February 20, 2014

Just Life

That is my new favorite scarf.  Those are also the funny lines around my eyes when I'm cheesing out in front of the mirror.

I got my first Stitchfix.  That's a big deal for me because I have forever bought all my items from Old Navy, Target or Gap... maybe J Crew if I found something neutral and on sale.  Everything in my closet is black, tan or boring.  The idea of this website is brilliant (you can learn more about it here).

Clearly, you'll notice that the big issue is the whole taking pictures thing.  I'm no fashion blogger which means I don't know what to do about this.  I'll get better or I'll bribe my husband with sexual favors chocolate to take pictures for me.  In the meantime, here are the 3 things I kept and I'm in love.

Sorry, those pictures suck and I promise I'll get better.  But, aren't you proud that I'm posting non-iPhone pictures on my blog of random today?  You are welcome (even if the one above is a little blurry.)

In other news, we got our first plant for our apartment.  I kill almost everything, so we started with pot full of Cacti.  I love them and I really feel like this time I'm going to keep them alive and well.

My husband bought me this bathtub gadget from Target.  I think it's fantastic.  Candy, wine and magazines in a bathtub with Lush bath bombs exploding goodness everywhere.  I think I could get used to this every few weeks.  Also, I love the picture on the front of the box that shows some classic novel, cucumber slices and a tiny pour of wine.  Not quite my life.

I love that I saw rain outside my window, but I also hate being teased by spring.  I'm OK with another few weeks of winter, but I can't have the skies playing games with my heart.  None of that wishy-washy shit.  Go spring or go home.

And to end this most random of random posts.  Here is what Lola & Quincy have been doing this week.

Yep, she was in the middle of talking to me and so she looks possessed, but I love her lots and lots.  So that's life right now.  Tell me about your weather, your life or my favorite - tweet me a picture of your dogs right now - @stephgobviously

Happy Thursday.


  1. I've been wanting to try stitch fix for a while but I'm scared it would be super pricey, plus I'm really picky about clothes....if you don't mind me asking how much was your haul?

  2. After I am done leaving this comment, I have to google Stitchfix. I am behind the times, and clearly, not a real blogger.

    I love that you are experimenting with your fancy camera! I've been trying to do the same thing. As soon as spring really sprungs, you get your butt out and enjoy the city with your fancy dancy camera!

    As soon as I saw the cacti, I thought of Heeeeeeyyyyy, Duuuudde!

    I always eat cucumber slices in the bath...

    I love your random ass posts!

  3. We had a quick thunderstorm yesterday and it was SUCH a tease! But I will tell you this - my SVP bought everyone scarves in the office and I'm convinced that because we passed them out two days ago, warm weather is upon us and we will have no use for them. FINGERS CROSSED.

    PS - I need better pictures of those clothes you chose! Is that one on the left a dress? It looks ah-dorable!

  4. Congrats on your non-iphone pics!

    I love the cacti! It's so pretty and probably really easy to take care of. I've always wanted cacti or a bamboo plant for my desk.

    I just tweeted about spring right before reading this! Weird!

  5. I'm a huge fan of succulents, so here's to not killing the indestructible plants! But seriously, I love what StichFix sent you. That's awesome.

  6. i hear birds chirping outside my window as i type this (they've been radio silence since like, november) and it's getting me all excited because for the second time in months, it's 4 degrees. a big fucking deal to us torontonians because we've been basically trying to survive -10 degree temps ON AVERAGE.

    SPRING: QUIT PLAYING GAMES WITH OUR HEARTS (before you tear us apart)

    Vodka and Soda

  7. I love random posts!!! They're the best kind. That striped scarf is by far my favorite.
    You upgraded from iPhone pictures. Definitely something to celebrate. I'm still stuck there "/

  8. Your stitch fix clothes look SUPER cute! Love the scarf- and is the blue lacy one a dress?? Love.

    And yes- I love that it feels like spring right now, but I know that it isn't here to stay. So it's hard to to too excited.

    Peach rings and wine? Perfect relaxation!

  9. I love that scarf!! I can't wait to bust out all my thin springy patterned scarves for spring/summer!!

  10. I need one of those bath things! I wonder if it will support a laptop though, because all I really want to do is watch netflix in the tub....

  11. I am not a bath girl but that looks like a pretty sweet set up.

    Score from stitch fix! I love all of those.

    I also love your cacti pot. I've been toying with getting something like that. My bamboo needs to be recycled too.

    And this post in general. And I just tweeted you a pic of Gus and Mae from yesterday because that's an awesome post ending.

  12. That bath do-hickey is SWEET looking! I need me one of those pronto! I guess I'll have to go to Target... twist my arm why don't ya... ;)
    I've been thinking of getting a cactus, too... as random as that is! It's so gross out and I want something to make me think warm thoughts but that requires minimal upkeep... I too kill errythang.

  13. Now that looks like the way to have a bath!

    Just keep practicing with the camera. You'll get better!


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