December 27, 2013

My Name was on the "Nice" List

xmas gifts

xmas gifts by steph-gregerson featuring vintage purses

Remember when I showed you what was on my Christmas list in this post?  I would say that I did pretty good.  I have to get a different size of Tom's so I don't have them on my feet yet, but I love them anyways.

Justin got the best present of all… from himself :)

Santa left full stockings for everyone in our little family and we woke up on Christmas morning and my parents had gone home.  It was quiet in our house and we spent the morning just enjoying some time with the dogs and each other and being grateful for the gifts that we have.

We headed out for a few hours just to catch a movie.  We saw Anchorman 2 and thought it was funny (although the first one is better, but the cameos are amazing in this one.)  Once we got back home, Superman Christmas Jammie time began.  Some of you may have seen a picture of this, but I got the best pi's for Christmas this year and my husband got matching socks.  Totally normal to have a full photo shoot and dance party in Superman jammies, right?

Hope your week was filled with love, gratitude and peace.  If you need me, I'll be staring at my new Kate Spade bag while wearing my Superman jammies.  CLASSY.


  1. so awesome!!! so happy that you got a bunch of stuff you wanted...and those socks! are those compression socks because i would totally wear them running if they were.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. haha that bottom picture is just the best! I feel like it needs to be on next years christmas card!

  3. Sounds like Santa treated you all pretty good! Merry Christmas!

  4. The dogs sure made out like bandits! That tooth gel is the BEST! I use it on Johnny Cakes between brushings and he absolutely LOVES it. He runs to me when he sees that I have it.

  5. In your Christmas jammies! Love it.

    Mae already destroyed one of the toys the dogs got. It took him about five minutes.

    I must check out that tooth gel.

  6. Your Christmas Jammies are adorable. And yes, stare at that beautiful Kate Spade bag. Just stare at it :)


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