January 31, 2014

Hashtag Winning

It is officially Super Bowl weekend.  There are many of you out there that are really pulling for Peyton the Broncos.  The Empire State Building lit up orange & blue last night which means that more people in the Twitter world will be yelling Omaha on Sunday.  I think I'm going to pull for the Seahawks because I love a good underdog.

Since there is already a ton of focus on the big game, I'd like to highlight a few other winners this week.

1.  Most importantly, me.  I won a DietBet.  3rd time is a charm.  I finally get my own money back.

2.  Congrats to Jennifer.  She is the winner of my very first giveaway.

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3.  New American Idol Season is winning tons.  I pay no attention to ratings or critic's opinions, but I'm watching again, so they win.  I love the judges.  Jenny from the Block will always be a winner.

4.  Anyone looking for a way to entertain themselves on Sunday has hit the jackpot with the Greatest Drinking Game EVER from Venus Trapped in Mars.

5.  Full House is all over NYC this week and all over your television screens.  That means YOU are also a winner.  If you haven't seen this yet, it will make you smile this Friday morning - 5 minutes video here.

6.  Anyone looking to sponsor someone like me, well use sponsor code OMAHA and you'll get 50% off.

7.  The biggest winners of the week are advertising companies.  It's the one time each year where us DVR owners do not fast forward through the commercials.

Happy 10th Anniversary of Nipple Gate.  Time to #backthatazzup with Miss Yoga Pants and then get my butt into the city for some Super Bowl fun.  Go check out other Super Bowl posts on the Fan Friday link up with Miss Venus. Go Seahawks?

January 29, 2014

Confessions of a Catholic School Girl

My Catholic school upbringing is shining through today.  The time has come to confess and get some things off my chest.  Judgment free zone, cool?  

I suck at flossing my teeth daily.  Also, making my bed, drinking enough water and eating breakfast every day.

I'm clapping out loud in my living room during the State of the Union.  I'm proud of Punch Pizza in MN for being the example called out for raising wages.  Also, I have a total girl crush on Miss Arkansassy and I don't care who knows it.

I have no desire to go to Australia… like ever.

I don't really know who I'm cheering for on Sunday.  I'm just excited that the game is here and that I get to go and experience some of the excitement (not the game itself obviously.)

I judge my neighbors based on how they interact with their dogs on walks.  If you don't pick up your poop, you are not cool.  (I guess this isn't a judgement free zone.)

I have never worn lipstick.

I think Brian Williams is sexy for an older dude.

I kind of watch the Bachelor, but not like other people do.  I fast forward through most of it.  I'm not even sure why I try.  That wedding was really pretty, but I just didn't care about it.  What the hell is "grown sexy?"

Go have yourself a grown sexy hump day.  Also, it's the last day to enter the giveaway for a $25 gift card to Lush.  Go make it happen.  I'm out.

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January 28, 2014

Some Juicy Juicing Tips

We are almost to the end of January and I figured it would be a good time to check in on the first of my 2014 words.  Clean.  We have made quite a few discoveries as we embrace this word, but today, I'm going to give you my thoughts and advice on juicing.

Our Christmas gift to ourselves was a juicer (we bought this one.)  We have done a few juice cleanses in the past and loved them.  They were expensive.  We figured it would be worth it to buy the juicer and make them ourselves.  

My loving husband did a little research and had a pretty good idea what to expect.  I did not do any research.  I'd like to share with you how my feelings changed during the first month.  I will say that I love our juicer and we are using our juicer to make a drink at least 4-5 times each week.  

Day 1:
- These juices are going to make me feel like one million dollars.  
- I'm going to lose 10 lbs instantly and my skin will glow and be perfect.
- Soon, I will love beets, kale and all vegetables that I didn't even know I disliked before.
- This will inspire me to cut all processed foods from my diet.  It will be LIFE CHANGING.

Day 28:
- I love juicing, but I really don't feel that much different.
- I'm fighting to win my Diet Bet and I'm almost there, but it wasn't 10 lbs.
- I still hate beets and kale.  But, I'm consuming them and I'm finding ways to hide their dirt like taste.
- I ate pizza rolls for lunch today - it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Now that I'm an expert on juicing (obviously), I am sharing some advice for anyone that is starting this adventure.

Brilliant advice, right?  Clean the damn juicer.  Yes, it sucks.  I'm convinced that is why those juices are so expensive when they are bottled nicely and you can throw them in the recycling bin when you're done.  My husband cleans our juicer - that is the only reason we are able to own one.  One tip to make the cleaning easier, use produce bags to catch the pulp.  We live in an apartment with no garbage disposal and no compost pile out back.  This is a great way to recycle the produce bags.

Finally, I've found something that I actually can use off of Pinterest.  I know that sounds harsh, but I pin DIY projects all the time that I have never attempted.  That is the place I have found so many good juice recipes.  My favorite drink has been 4 carrots + 1 orange + 2 apples + a little ginger.  Everyone is going to love different things.  When in doubt, add a cucumber, an apple or carrots.  Those 3 have been great ingredients and they make tons of juice.

Last, but not least, READ YOUR INSTRUCTION MANUAL.  K?  Thanks.

What juice recipe is your favorite?  What did you learn from juicing?  Is it something you've ever considered?

Oh, and have you entered this giveaway yet? 

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January 27, 2014

R&R is Required

January and February are historically my slow months.  Work is slow, life is slow and it's wonderful to have some time to rest and catch up.  This year is a little different.  Because the company is in its slow time, it means all my projects and training are moving forward in full force.  The crazier my schedule is, the more I realize how important it is to have days of nothing to relax.

I spent this weekend in full relax mode.  It has been fabulous.  I recommend everyone to figure out how to get yourself a weekend like this ASAP.  To help you out, here are my favorite things to assist in calm, relaxing days/nights:

1.  Good snacks.  My choices usually involve cheese, fruit and something sweet.  Cinnamon rolls are always high on my list.

2.  Good drinks.  This weekend, I had champagne and hot chocolate at the ready.  

3.  A book and a Netflix account.  You should be able to read until your eyes are tired and then switch over to binge watch the next show on your list.  I just finished reading The Husband's Secret and I loved it.  If you are looking for a new show, try Parenthood, 24, Arrested Development or the latest documentary.

4.  Fantastic sweat pants, a comfy sweater/t-shirt and a nice warm blanket.  I'm sorry you all don't own the best blanket ever, but you probably have a favorite at home.

5.  ZERO PLANS.  Give yourself at least one day with nothing on your schedule or to-do list.  If you have companions like mine, you may need to figure in a walk or two.

6.  Something to treat yourself with.  This should be something simple, but something you love.  A new mug, a new movie, something from your Amazon wish list.  For me, I usually pick something from Lush.  

So, what are you waiting for?  Enter the giveaway and get ready for the best lazy day of your life.  I'll be trying to sneak in a few more in the next month before the weather warms up and forces me to be outside.  

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January 24, 2014

Tipsy Cows (+ giveaway)

The first thing I remember seeing after getting off my plane earlier this week was this shirt.  It was in the airport gift shop.  I might be purchasing one when I head back to the airport to remember my time in the home of the cheeseheads.

Work trips make my brain mushy.  It is my final evening here and I'm all alone in my hotel room eating a packaged salad and watching Honey Boo Boo's road trip special - one of the kids just licked a giraffe's tongue.  This is garbage.  I hope the animal is OK.

Anyways, this week was my tour of Wisconsin.  We have 3 different offices in the state and I visited all three.  Milwaukee to Madison to Green Bay to Milwaukee.  See why I'm tired?  Wisconsin and Minnesota have a little bit of a rivalry, but it's not the worst place.

That picture on the bottom right was the appetizer someone at our table ordered.  Since I'm in 3rd grade, I had to take a picture.  Gross.  It's an egg wrapped in sausage with a mustard tail?  No thanks.  I did enjoy cheese and Leinie's Honey Weiss while here, because when in Wisconsin, do as the Sconnies do.  

I complain that my trips aren't anywhere exciting for work most of the time, but honestly, I love the Midwest.  I love meeting people in our different offices and having a successful training presentation.  It's exhausting, but it's one of my favorite parts of the job.  I'm excited to snuggle my dogs again and get back into above zero temps tomorrow, but I'll be back to Wisconsin soon.

Now while I am searching the airport for my new cow tipping t-shirt, I hope you will participate in this little giveaway to win yourself something.  I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone that reads this blog.  It's cold outside and there isn't much better than a super hot bath/shower on a cold day.  So, enter with any/all of the options below.

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January 22, 2014

The Perception of Me

Nadine wrote this post about your online persona and it got me thinking about my blog and how I portray myself.  Everything I write about is me.  I don't pretend to be someone I'm not, but you obviously don't see the whole picture when you're reading words that I'm writing.

As much as I don't love the idea, the perception that other people have is very much a part of who you are.  I write about things I love, things I'm proud of and things that make me happy.  Every once in a while, I touch on things that are difficult for me.  What would happen if we met face to face?  Would I be what you anticipated or would I be totally different than you thought?

This got me thinking about what my inner circle of people (my husband, family, dogs, etc...) would tell you about me.  That might give you a better idea of the real me.

My mom & dad would tell you that I am:
- loud and really talkative.
- a decent athlete, never the worst and never the best.
- cleaner than my brother.
- a good judge of people.
- not the best driver.  I ran into their house when I had my permit - oops.
- super girl.

My husband would tell you that I am:
- not the most organized person, even though I'm trying to be better.
- always overly concerned about first impressions.
- in love with Jimmy Fallon, Andy Cohen & Neil Patrick Harris.
- the worst singer in the world, but at least I give it my all.
- the kind of person that jumps out of bed each morning with a big smile that annoys everyone in the room.
- a super hero.

My dogs would tell you that I am:
- weird.
- stingy with treats.
- overwhelming.
- weird.
- super embarrassing.

My boss would tell you that I am:
- a tad bit stubborn.
- one of those people that likes to do it myself instead of teach other people.
- a control freak.
- not afraid to speak up when I have the answer or an idea.
- a person that believes everything needs a strategy and we won't be successful when we just "wing it."

no work pictures, so here is Andy Cohen
My best friends would tell you that I am:
- obsessed with the song Man in the Mirror.
- never the most stylish person in the group.
- always up for a game night... ok fine, and I'm a little competitive.
- always up for a drink.
- a planner and I do not like big surprises... (read: control freak)
- classy.

So, there you have it.  A little more of me exposed.  Maybe someday, I will actually have those people write down what they'd tell you about me.  Until then, you'll just have to trust me.

January 21, 2014

Our NYC Bucket List

We have been in our new home for 2 months and it still feels brand new.  The main reason for that feeling is the beautiful city right across the river from us.  Endless possibilities each weekend.  It's so easy to fall in love with New York City over and over again.

I have read over and over again how much New Yorkers avoid all the tourist spots, but don't they ever feel like they are missing something?  I don't want to miss a thing - tourist trap or not.  We have a limited amount of time here, so we made a list (weird, I know.)  

The list will change at least 20 times, but only to add things to it.  Only 53 things on the list that we haven't done… so at least one each week?  Challenge accepted.

The Classics:
Get to the Top of the Rock when there are leaves on the trees in Central Park.
Climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty.
Explore Central Park.
Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.
Visit Coney Island.
Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade… in person.
Go and smell the flowers at the Botanical Gardens.

The Food/Drink:
Find a good New York bagel and see what the fuss is about.
Get Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity.
Take advantage of one of the many outdoor food festivals.
Eat a slice of heaven at Steve's Key Lime Pies.
Try some Mac & Cheese from S'Mac.
Enjoy lunch or dinner at the Farm on Adderly in Brooklyn.
Try Arepas at a Street Fair or Caracas.
Treat ourselves to cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery.
Explore Eataly.
Eat a family style meal at La Mela (thanks Steph for the idea).
Try Oysters for the first (and possibly the last) time.
Brunch at the Clinton Street Baking Company.
Sit on the patio at Pure Food & Wine - a strictly raw restaurant.
Try a new brewery in each of the 5 boroughs.

Outdoor Activities:
Find the lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge.
Visit the Chelsea Highline.
Take the tram to Roosevelt Island.
See a game at Yankee Stadium.
Sign up for a run in NYC.
See a game at Citi Field.
Visit Governors Island.
Complete all 50 City Walks: New York that we received from our friend, Katie. (2/50 are completed)
Visit Manhattan's Flower District.
Take a ride on the Beast (a gift from family).

Museums & History:
See the New York City Panorama at the Queens Museum of Art.
Go to the Museum of Modern Art.
Visit the Museum of the City of New York.
Make the trip to Ellis Island.
Have a drink at Fraunces Tavern where George Washington once spent the night.

Movies, Theater & Entertainment:
See the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.
How many Broadway shows can we see?  Newsies
Find the fire station from Ghostbusters.
See a concert at the Brooklyn Bowl.
Catch at least one outdoor concert - Governors Ball is #1 on our list.
Enjoy a game or concert at the Barclays center.
Take in a game or concert at Madison Square Garden.
See the Jimmy Fallon show live.

Surrounding Areas:
Visit the Hamptons and find somewhere for Justin to catch a wave.
Drive to Hyde Park and tour the Vanderbilt Mansion & the Roosevelt Presidential library.
Spend the night in Mystic, CT.
Hike one of the peaks in the Hudson Valley - possibly Bear Mountain.
Road trip the Revolutionary War sites in Massachusetts.
Spend a summer weekend in Cape May, NJ.
Explore Rhode Island.
Go leaf peeping in Vermont/New Hampshire.
Discover the beauty of the Poconos.
Camping in the Catskills or in the Finger Lakes region.
Revisit Provincetown.
Philly weekend to revisit some of our favorites and explore some new areas.

Are we missing anything?  Please feel free to add to the list all day long.  Adventures await.

January 20, 2014

Simple Things I Need to be Happy

I came across 11 Simple Things that Everyone Needs to be Happy and found myself thinking about the list.  I agree with everything on the list.  In fact, once I read it, I immediately washed my sheets and put on a cozy sweater.  My good mood got even better.  I was practically dancing around the apartment.
It's amazing how reading a simple list like that will make you instantly grateful for those simple things.

As I danced around my apartment, I started noticing a few things required for my happiness that didn't make the cut.  Here are my add on's to the list:


There are multiple moments each day that my dogs do something that makes me happier.  Just today, Lola was running through the bedroom searching for her squeaky toy and she caught her reflection in the mirror and went back to take a longer look - such a diva.


Turning my mailbox key and finding something on the other side makes me oh so happy.  Friday afternoon, I got a note that we had a package and we couldn't think of anything that we ordered.  It turned out to be a container of my favorite cookies shipped from Minnesota from one of my mom's best friends.  BEST SURPRISE EVER.

Fresh Air

Even when the weather isn't ideal, a few minutes outside can make me feel a million times better, but for some reason, I always forget that.  After a long day at the office, the first few minutes outside change my outlook instantly.  Plus, when this view is steps outside of your door, you can't really help but be happy.

Comedic Relief

It can be a Buzzfeed article, a text message or a Phil Dunphy moment, but a simple LOL moment can instantly turn my frown upside down.


I feel like this is obvious.  I love nothing more than a good list, except maybe crossing things off that list.

A Solid Jam

Doesn't matter what it is, but you should have songs that you sing loudly in the car, songs that make you dance when you're home alone, songs that make you scream when they come on in da club.

Ice Cold Cocktails

I know they aren't everyone's requirement for happiness, but I love a good drink.  I love a good non-alcolholic drink too.  I'm one of those people that consumes so many of my daily calories from liquids - coffee, juice, smoothies.  YUMMY.

What would you add to the list?  What's your jam?  Do you agree with that article?

Wishing you a very happy Monday!

January 17, 2014

Holy Smokes, It's Friday

Did this week just fly by for anyone else?  Holy smokes.  I'm super happy it's Friday so I can dial back the requirements of my brain for two days.  It feels like mush today - I felt like a warning was necessary.  Here are five things I'm extremely excited about today.

1.  Coffee is a weird thing for me.  I love it.  It's one of my favorite parts of the morning.  I started drinking it to see what all the fuss was about in college.  I only have 1 cup a day (2 on Saturdays while I read).  Since we moved in, there has been a spot across the street that has been under construction and they are putting in a Dunkin Donuts.  I have a feeling that it will be open any day and I'm getting ridiculously excited.  My bathroom scale & my wallet are not, but who made them boss?

2.  We officially booked our first weekend adventure since moving here.  We have been enjoying NYC and the areas right around it, but in a few weeks, we are heading north to Smuggler's Notch in Vermont for a ski/snowboard weekend with one of my best friends.  I'm so excited to see her and spend some time in a brand new place.  Now I just need to cross my fingers that my body still remembers how to ski.

3.  The dogs are getting pampered tomorrow and getting their hair done, nails clipped and a good scrubbing.  I know that seems like a silly thing to many of you, but we are missing our favorite dog people back home and searching for someone out here with good reviews that we can use to board the dogs and groom the dogs has been stressful.  This place has great ratings and it's close for us, so we are super excited to check it out and see if the pups like it.  Have you read what happened to my friend, Sarah, yet?  It will make you think twice about where you're sending your pups.

4.  This weekend is a cleaning weekend.  Remember my 4 words of 2014?  I'm going to be decluttering my not too cluttered apartment because it's better to be ahead of the problem.  I'm also going to clean up my internet life this weekend.  I'll include some tips on this once I've finished my project, but I'm super excited.

5.  I scheduled my first stitch fix.  I've seen it posted a million times on different blogs and heard so many good things, but didn't think it was for me.  And then, I was standing in my closet yesterday trying to find something to wear and I realized that everything I own for cold weather is the SAME.  Same colors, same styles.  It's time to branch out.  Now I have to wait a month, but it will be worth it, right?

And for my Friday jam, the first song that came to mind was this one... probably because they are one of my favorites and the lead singer was featured in my airplane magazine last week.

January 15, 2014

The Best Blanket Ever

One of the things I included on my 30 before 30 list was a t-shirt blanket.  I have seen these floating around Pinterest and thought it was such a cool idea to keep old t-shirts.  One of my favorite things is the feeling of an old t-shirt.  I knew that I would never be able to sew, so I would have to get creative on my methods of creating the blanket.

I started collecting t-shirts from the back of my closet when we did our giant Project Declutter and put them in a separate box.  Then I returned that box to the back of my closet to be dealt with later... like when I became creative or talented.

Then, a miracle happened.  One of my best friends, Annika, made her own 30 before 30 list and she wanted to make a t-shirt quilt.  WHAT?!?!?!?!  How crazy that I have a bunch of t-shirts and an incredibly strong desire for a quilt just like the one she wanted to make.  OK fine, maybe we talked about it and she said she would help me because it would be a good project for her to work on some techniques.  But, I was beyond excited to have a friend that was willing to help me.

She came over one day back in August and I pulled out the box of t-shirts and showed her what we were working with.  We picked out the shirts we were going to use and then a few back-ups.  She helped me understand how we would have to cut them to make them work.

Then she took them and left my house.  I figured we'd make a trip to the fabric store and I'd help with anything she'd let me.  Then we moved.  Annika mentioned a few times that her mom had helped her a little, but she was working on it.  Then one day right around Christmas, we got a text from her asking if our building had a doorman that accepted packages.  And this came... on Annika's birthday... to our apartment.

That little Minnesota added to the back is my favorite part.  Also, if you're wondering why those pictures aren't great quality, it's because we didn't take the time to lay it out nice and take out the good camera.  We wrapped ourselves in it immediately and have been fighting over it since.

This, my friends, is an epic gift.  I can easily say that it is the best blanket ever.  We are so grateful that Annika (with a little help from her mom) took so much time and energy and made this for us.  We are in love with it.  I recommend everyone make one of these or find someone awesome enough to do it for you.

January 14, 2014

How to Hausfrau - Tips & Tricks for a Clean House

I've asked one of my favorite bloggers, Steph, to help me out today.  I remember first reading her blog and seeing the term "hausfrau" and loving it.  Going along with my 2014 resolutions, I thought it would be great if Steph could help me us all out with a few tricks & tips.

 photo z1_zps325e10b5.jpg

Hello! I'm Steph from Life According to Steph, and while I wouldn't say I enjoy hausfrauing, my mind isn't at rest in a chaotic environment, so I feel better when I stay on top of purging, organizing, and hausfrauing. Plus what's the sense in paying a mortgage (or rent) if you're going to live in filth? You might as well bunk at the skeevy by the hour motel.

Here are some tips, tricks, and ways of thinking about hausfrauing that will hopefully make it easier for you to get through:

1. My Daily DosIf you take 15-20 minutes and do these things daily, your house will never be a total mess and your weekly cleaning will be short and sweet. I stick to My Daily Dos hardcore because I don't want to spend my weekends scrubbing:
  • Wipe down kitchen counters
  • Wipe down bathroom sinks and toilets 
  • Assess laundry and do as needed
  • Pick up around the house for 5-10 minutes in the morning or before bed - I do it before bed.
  • Make your bed. Everything in your room is instantly less messy from the second you wake up.
2. For everything else, group chores and stick to a schedule. I group chores and stick with a schedule. It's a routine I'm comfortable with, and it means I'm never cleaning for more than 30 minutes a day even if it's a heavy day. How many times do you put off vacuuming and seriously, it takes about 5 or 10 minutes? Email me if you want a copy of my schedule.

3. Pick Up Tricks - Walk around the house with a laundry basket and a trash bag. Trash goes in the bag and anything that needs to be transported to another room goes in the laundry basket. Put things away as you go room to room. It will save you from running all over the house while picking up. 

4. A place for everything, and everything in its place - If it doesn't have a place, find one for it, donate it, throw it out, or recycle it. You have no business having something that doesn't have a place. 

 photo z2_zpsd599ae7c.jpg

5. Monitor Your Crap Pits: Everyone has a room/closet/drawer/area where things go "until we can put them away." Keep your eye on yours and don't let it grow into the Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock. 

6. Be Fierce with your Closet:  If you haven't worn it in a year, it needs to go. By the time you fit in it again, you won't want it. If you fit in it and haven't worn it in a year, you don't like it enough to keep it.

7. Take Anti-Hoarding Measures:  If something comes in, something must go out. I learned this from my Grandmom. It's a good checks and balance system in every room of the house unless you're starting from scratch.
 photo z3_zps6e73059f.jpg

8. Deal with Paper:  

  • When you open your mail, put it in a recyclable, trash, or action pile. Then act on it. 
  • You should not be keeping any paper that's not something having to do with taxes or other serious government crap. 
  • Scan everything else in. If you don't have a scanner, download the Genius Scan app on your iPhone and use that. 
  • If you feel like you must keep manuals that come with appliances and other home related items, store them in a binder.
9. Don't dilly dally. The quicker you do it the quicker it's done. Don't sit down until you're finished. 

10. Don't get side tracked by organizational, redecorating, or deep cleaning projects. Save those for another day. 

What about you? Do you have any tips to share? Do you clean all at once or break it up into daily pieces?

Come visit me at Life According to Steph.

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January 13, 2014

Thoughts on the Golden Globes

Golden Globes is usually my favorite award show because it wraps everything into one and has such a good turn out.  The expectations aren't set so high and people seem a little more relaxed… and a little tipsy.  Justin & I watched the awards in the same fashion - relaxed and a little tipsy.  Then you add twitter on top of it and it becomes quite the evening.

Our thoughts on the evening:

1. Why is greasy hair something people pay for?  I try my hardest to not walk around with greasy hair and these celebrities are paying hundreds of dollars to look like they haven't showered in days.

2.  Tina Fey & Amy Poehler are one of the best duos in all of history and they just keep getting better.  I would watch anything that they did, but I also appreciate that they only team up for the things that make sense and keep us all wanting more.  Brilliant.  Plus, Amy getting a win made this even better.


3.  I love Matt Damon.  He married a woman that is cute as a button and not a famous person.  He hasn't lost his Boston accent.  He has the coolest friends in all the world (Ben Affleck has aged incredibly well too).  Last but not least, he's aged like a normal person and he's still smoking hot.

4.  Justin compared Quincy to Martin Scorsese - for eyebrows alone.  I think maybe he's got a point.

5.  I'm not convinced that tans make people look better.  So many of these celebrities look disgustingly orange.  And it's worse on the men than the women.  Who is giving them that advice?

6.  American Hustle - WHY DIDN'T I GO SEE THAT TODAY????  I will be heading to the theater before the week is up so I can be excited about these wins like everyone else.  I did see Wolf of Wall Street and even though the movie left me angry, it was still a well done movie and Leonardo DiCaprio is amazing and deserved to win.  Plus the joke about supermodel's vaginas was my favorite joke of the night.
7.  Twitter blew up with a string of angry tweets comparing Jennifer Lawrence to Taylor Swift in their fakeness.  Last year everyone loved her so much after her little trip and now the same people are calling her insincere.  I'm not sure what you people expect anymore.  I still love her.

8.  Lots of people were upset about the length of the walk to the stage.  If that were me, I would have caught my dress on one of those chairs and flashed the whole room more than side boob.  But, aside from that nightmare, I don't understand what the big deal was.  You got to see more awkward shots of all the people in the audience that are concerned about what face they'll be making when the camera pans by them.  It's my favorite part of awards shows.

9.  I'm not sure why, but I'm so offended by P Diddy and why he was at the Globes and presenting.

10.  My Netflix is about to get worked over because it is finally time to binge on Veep, House of Cards and Breaking Bad.  We were waiting until it was all over for BB and I'm beyond excited to jump in.

Happy Monday everyone.  Hope you had an amazing weekend.

January 8, 2014

Right Now - January Edition

It's January which is awesome because the beginning of this month is more exciting than most.  But, here we are - doing the normal beginning of the month blog thing.  Things I'm doing RIGHT NOW (other than freezing in Minnesota.)

Reading - I just finished my first book of the year, When She Was Gone.  I loved it until the end and then I hated it.  Good news is - I've finally decided on a few blogs that are my daily reads and I love sharing them.

Today, I will share you with one of my oldest blog friends.  This girl is all about the details, which I admire because I love the details of a good party, a wedding or any get together, but I never plan for those details. Here is a little information about Samantha - from It's All in the Details.  She is getting married this year and her engagement story is here and it's one of my favorites because this girl was celebrating in my favorite place, Boston.

I loved her idea for asking me her friends to be her bridesmaids with this adorable cake gift.  Who doesn't love cake?  And then she just decides to help everyone warm up with a giveaway that will definitely help a little.  Enter here and follow along as she prepares for a HUGE year planning her wedding.  As soon as I heard food truck at rehearsal dinner, I was booking my trip (I hope she doesn't mind.)  

Eating - Amazing food.  We are working really hard on making food at home and so far, we have done pretty well.  The juicing has gone great.  Put a little watermelon, mango or apples in anything and I'll slam it.

Watching - Arrested Development, 24, Bravo.  You know, the usual Netflix + Bravo.  We are pretty excited about some of the movies featured in the award season this year.  On our list is American Hustle, Saving Mr. Banks and The Wolf of Wall Street.  Bring on the movie theater.

Missing - our friends back home.  Sometimes I make myself stay away from Facebook because it's not the easiest thing to see pictures of fun things that you missed out on.  I miss family and friends... a lot sometimes.  Oops, that was the same as last month, I guess that hasn't gotten easier yet.

Anticipating - Our next weekend adventure.  I really want to get my husband to the mountains to use his brand new snowboard.  Lake Placid - we will see you within the next month.

Wishing for - A super fast work week.  My days are jammed packed.  I'm in Minnesota all week for meetings and I barely have time for lunch.  I would love the work days to go fast and the nights with family to go slow.  And I want Minnesota to be a little warmer for everyone's sake.

Drinking  - Anything warm.  Coffee, hot chocolate, chai tea.  Bring it on.  It's cold outside and I love the feeling of something warm going into my belly.

Laughing At - the Best of Jimmy Fallon that was on this week.  I love that man so ridiculously much.

Loving - the feeling of a new year.  There is just something special about a clean slate.  I would love to be the person that considered each week or each month as a special beginning, but a new year will always been my favorite.

Beginning - to finally write our NYC bucket list that we will complete within the next 20 months.  We have checked a few things off so far with our Christmas in NYC, but SOOOO many more to add.  I love the east coast.  I can't wait to explore some brand new places.

Listening to - Cougar Town.  Duh, I'm hanging out with my mom.  No new music yet for the new year.  I'll get back into it though.

January 7, 2014

Baby, It's Really Effing Cold Outside

Insert another weather related complaint here.  Just kidding, not today for me.  It was 56 degrees when I walked the pups this morning.  Tomorrow though, I'm headed back to Minnesota for a big meeting in Minneapolis.  They have cancelled school statewide 2 days in a row now because of the cold.  We are talking temps of negative 30 without factoring in the wind chill.  I'm just trying to figure out how to get from the airport terminal to my office without being outside.

It's too cold to ski, snowboard, snowshoe or even walk to your car - people are getting some serious cabin fever.  Family time is great, but everybody needs a little escape.  I figured it was a good time to share some of my favorite winter activities when the wind chill really is that cold:

  • Find a sauna or hot tub and stay in it as long as physically possible and then jump out and see who can last the longest.  Wait, maybe don't do this in Minnesota this week.  I don't need anyone going to the hospital.
  • Turn up your thermostat to 85 degrees and have a luau.  I doubt you'll have anybody there because no one wants to go outside to get to your party, but that shouldn't stop you from putting on a grass skirt and drinking a super fruity drink with whatever random liquor you can find in your cabinet - who wants to go to the store.
  • Science experiments.  Throw a pitcher of water out your door and watch what happens.  Please make sure there's no one there first.
  • Make one of Steph's soup recipes - 5 options here.  If you don't have the ingredients, see the next option.
  • Order delivery from your favorite restaurants and then tip the delivery guys 50% and give them hot chocolate and hand warmers - consider it your random act of kindness for the day, plus you get a free meal.
  • Once you've figured out food/drink, watch Summer Rental, Couple's Retreat or some other hot vacation movie.  Or, if you live in our house, watch Grumpy Old Men because it's a winter movie and it's funny.
  • Plug in your Christmas lights again, eat cookies and watch Home Alone.  Who cares if it's January?  I'm not telling you to take out the tree again (plus, I know some of you have yours up still.)
  • Feeling active?  Play knee hockey in your apartment hallways.  I hope you have beer for your neighbors because they might not love this game otherwise.  It might actually be better to only do this if you live in a dorm… and if you're one of those people… I'm jealous.
  • And last but not least, this list isn't complete without one of my favorite activities.  Go and clean out your DVR, binge watch everything on Netflix (if you really need recommendations, comment below), drink all the wine in your apartment and snuggle your dogs.  Who doesn't love all of that?  (the picture below is the birthday boy on his 9th bday last Friday - he's a pro snuggler)

If you're my husband, you make smart ass remarks on Facebook and then post this idea - Sub-Zero Surfing.  Hope you're all staying safe and warm.  What's your favorite polar freeze activity?

January 6, 2014

4 Words for 2014

After a good creative brainstorming session with my husband over martinis on Friday (read: I'm classy), I have come up with my New Year's resolutions.  First, I thought about the last couple of years to figure out what works for me.  From there, I just talked it out with J and came up with a few things for 2014.  Let's look back first.

In 2012, my resolution was kind of funny, kind of serious.  I wanted to become more classy and eat more vegetables.  That was the year I stopped eating meat and really started blogging.  

In 2013, my resolution was to become more worldly (because I wanted to go to Iceland… but moved instead), continue to eat more vegetables, GRATITUDE and getting Call Me Maybe out of my head.  

I have read many blogs in the last month that talk about one word.  That one word really worked for me last year, but there's no way my indecisive mind can come up with just one word again this year and not get bored.

In 2014, I will have four words.  I will stick with each word for 3 months and really try to embrace it (think Happiness Project style).  Each word is pretty general so I won't get bored.  I can split them up into smaller goals and knowing my love of lists, I will feel amazing to check them off.  And it is very cheesy, but they all start with the same letter.  On top of these 4 words, I want to travel more, cross some more things off my 30 before 30 list, continue to be grateful and keep working on that classy thing.

CLEAN:  January - March

- Think twice about what I'm eating.  Less boxed meals.  Using the new juicer we got.  Only buying food with expiration dates and then eating it before it goes bad.

- Keep our apartment clean.  Get on a schedule.  Don't leave clothes in the dryer… or worse, the washing machine for too long.  Clean my floors.  Wash my sheets regularly.  Replace my pillows when I should.  Basically, just take care of our home and get into a better routine.  Pretty much, follow any cleaning advice that Steph gives out.

- Mail.  Paperless billing, auto bill pay and unsubscribing for junk mail.  Organizing finances, magazines and fun mail so nothing gets lost.  It sounds so easy, but it just hasn't been in our household.

- Yoga.  Maybe you don't think of it as clean, but this girl is working through her 30 day yoga challenge and it feels good.  

- Declutter.  We did so much of this when we were preparing to move, but it's easy to let things pile up again.  I can't even tell you how many times I've been to Target and haven't bought anything for me in the last 2 months, however things keep appearing and it MUST be a constant battle. 

- Take good care of my skin.  I'm blessed with pretty good skin, but that doesn't mean that things will always look like they currently do, so finding good moisturizers and cleansers is important.  Better to start now then wait until the damage has been done.

- My Internet space.  It is time to clean up my email accounts - personal and work - and then keep them organized.  It's time to clean out my social media accounts.  I spend a lot of time scrolling through things I don't really care too much about (sounds harsh, but you know what I mean) and I have to remind myself that it's quality over quantity.  

I won't keep you in suspense for the other three words.  Connect.  Create.  Chill.  I'll get more into the specifics when we get to that time of year.  In the meantime, any articles, books or ideas you have on being "clean" - please share it with me.

January 3, 2014

2014 Started Off with a Bang

2014 has begun and I can already tell this is going to be a good year.  Here are my random thoughts on the happenings of the New Year so far:

I discovered Arrested Development.  Not sure how I had gone the last 10 years without watching a single episode, but Netflix for the win.  Jason Bateman is in my life for the next few weeks while I binge watch all 4 seasons.

Speaking of binge watching, our Netflix has been quite busy.  We decided about 6 months ago that we were going to rewatch Jack Bauer and all his glory.  We just finished season 6 in record time. This is the kind of stuff I love about winter.

NYE was low key for us, but it was impressive that we made it until midnight (since we were up at 4:30 that morning for a training on Long Island.) But the best surprise was being able to have a perfect view of the Central Park fireworks right from my couch.  Starting the New Year with a bang is always good.

My first meal of the new year was French Toast from my favorite diner.

We bought a juicer.  I love it and my husband has volunteered to be the cleaner of it.  WIN.

We drank this on New Year's Day just to make sure all the champagne was consumed. That was an amazing idea.

We are working on our NYC bucket list and we have 20 months to complete it.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

The first real snow of the year happened last night and the storm was named Hercules.  As much as storms suck, I like that they name them now.  Also, my phone notified me last night that I was under a Gale warning. That has never happened to me before.

I joined a DietBet and I'm determined to win this time.  It's the 3rd and I've had no dessert or beer yet this year.  That also might be just a coincidence because I haven't been to the store, but I'll take it as a win.

We have received a few messages regarding weekends in the spring that we have open for visitors and that makes my heart OH SO HAPPY.  

Minnesotans make up so much of the Olympic hockey teams this year, including a New York Ranger that went to my high school.  I will be GLUED to the television this year with my red, white and blue gear.  Plus, it's another excuse to get myself new sweatpants.

One of my favorite people in the entire world is a consultant for a software company and she received her assignment for the first part of this year and she will be in the NORTHEAST.  I'm so excited to spend a few weekends with her.  She is the ultimate partner in crime and I miss her SOOO much.

So, I will be making up my "resolutions" over the weekend and I'm pretty excited about them.  Happy first Friday of 2014.  Make it count people.