January 13, 2014

Thoughts on the Golden Globes

Golden Globes is usually my favorite award show because it wraps everything into one and has such a good turn out.  The expectations aren't set so high and people seem a little more relaxed… and a little tipsy.  Justin & I watched the awards in the same fashion - relaxed and a little tipsy.  Then you add twitter on top of it and it becomes quite the evening.

Our thoughts on the evening:

1. Why is greasy hair something people pay for?  I try my hardest to not walk around with greasy hair and these celebrities are paying hundreds of dollars to look like they haven't showered in days.

2.  Tina Fey & Amy Poehler are one of the best duos in all of history and they just keep getting better.  I would watch anything that they did, but I also appreciate that they only team up for the things that make sense and keep us all wanting more.  Brilliant.  Plus, Amy getting a win made this even better.


3.  I love Matt Damon.  He married a woman that is cute as a button and not a famous person.  He hasn't lost his Boston accent.  He has the coolest friends in all the world (Ben Affleck has aged incredibly well too).  Last but not least, he's aged like a normal person and he's still smoking hot.

4.  Justin compared Quincy to Martin Scorsese - for eyebrows alone.  I think maybe he's got a point.

5.  I'm not convinced that tans make people look better.  So many of these celebrities look disgustingly orange.  And it's worse on the men than the women.  Who is giving them that advice?

6.  American Hustle - WHY DIDN'T I GO SEE THAT TODAY????  I will be heading to the theater before the week is up so I can be excited about these wins like everyone else.  I did see Wolf of Wall Street and even though the movie left me angry, it was still a well done movie and Leonardo DiCaprio is amazing and deserved to win.  Plus the joke about supermodel's vaginas was my favorite joke of the night.
7.  Twitter blew up with a string of angry tweets comparing Jennifer Lawrence to Taylor Swift in their fakeness.  Last year everyone loved her so much after her little trip and now the same people are calling her insincere.  I'm not sure what you people expect anymore.  I still love her.

8.  Lots of people were upset about the length of the walk to the stage.  If that were me, I would have caught my dress on one of those chairs and flashed the whole room more than side boob.  But, aside from that nightmare, I don't understand what the big deal was.  You got to see more awkward shots of all the people in the audience that are concerned about what face they'll be making when the camera pans by them.  It's my favorite part of awards shows.

9.  I'm not sure why, but I'm so offended by P Diddy and why he was at the Globes and presenting.

10.  My Netflix is about to get worked over because it is finally time to binge on Veep, House of Cards and Breaking Bad.  We were waiting until it was all over for BB and I'm beyond excited to jump in.

Happy Monday everyone.  Hope you had an amazing weekend.


  1. Ahhh, much to comment on. I wish Steve would watch award shows with me. He wants no part of that.

    The Man Tans were horrible. Bradley Cooper's was so orange. He's so hot, why do that!?!??!

    I'm SO glad Leo FINALLY won, I feel like he's been shafted for SO many amazing roles. And I actually haven't seen that movie yet, but I wanted him to win.

    Jordan Catalano FOR THE WIN!!!! I was so giddy! I can still feel my heart pounding like I was the one making out with him in the boiler room! Anyway, he looked gorgeous in his scruffy way. I loved his speech, so glad to see him back in action.

    I still cannot stand T Swifty (NEVER could!) but I like jennifer Lawrence. I think she's awkward and sincere. Haters gonna hate.

    I would have fallen on my ass going up those stairs, let along that walk. And holy hell, it was a plain dress but Reese Witherspoon looked GORGEOUS! Those curves! My Spanx dont make me look like that.

    Matt Damon <3

  2. I love Amy and Tina together. I giggled and belly laughed through the introduction. I am not the best at watching TV shows or movies but I definitely wrote down a few movies I want to go see after last night.

  3. I only got to watch part of the awards, last night {I have the rest DVR'd}, but now I am kicking myself that I haven't yet seen American Hustle! I died at the brow comparison, hehe.

  4. diddy was annoying. he was always trying to get into the camera and it was like: STOP TRYING TO PULL A KANYE! STOP TRYING TO ACT LIKE YOU'RE RELEVANT! GTFO!

    but i fell asleep partway through and had to record the rest so i'll be watchign that tonight.

    ps - love Jennifer Lawrence; she's so adorable!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. JLaw is by far the most sincere person out there. She rocks, no matter what. End of story.

    But you do have a doppleganger on your hands with Martin.

  6. Diddy was definitely on something because he was acting ridiculous and not in a good way! Although I found it hilarious when he tried to hug Bono!

    And what was with everyone getting to the stage?? That was also hilarious to me-- they definitely needed a more clear path or something! It definitely kept things entertaining/awkward!

    I really want to see Wolf on Wallstreet simply because I love Leo!

    I wasn't a fan of all the slicked back hair looks either!

    Carly | carly blogs here

  7. Veep is beyond awesome. I live for that show. I die laughing all the time. MFD and I love politics and foolishness and it combines the two.

    So mad I didn't get to see American Hustle this weekend like I planned. I might have to break my spending freeze to see it this month.

    I still love JLaw too.

  8. I have to say, I'm pretty dang jealous you're just getting ready to start BB. SO GOOD. Just know, it takes a little time to get hooked, so don't give up :)

  9. I am definitely seeing American Hustle this week although I've said that the last two weeks. And soooo much greasy hair and fake tans!

  10. I still love JLaw, even if her dress did look like TP with electrical tape around it.

    I saw way too much side boob in the short time that I watched, and Matthew needs to ditch the fake orange tan.

    Matt Damon is smoking hot and I loved seeing him and Ben Affleck interact. I love that they are still friends.

  11. Tina & Amy always rock! Matt Damon is AMAZING and I LOVE HIM!!!! :)

    Ps- I didn't watch at all! ;)

  12. I love Tina and Amy they were amazing last night!

    I hate that the media is doing to J-law what they did to T-swift. They focus on her so much that people are getting tired of her so they start calling her insincere. I still love her and think she's genuine.

    I too was pretty upset at P. Diddy. He made me mad at the Country Music Awards and then again last night. Why does he keep getting invited to present?

  13. Ugh. P.Diddy is the WORST. Go back to the 90's where you came from guy.

  14. Totally agree about the greasy hair and orange tans. What is up with that?

    I also didn't get Diddy being there. Guess they needed some music person handing outan award?

  15. Went to American Hustle last night... I am not in love. Don't hate me. It was not a "comedy" so I dont get why it was in that category. Also, I think Christian Bale deserved to be nominated over Bradley Cooper... IMO. Lemme know when you see it. :)

  16. Will you hate me if I admit that I only paid attention to the first half and then switched over to finish up Dexter? Ahhh! I will say that Tina and Amy make me literally LOL - and YES to orange spray tans. WTF, these people make the big bucks, can't they afford a proper spray tan? I'm going to hell. We tried to get into House of Cards after watching this awards show - we are 3 epis in but I can't really get into it yet!!

  17. We totally just binged on Breaking Bad. We watched all of the seasons and are just waiting for the 2nd half of the last season to land on Netflix, I can't wait!

  18. We totally just binged on Breaking Bad. We watched all of the seasons and are just waiting for the 2nd half of the last season to land on Netflix, I can't wait!

  19. We totally just binged on Breaking Bad. We watched all of the seasons and are just waiting for the 2nd half of the last season to land on Netflix, I can't wait!


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