February 27, 2014

A Little Quiz Action

I missed out on the last one of these that Erin did, so I'm happy to jump onboard today.  Also, I feel like I'm going to be shunned for never watching Sex & the City.  I just never really got into it... also, I'm cheap and I don't pay for HBO and never have.  Whoops.

I have someone wonderful joining me on the blog today.  Her name is Brooks and she blogs over at The Handey Way.  Back in October, I got the chance to chat with her about her wedding here.  Now that she's settling in to newlywed status, she's back on the blog today answering some questions.  I love hearing about other marriages and what makes them tick.  It's so interesting how different relationships can be from one couple to the next.  That would be my social sciences degree talking.

What is the perfect date for you and your hubby?

Brooks: Since I married a penny pincher, real dates are few and far between and only happen when I beg.  I've since become thrifty as to what we call dates.  Usually our favorite kind of date is picking up a good meal and watching our favorite shows.

I loved this answer because when I read her latest blog post (Good Wings), it is clear that it's something that helps them wind down even after a tough day.  I would say that dates are anything you do together that deviates even a little bit from the normal routine.  It's fun to get a little creative and surprise each other every once in a while.

Now that you've been married for a few months, what advice/warnings were you happy to receive before your wedding?

B:  We had a lot of advice before we were married, a lot of unsolicited advice that is.  But, I have to say our rector told us one piece of advice that I truly loved, "It seems as you two are a perfect balance for each other, and as you grow together, you will undoubtedly change.  That's not to say you won't be in balance anymore, but know you will have to fight for each other, everyday."  The key point I picked up on was to always fight for each other, no matter what.  Fight for our betterment, fight for our future.  Marriage isn't always seen through rose colored glasses, so to know that we both are willing to fight for it is why we are apart of each other's lives.

I think that's great advice to hear while you are heading into marriage.  Fight for each other is always important.  My advice is to pick your battles.  I bite my tongue sometimes and usually it was something so stupid that I've forgotten about it an hour later.  Those are wins in my book. 

Has life changed now that you're married?

B:  I get this question so often, and each time I laugh.  My reply is always, "Nothing has changed but last names and rings on fingers."  Because that's the truth.  We lived together before we were married, so we had an idea of what we were getting into.  The only thing that is different is the fact we are legally bound to each other.

I love that question and the next one too.  If you aren't married yet, prepare yourself to hear those weekly for the first year you're married.  My stock answer was "it keeps getting better and better."  

Do you get the "when are you going to have babies" question daily, weekly or monthly?

B:  Luckily, I make it pretty known that children, as of right now, are out of the question.  With our nomad lifestyle, I'm totally opposed to bringing another family member into this household until we are more settled.

I find it so interesting that people assume that your immediate next step is having children and that question always comes up.  We got it for at least 2-3 years and then people just gave up.  We haven't ruled out children, but we are having so much fun being married and I hate having to defend that decision.

Tell me something that marriage has taught you.

B:  Marriage has taught me to be more aware.  I have become more aware of myself, how I act and treat others, especially N.  There are some days where I can't help my feelings, especially during that time, but I am more aware of how I am.  Being married to N makes me want to be better, in all aspects of life, and in that I am more aware of who I am and how I want to change things.

See friends?  Isn't she the sweetest?  You can read more about her adventures around Texas, her addiction to technology (because let's be honest, most of us understand that) and 13 things you should know about her.  Plus, she also recently started designing for other blogs and you can check out her page called Two Oaks Design.  Go show Brooks some love.  

Also, please fill out the quiz above and link up.  I love reading other people's answers.


  1. I still laugh at Nicolas Cage. Alex Baldwin is my Nicolas Cage. Despise that guy.

    But on a more positive note, thanks for the loving! I always enjoy being on your space!

  2. These are always so fun! I'm with you on turning on the coffee maker asap in the mornings :)

  3. Love the Blogmopolitan Quiz!!! <3 <3

  4. LOLOL re: Nicholas Cage. I love a good quiz.

    I am jealous that you can wear sweats a lot of days.

    Marriage also made me more aware of how I treat others.

  5. haha i love that you despise nicholas cage. i will bring oyu cupckaes anytime :)

  6. haha i love that you despise nicholas cage. i will bring oyu cupckaes anytime :)

  7. I love all the marriage advice. I've been married for like a year and a half, and since we just bought a house, there has been an upswing in the "so babies are next, RIGHT???"

  8. I've never watched SATC either so I took a quiz to find out who I'd be. I feel you on the favorite food. Everything that came to mind was a carb!

    And I totally laughed out loud when I saw Nick Cage hahaha

  9. LOL Everyone hates Nic Cage! He is so awful. Why does he still get jobs?

  10. I've never watched it either! Are we going to get kicked out of blogland?

  11. Cupcakes *insert goggly heart eyes here* ...& I don't think that writing a book if no one would find out is weird at all. That was kinda my answer to the same question, although a bit more broadly stated as "do the things I love". I say go for it! :)

  12. Bahahahahahahahhahaha... Nicolas Cage! That's awesome!!!!

  13. Not even a single episode? Really?? How is that possible?

  14. LMAO - I despise Nicolas Cage!!!! Just awesome!

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