January 29, 2014

Confessions of a Catholic School Girl

My Catholic school upbringing is shining through today.  The time has come to confess and get some things off my chest.  Judgment free zone, cool?  

I suck at flossing my teeth daily.  Also, making my bed, drinking enough water and eating breakfast every day.

I'm clapping out loud in my living room during the State of the Union.  I'm proud of Punch Pizza in MN for being the example called out for raising wages.  Also, I have a total girl crush on Miss Arkansassy and I don't care who knows it.

I have no desire to go to Australia… like ever.

I don't really know who I'm cheering for on Sunday.  I'm just excited that the game is here and that I get to go and experience some of the excitement (not the game itself obviously.)

I judge my neighbors based on how they interact with their dogs on walks.  If you don't pick up your poop, you are not cool.  (I guess this isn't a judgement free zone.)

I have never worn lipstick.

I think Brian Williams is sexy for an older dude.

I kind of watch the Bachelor, but not like other people do.  I fast forward through most of it.  I'm not even sure why I try.  That wedding was really pretty, but I just didn't care about it.  What the hell is "grown sexy?"

Go have yourself a grown sexy hump day.  Also, it's the last day to enter the giveaway for a $25 gift card to Lush.  Go make it happen.  I'm out.

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  1. These are great! Thanks for your confessions.

  2. Haha awesome. Grown sexy is the dumbest thing I've ever heard…seriously, wtf? And yes, I totally judge people based on how they take care of their dog. Some people here are leaving their dogs out all night in the cold, which basically makes them a terrorist in my mind.

  3. I used to watch The Bachelor years ago, and then got bored. But this year with Juan Pablo, and some of the contestants being from my state, I became interested again...sort of. I FF most of it; the dates are SO cheesy! But Juan Pablo is why I keep coming back, haha. Im excited for the food, Sunday ;)

  4. Flossing becomes addictive. Like I give myself one "free" night a week to not floss because I'm lazy or cold or whatever and half the time I get out of bed to do it. That should be my confession for today because that's probably really not normal.

  5. in my 38years, i have never ever made my bed. why bother? it's just going to get messy when i get back in it 12hrs later. and making the bed at 445am just isn't something i wanna do!

    thanks for linking up :)

    Vodka and Soda

  6. What the F is grown sexy?

    I think maybe my definition of making the bed is different than everyone else's. I pull the sheets and comforter up and move the pillows where they should be and I'm done. I don't tuck anything in anywhere. I never do.

    I hate flossing.

  7. I never have gotten into the Bachelor. But I do love these confessions!

  8. My confession is that I had to look up what was so special about Sunday. Don't blame me, we are a soccer family. And Brian Williams is totally sexy! I think I secretly love a man that reports the news because I also think this other guy that reports the world news on Univision is absolutely adorable.

  9. Excuse me ma'am, you DO know who you're rooting for. PEYTON. How could you not?? ;)

    PS - I might have to "borrow" this idea one day!

  10. I love this list. I floss like three times a week, but tell my dentist I floss everyday. I think he is on to me. Also I do not know what grown sexy is, but it is my new favorite thing to say sarcastically!

  11. I confess I might not even watch the game on Sunday. Actually, I might read a book and just tune in for the commercials. If my team is not playing, I have no interest.

  12. hahaha i hate flossing and I'm a catholic school girl twins! does that make us besties now? yes.

  13. Bahaha, love these confession! I hate flossing. And I L-O-V-E Brian Williams. Plus, he's a Jersey Boy <3 I heard The Bachelor wedding vows were really weird. Like, she said "Youre the lightning to my bug."


  14. I'm indifferent for the most part on who wins this weekend. I like Peyton, so I'll prob pull for the Broncos!

    Also, I want to be able to wear lipstick (and I own a couple) but I just can't figure out what looks normal on my face. Nothing that I've found so far!

  15. Lmfao at "grown sexy"! Seriously, wtf??!!

    ♥ Duckie.

  16. What's breakfast?!

    I need to floss better too...

  17. I used to be so good at flossing but lately I've been sucking, too. Not gonna lie to you... some nights I don't even brush my teeth at all. I'm a sick freak. But if I have to choose between that and going to bed 5 minutes earlier, the 5 minutes earlier are going to win every time.

  18. I have never worn lipstick either... unless you count trying it and instantly wiping it off. I am NOT a lipstick girl.

  19. I've never worn lipstick either, lol!! And I'm seriously sooo jealous of your uni, I will have to email you a photo sometime - white shirt, ugly ass pleated maroon/white/yellow/green plaid skirt and HUNTER GREEN knee highs. woof!

  20. I also have no desire to go to Australia. Way too long of a flight!

    Ye, we here in Manhattan take picking up our dog's poop seriously too!


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