January 8, 2014

Right Now - January Edition

It's January which is awesome because the beginning of this month is more exciting than most.  But, here we are - doing the normal beginning of the month blog thing.  Things I'm doing RIGHT NOW (other than freezing in Minnesota.)

Reading - I just finished my first book of the year, When She Was Gone.  I loved it until the end and then I hated it.  Good news is - I've finally decided on a few blogs that are my daily reads and I love sharing them.

Today, I will share you with one of my oldest blog friends.  This girl is all about the details, which I admire because I love the details of a good party, a wedding or any get together, but I never plan for those details. Here is a little information about Samantha - from It's All in the Details.  She is getting married this year and her engagement story is here and it's one of my favorites because this girl was celebrating in my favorite place, Boston.

I loved her idea for asking me her friends to be her bridesmaids with this adorable cake gift.  Who doesn't love cake?  And then she just decides to help everyone warm up with a giveaway that will definitely help a little.  Enter here and follow along as she prepares for a HUGE year planning her wedding.  As soon as I heard food truck at rehearsal dinner, I was booking my trip (I hope she doesn't mind.)  

Eating - Amazing food.  We are working really hard on making food at home and so far, we have done pretty well.  The juicing has gone great.  Put a little watermelon, mango or apples in anything and I'll slam it.

Watching - Arrested Development, 24, Bravo.  You know, the usual Netflix + Bravo.  We are pretty excited about some of the movies featured in the award season this year.  On our list is American Hustle, Saving Mr. Banks and The Wolf of Wall Street.  Bring on the movie theater.

Missing - our friends back home.  Sometimes I make myself stay away from Facebook because it's not the easiest thing to see pictures of fun things that you missed out on.  I miss family and friends... a lot sometimes.  Oops, that was the same as last month, I guess that hasn't gotten easier yet.

Anticipating - Our next weekend adventure.  I really want to get my husband to the mountains to use his brand new snowboard.  Lake Placid - we will see you within the next month.

Wishing for - A super fast work week.  My days are jammed packed.  I'm in Minnesota all week for meetings and I barely have time for lunch.  I would love the work days to go fast and the nights with family to go slow.  And I want Minnesota to be a little warmer for everyone's sake.

Drinking  - Anything warm.  Coffee, hot chocolate, chai tea.  Bring it on.  It's cold outside and I love the feeling of something warm going into my belly.

Laughing At - the Best of Jimmy Fallon that was on this week.  I love that man so ridiculously much.

Loving - the feeling of a new year.  There is just something special about a clean slate.  I would love to be the person that considered each week or each month as a special beginning, but a new year will always been my favorite.

Beginning - to finally write our NYC bucket list that we will complete within the next 20 months.  We have checked a few things off so far with our Christmas in NYC, but SOOOO many more to add.  I love the east coast.  I can't wait to explore some brand new places.

Listening to - Cougar Town.  Duh, I'm hanging out with my mom.  No new music yet for the new year.  I'll get back into it though.


  1. The lip synch offs kill me. I love it.

    I hope it gets warmer for you and that you have a wonderful time with your family! Days go fast, nights go slow! Repeat.

  2. i'm all about the hot liquids too! toronto has been in a deep freeze and all i want to do is swim in my tea!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I was DYING laughing watching the Best of Jimmy Fallon! He really is SO funny and I love me a funny guy!

  4. Between Jimmy Fallon and Joesph Gordon Levitt.... so much love!!!!

  5. Jimmy Fallon...oh if he wasn't married...

    I love that cake idea she did though! Super cute!

  6. You are too kind, friend :) And you're obv an honorary blogging bridesmaid. Duhhh.

  7. I love the fresh new year too :) I just feel so refreshed!! I'm excited to see/hear all about your NYC bucket list and stalk you along the way!

  8. I still need to see American Hustle but the other two were great. After Saving Mr. Banks, I immediately came home and ordered the book it is based on of her life.

  9. Oh man Minnesota this time of year sounds terrible! stay warm!

  10. I'm with you... any warm drink is the drink for me right now! I've been on a real hot chocolate kick the last few days!

  11. Been really cold too here in NYC, but not as bad as where you live.

    Next time you come here drop me a note and I'll give you a bunch of suggestions on where to eat, drink, and explore.

  12. When I saw the high today was 34 I almost wept tears of joy. Maybe I won't freeze to death after all ;-)

  13. Ohhhhh chai tea. Now I'm craving a chai tea latte, which is inconvenient since it's midnight! I'm totally getting one tomorrow :-)

  14. Do you make your own chai tea? I have little tea bags of chai tea, but I want a GOOOOD recipe for stove top amazingness lol

  15. Do you make your own chai tea? I have little tea bags of chai tea, but I want a GOOOOD recipe for stove top amazingness lol


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