December 17, 2013

A Blogging Wishlist

To those of you who don't have your own blog, you may want to just look at the pictures (or maybe not).  Here is my Christmas wish list for all things blogging.  As I said before, I've got a pretty good relationship with the big guy in the red suit, so hopefully he'll hook me up this year.

1.  I wish I could use emoticons when I blog and when I comment.  I swear they help me communicate better than words sometimes.

2.  I wish that I could comment consistently.  Sometimes when I'm reading from my iPad, the comments sections don't show up and I don't always remember to go back and tell that person how awesome they are.

3.  I wish I was organized and have one million ideas so the days that I stare at the blank page - I could just hit publish on a masterpiece I wrote weeks ago while locked in the bathroom with my dogs while my cable is installed (that's where I am currently.)  Stephanie at Not Entirely Perfect had 44 posts scheduled at one point - that's talent.

4.  I wish that reading your blog and liking you just automatically made you my friend and I didn't have to engage in creepy stalker behavior and awkward conversation all while being nervous that you might not feel the same way.  It seriously brings me back to high school dances all over again.

5.  I wish I owned clothes that I could take pictures in and people would care where they were from… just kidding, I couldn't handle the pressure of having someone take my picture that often.  If you haven't noticed, my only pose involves my thumbs up and the cheesiest smile you've ever seen.  Anyone wanna give clothes to that girl to model?  Maybe if you're trying to sell an ugly Xmas sweater or an old school tee shirt (and if that's the case, please email me.)

6.  I wish I didn't feel like a cocky little shit every time I promote myself the twitter.  Yes, I feel like a total weirdo every time I tweet my own blog posts, but I know that I should do it, so I try and muster up the courage once in a while…. and then I do a happy dance when I see that I got 20 more hits than the previous day.  It's a strange roller coaster.

7.  I wish I could give everyone that has sponsored my blog a big hug and buy them a beer and creep on their stats to find out what works and what doesn't.  One of my favorite things is doing a joint post with someone.  I feel like sometimes it's easier to be creative when you're teaming up with someone.  Plus, those are the things I love reading to get introduced to other bloggers.

8.  I wish I could resist purchasing all the things other bloggers tell me to purchase.  I have a sick obsession with getting people gifts from Fifth & Mae now.  I LOVE that stuff but I can't stop.  Also, Lush was introduced to me by Miss Yoga Pants and now I can't seem to take a normal bath anymore.  It must be colorful and smell like Heaven.  And Fireball, Strawberry Abita and 21st Amendment Watermelon Wheat.

9.  I wish I was a little bit wittier.  And classier.  I feel like I should at least make progress in that area since I named my whole blog after it.

10.  I wish I wasn't so obsessed with numbered lists and round numbers - oh wait, no I don't wish that.  I love lists and I'm not afraid who knows it.

What do you wish for in the blogging world?


  1. i wish some bitches wouldn't be so rude and legit ignore other bloggers who are trying to connect. get over yourself!

    i wish blogger wasn't so flakey because it keeps eating my comments :(

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I love this post and identify with it so much!! In addition to using emoticons, I wish I could just "like" a post. It's a quick head nod to ya when I don't have anything to say :) And I agree with Kathy's comments above mine!

  3. I would love to be able to have content that people would love toread everyday and be consistent. It would be nice!

  4. I wish it was easier to comment from my phone. It won't let me and I have to wait to be at a computer.

    I also wish people knew that it's your content that matters - not your sponsored stuff or giveaways. And part of the content is grammar. There are some total grammatical shitshows out there.

    Loved doing the co-post. I am considering starting sponsorship in January on my blog and that's one of the options.

  5. 44 scheduled posts?!?! I get excited when I have ONE scheduled post and by scheduled, I mean I wrote it last night instead of at 6:30am....

    Don't worry, I think you're my bestie. Duh ;) Here's a hug!

    And on an unrelated note - I'm rooting for you this week in fantasy and of course myself. Then, we can go to the super bowl together. Doesn't that sound so fun!?

  6. I also wish commenting via phone/mobile device were easier! I'd leave way more comments. Also I wish time stopped while reading blogs so I didn't look at the clock and suddenly an hour has passed at work... oops!

  7. Love it all but number four just screams to me.

  8. Those emojis are my lifesaver when I text, so I can only imagine if we had them to blog with! And you seriously nailed it with #4. That's got to be the most brilliant wish ever.

  9. Having the scheduled posts makes me so happy! It was a bit of work up front, but totally worth it. I agree about wishing I would resist all the things other bloggers talk about - I just want to buy everything!

  10. Haha yes to #4 and totally wish it was easier to comment from Bloglovin on ipads and iphones!

  11. SO much #1...and #3...and #4. And really all of them. Emojis would be AWESOME.

  12. Haha I HATE promoting my own posts! Totally agree!!!

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  14. THIS LIST. I feel so weird promoting myself on twitter sometimes. Especially when I forget that bloglovin does it for me and I tweet a post twice in 2 minutes. Eeep. I also sometimes feel like a stalker when I really like a blogger. I mean...we kind of are aren't we. "Follow me on: twitter, Instagram, bloglovin, pinterest, facebook!" We literally tell people to stalk us!

  15. I'm with you on the emoticons! We NEED those. But I'm not with you on wishing to be more classy. hahah :P

  16. Amazing pics you sharing with us through blog thanks so much....Grammar School photos collection

  17. I find myself unable to comment on blogs all the time and it drives me bonkers!!!

  18. #1,3,4 abd 6 for sure! I wish I had more time to comment on everyone's blogs instead of going back and trying to remember if I did or not.

    And yes, we are cocky little Twitter users!


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