January 20, 2014

Simple Things I Need to be Happy

I came across 11 Simple Things that Everyone Needs to be Happy and found myself thinking about the list.  I agree with everything on the list.  In fact, once I read it, I immediately washed my sheets and put on a cozy sweater.  My good mood got even better.  I was practically dancing around the apartment.
It's amazing how reading a simple list like that will make you instantly grateful for those simple things.

As I danced around my apartment, I started noticing a few things required for my happiness that didn't make the cut.  Here are my add on's to the list:


There are multiple moments each day that my dogs do something that makes me happier.  Just today, Lola was running through the bedroom searching for her squeaky toy and she caught her reflection in the mirror and went back to take a longer look - such a diva.


Turning my mailbox key and finding something on the other side makes me oh so happy.  Friday afternoon, I got a note that we had a package and we couldn't think of anything that we ordered.  It turned out to be a container of my favorite cookies shipped from Minnesota from one of my mom's best friends.  BEST SURPRISE EVER.

Fresh Air

Even when the weather isn't ideal, a few minutes outside can make me feel a million times better, but for some reason, I always forget that.  After a long day at the office, the first few minutes outside change my outlook instantly.  Plus, when this view is steps outside of your door, you can't really help but be happy.

Comedic Relief

It can be a Buzzfeed article, a text message or a Phil Dunphy moment, but a simple LOL moment can instantly turn my frown upside down.


I feel like this is obvious.  I love nothing more than a good list, except maybe crossing things off that list.

A Solid Jam

Doesn't matter what it is, but you should have songs that you sing loudly in the car, songs that make you dance when you're home alone, songs that make you scream when they come on in da club.

Ice Cold Cocktails

I know they aren't everyone's requirement for happiness, but I love a good drink.  I love a good non-alcolholic drink too.  I'm one of those people that consumes so many of my daily calories from liquids - coffee, juice, smoothies.  YUMMY.

What would you add to the list?  What's your jam?  Do you agree with that article?

Wishing you a very happy Monday!


  1. music, a good tv show, snuggles from my family and blogging. these things make me happy!!

    oh, and funny gifs. can't forget those :)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. You and i may be long lost sisters. ;) Those are all happy things for me too.
    I hope you have a great week!

  3. The article was really good! I agree with your list and the article's list. I would also add a good latte to the list!

  4. I'm quite sure that at least 50% of my calories come from liquids. Loved that article, really makes you take a moment to think. And, I would just have to change 'dogs' for 'cats.'

    New makeup makes me really happy. And Cheez-Its

  5. That is a pretty spot on list! I definitely feel better after a hot shower. I agree though about dogs and lists, too!

  6. I'll replace your dogs with cats. Lists make me very happy, too.

  7. Painting my nails, my dogs, fresh air, talking to my BFF.

  8. My dogs, sushi, coke icees, Frank Sinatra, and the first few days of a new season.

  9. My dogs, sushi, coke icees, Frank Sinatra, and the first few days of a new season.

  10. My dogs, sushi, coke icees, Frank Sinatra, and the first few days of a new season.

  11. Yes to all of this! I LOVE getting real mail. It usually only happens around my birthday but when I see bright colored envelopes in the mail, I get the biggest smile on my face! And Phil Dunfy? Yes please. I think I might steal this idea if you don't mind! :)

  12. My cat makes me ridiculously happy every day. Also, a super hot shower and clean floors...

  13. Oh my gosh, lists! Yes, totally a happy maker. I also find some alone time refreshing. Even if it's just a few minutes it really boosts my mood.

  14. Doggies make EVERYTHING better! My jam is fancy by Reba McEntire... I sing that shit LOUD and PROUD! haha

  15. It is totally the simple things in life right? I couldn't agree more about dogs, fresh air, and comedy!

  16. I loved this post, it made me smile big Steph :) My dog definitely brings me great happiness!! As does happy mail, cocktails, ice cream, coffee ... basically all food, and long walks on the beach ;)

  17. Sometimes it's the little things that make us happy. Good music, a cold drink, funny movies. Yup.

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Thanks for reading my ramblings. It makes my heart happy.