October 21, 2013

Update on my 30 Before 30 List

Since we have a big move planned in the next few weeks and our lives will be changing quite a bit, there are some changes I have to make to my 30 before 30 list.  I told myself in the beginning that I couldn't change this, but I think this is a good excuse.  

The ones in bold below are the ones that will be changing.
  1. See a show on Broadway  check it out
  2. Read the Bible - 19% complete
  3. Raise $1000 for Charity
  4. See the Sunset on the Pacific 
  5. See the Sunrise on the Atlantic check it out
  6. Go Camping with my Husband
  7. Step Foot on a Different Continent
  8. Drink a Margarita with my Dad in Costa Rica
  9. Disneyworld EpcotMagic KingdomAnimal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios
  10. Get 10,000 hits on this blog (20225/10000) Halfway and I did it!
  11. Knit a Sweater or Mittens
  12. Grow Raspberries in my Yard
  13. Zip Line
  14. Visit 30 new Restaurants/Bars in St. Paul (13/30 complete)
  15. Find the St. Paul Winter Carnival Medallion - or work my ass off trying. - 2011, 2012, and 2013
  16. See the Northern Lights
  17. Pretend to be a runner   The Color RunWomen Run the Cities 2012Securian Winter Run 2013 and Get Lucky 7k
  18. Send a Message in a Bottle
  19. Give My Parents an Epic Gift
  20. Take a St. Paul Ed Class
  21. Make a T-Shirt Quilt
  22. Go Kayaking - Mpls Lakes
  23. See Top Gun - Danger Zone
  24. See 3 more baseball stadiums
  25. Bring Justin to Canada
  26. Shop in a Store I Cannot Afford
  27. Go Vegetarian for 30 days details herehere. and I am a Pescatarian
  28. Do a One Month Photo Challenge - see photos here.
  29. Spend a Weekend with New Friends  - details here.
  30. 30 Day Yoga Challenge
We were originally going to Costa Rica this spring with my parents but that is the same time that our new business will be kicking off and there's no way we'll be able to leave the country for a week or two.  My knitting plan involved a few people here that were willing to help me, I'll have to find a new craft project to do there as a solo mission.  I won't have a yard to grow raspberries in for at least another two years.  I'd like to get halfway on the St. Paul restaurants plan before leaving and then continue with new restaurants in NYC/NJ but I might make it a little more challenging.  Last, but not least, I think taking a St. Paul Community Ed Class will be very difficult not living in St. Paul.  I haven't finalized the changes I'm going to make yet, but I have a few ideas.  
  • Make a trip to the Carolinas
  • Attend the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in person
  • Eat Lobster in Maine (Road Trip New England)
  • See a certain number of concerts
  • Visit 10 NYC tourist attractions with friends/family
Any other ideas?  I will probably add a longer distance to my running goal, add more Broadway shows and definitely see more baseball stadiums.  Let me know your thoughts.  


  1. My aunt goes to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade every year. That's a good one!

  2. Hey heyyyy, you know I'm already wetting myself over that trip to the Carolinas list item!! Can't wait to see how your goals and things change with y'all's big move! :)

  3. Ohh I might need to do a 40 before 40 and steal some of these!

  4. Love the see more baseball stadiums and more Broadway shows goals!

    P.S.- The new design looks great!

  5. You should add leaf-peeping in VT during peak leaf season (fall/End of September/early October).


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