude. My friend and I were watching the JT episode of Fallon yesterday (because it's so awesome) and I pulled up you IG account and showed her the pic of you. We are both still insanely jealous!

  11. Every time I read about someone's Easter candy it makes me crave some so badly :) And I don't blame you for your tactics of distraction-- chocolate & pizza would work for me! haha

  12. Cool - I want to see Jimmy Fallon live. Also, I see nothing wrong with ordering a case of wine. Sounds good. You wouldn't have to bribe me!


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