January 28, 2014

Some Juicy Juicing Tips

We are almost to the end of January and I figured it would be a good time to check in on the first of my 2014 words.  Clean.  We have made quite a few discoveries as we embrace this word, but today, I'm going to give you my thoughts and advice on juicing.

Our Christmas gift to ourselves was a juicer (we bought this one.)  We have done a few juice cleanses in the past and loved them.  They were expensive.  We figured it would be worth it to buy the juicer and make them ourselves.  

My loving husband did a little research and had a pretty good idea what to expect.  I did not do any research.  I'd like to share with you how my feelings changed during the first month.  I will say that I love our juicer and we are using our juicer to make a drink at least 4-5 times each week.  

Day 1:
- These juices are going to make me feel like one million dollars.  
- I'm going to lose 10 lbs instantly and my skin will glow and be perfect.
- Soon, I will love beets, kale and all vegetables that I didn't even know I disliked before.
- This will inspire me to cut all processed foods from my diet.  It will be LIFE CHANGING.

Day 28:
- I love juicing, but I really don't feel that much different.
- I'm fighting to win my Diet Bet and I'm almost there, but it wasn't 10 lbs.
- I still hate beets and kale.  But, I'm consuming them and I'm finding ways to hide their dirt like taste.
- I ate pizza rolls for lunch today - it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Now that I'm an expert on juicing (obviously), I am sharing some advice for anyone that is starting this adventure.

Brilliant advice, right?  Clean the damn juicer.  Yes, it sucks.  I'm convinced that is why those juices are so expensive when they are bottled nicely and you can throw them in the recycling bin when you're done.  My husband cleans our juicer - that is the only reason we are able to own one.  One tip to make the cleaning easier, use produce bags to catch the pulp.  We live in an apartment with no garbage disposal and no compost pile out back.  This is a great way to recycle the produce bags.

Finally, I've found something that I actually can use off of Pinterest.  I know that sounds harsh, but I pin DIY projects all the time that I have never attempted.  That is the place I have found so many good juice recipes.  My favorite drink has been 4 carrots + 1 orange + 2 apples + a little ginger.  Everyone is going to love different things.  When in doubt, add a cucumber, an apple or carrots.  Those 3 have been great ingredients and they make tons of juice.

Last, but not least, READ YOUR INSTRUCTION MANUAL.  K?  Thanks.

What juice recipe is your favorite?  What did you learn from juicing?  Is it something you've ever considered?

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  1. I have done this a time or two, but we have the worst blender on earth, so I refuse to go back to doing it until we have a good one (wedding registry).

    And Diet Bet, I'm so angry about this whole ordeal right now. I'm convinced my scale was broken when I weighed the first time because 2 days later, I had gained 6 lbs. I'm still not back to what that stupid scale said the day I submitted my weight :(

  2. i haven't juiced. for one, i saw how much juice is produced after putting in eleventy billion pounds of produce and i was like, THAT'S IT? you send $45 on kale and beets and whatnot and all you get is one glass??

    instead, i blend stuff. throw in berries, bananas, dates etc and blend that shit. what i put in is what i drnk. that's more along the lines of my cheapness LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I've never juiced, but I've tried others. I really need to do it for breakfast and easy meals. Maybe a juicer is in order for my birthday...

  4. I am not a juicer. I have a need to chew my food or I will drink my food and then go out and chew the same amount of calories.

    I am not and never will be a kale or beets fan, whether it's sauteed in butter or juiced and drank.

  5. Ha, "I ate pizza rolls for lunch today - it's a marathon, not a sprint", you are my hero! I am doing the Whole 30 and it has been rough!

  6. I'm a big fan of juicing! I have gone pretty much 100% clean and for me it started when i really began reading what is in everything! my fave juices arekale, green apple, and cucumber. and carrot, lime, and ginger both are really good!

  7. Well, after breaking my first juicer, we spent a few more $$$ and got one that is better quality. I kind of fell off the bandwagon (terrible, I know), but I brought some produce yesterday and play on getting back on. I've made a few good juices from Piinterst recipes, but at this point, I just throw a bunch of shit in and see what happens.
    Cleaning that thing will be the death of me. Even with the bag, it's all just gross!

  8. Juicing seems so overwhelming and expensive. I need to try it out but know it will take a kick in the butt for me to get up in the morning to make my juice for breakfast.

  9. I'm not a juicer. I've tried. I'm more and...'random smootier...'
    I feel like that's the best I can do right now. I'm glad you said that its a marathon not a sprint though :)

  10. Pete did juicing for a bit but never got totally into it. He's been making a lot of smoothies lately though!


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