December 12, 2013

Daily Dance Parties are Required

Do you read Kaylee's blog?  She is one of the nicest people and she called me out to share 11 random facts about myself with you.  Have you ever tried to do that?  It isn't easy.  I sit here and talk about myself day after day, but actually making a list about myself is hard.  

I've done this once before almost a year ago - everything I wrote about here is still true (except Disneyworld), but here are a few more things you probably need to know.

1.  I am a candle hoarder.  My husband once opened the drawer where I stored candles and counted almost 30 (not the little tealights).  He challenged me to burn every single one before buying anymore.  He keeps a close eye on my BBW trips now.

2.  I have no idea how to answer when people ask me where I live now.  Edgewater is not a city most people have heard of.  Do I say North Jersey?  Do I say the NYC area?  Do I say that I'm on the Hudson?  It's so confusing, but I LOVE IT. (But I would really love to know the answer to that question)

3.  I hate Nicolas Cage with a burning rage.  It can't really be explained, but I can't stand his voice or his acting.  I was actually concerned I might see him in San Francisco.  (insert shudder here)  Except that one time that Carly and Heather teamed up and sent me things like this:

4.  I have Tingers - you know, super long toes that look like fingers.  

5.  I love the feeling of taking off on the airplane.  It's one of my favorite things in the world.  It's strange because it used to give me so much anxiety.

6.  I love the current Starbucks "You Are Here" collection of mugs.  If anyone wants me to buy them the NYC one and send me their city in return, I wouldn't hate it.

7.  I badly need to update my "about me" page.

8.  I don't have a celebrity crush.  Instead, I would just love Jimmy Fallon & Seth Meyers to be my best friends.  I am so ridiculously excited for them to be on my television every night.  I might actually stay up past 9 PM (or DVR every night's episodes.)

9.  One of my favorite things is finding new music and new bands.  That is why I love Spotify.  I love nothing more than when my friends send me playlists or songs.  Caroline is one of the best at that.  She made us a whole playlist for our road trip out east.  It was amazing.

10.  Brunch is the greatest invention ever known to man.  Mimosas, a bloody mary, ridiculous amounts of French Toast and eggs prepared every which way.  I just love it.

11.  I have dance parties every single day - without fail.  I think after 5 years of being married, my husband is no longer surprised by these ridiculous outbursts.  They just happen.  (this is where I wish I was in a spot to make my own GIF - it will happen soon.)

Who else wants to play?  Tell me something new about you OR send me a new song to listen to in the comments.  It will be amazing.


  1. yes on the dance parties & the brunch! I can't believe you don't have even one celebrity crush.

  2. looove this. that nic cage picture cracked me up. he is crazy. i love the starbucks mugs! and i love jimmy and seth!

  3. I am right there with you for a public disdain of Nic Cage! I work in SF is there a chance I could see him (shudder!)

  4. I'm a huge brunch fan too. And a candle hoarder!! I have to check myself all the time, I have so many. I just love them!

  5. You say I live in North Jersey. If they ask where, you say Edgewater, right on the Hudson.

    Fellow Member of the Candle Hoarding Club

  6. HOW IS NIC CAGE A PAID ACTOR?!?? i never understood that.

    Vodka and Soda

  7. 1) You know my response so I don't really feel like I need to say anything more. Except that I woke up to ofcourseanother email from B&BW this morning and was all "I must take the day off and go buy more smells!" I didn't, thank god, but the struggle is real.

    2) I always tell people Glenn grew up "in North Jersey, just outside of NYC." Can't have them thinking he was raised at the Shoah!!

  8. I heard Nic lives in North Jersey too. For Christmas, he is going to jump out of a giant fruit cake for you!

    I horde candles as well. You have to stock up when they are on sale, and there are different ones for different seasons, duh. And then they come out with new ones every year. Husbands don't get it.

  9. BRUNCH! So good. The best of breakfast and lunch foods, plus booze in it's best form- the bloody mary, obviously. Though mimosas are pretty solid too. Basically just everything awesome.

  10. I hoard candles as well, no idea why but boy the drawers smell great and Brunch is my favourite meal of the day

  11. Woop woop! Eleven things DONE. And brunch is the best ever. Ever ever.

  12. I can't decide which part of this is my favorite: "I hate Nicolas Cage with a burning rage." or "tingers". Bahahahahaha!

  13. Didn't Cage go bankrupt after buying a handful of islands. First of all, who really needs more than 1 island? Second, didn't he have some financial advisor or wife or mom to say, "Um hunny shouldn't we stop, we just bought Peru and Tasmania".

    Keep is Sassy & Classy,


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