October 11, 2013

Things to Smile About

Happy Friday!  I have nothing really important or clever to tell you right now, but I will share some of my favorite things this week.

Visitors.  I know this is a little crazy, since we haven't even left yet, but my parents booked their first trip to come visit our new home.  This makes me so so so happy.  29 days until the big move and my emotions are on a roller coaster.  Knowing that my parents will be celebrating Christmas with us (well at least the weekend before through Christmas Eve) makes leaving easier for me.  That being said, if anyone else is planning their trip to visit me, tell me because it makes me happy.

Erin.  One of my best friends from high school is getting married this weekend.  We have been friends for 14 years.  There may be months in between our get togethers sometimes, but she is always there and always supportive.  I have been lucky enough to celebrate a few things with her the last few weeks and I can't wait to celebrate her wedding day with her and her family.  Badass bachelorette party, wonderful wedding shower and soon the big event.  So excited.

Segway Tours.  I've laughed at these tours time and time again, so when I found out that our company was doing this as our leadership "fun" event, I cringed and then laughed out loud.  Knowing that I would look super cool cruising around Minneapolis, I just jumped on board and within the first two minutes, I realized how much fun these are.

We took the river route that I've run a few times, but also explored a few new areas.  It was the most beautiful fall day and I'm so happy I did this.

I now have a Segway Driver's License with my name on it - get jealous... and then go try this in your city because they are actually super fun.

Finger Painting.  We went with our nieces to the Children's Museum last weekend.  That place is exhausting.  That is a place I could not go to more than once a year... but finger paints, face painting and crawling through the exhibits was fun.

Happy songs.  Listening to some happy, positive songs lately.  It helps.  I still can't get enough of the Wake Me Up song... I feel like I should have been totally over it two weeks ago, but I still like it.  You've all heard it, so try this song instead:

If you need more good songs to jam out to this weekend, so see Miss Whitney and all of her Miley Cyrus glory.  Happy weekend!


  1. I fear the Segway. I've seen a zillion people wipe out on them in Philly. They make me nervous.

    Yay for visitors! One of my BFFs lives in Manhattan, I'm due for a visit. But I will see all of my 20+ year BFFs Saturday, here, so that makes me very happy.

  2. I feel like I would tip over on a Segway and make a fool of myself! How fun though! Have a great weekend!

  3. Dangit-- I thought I made the list! ;) But YAY for bff wedding weeekends- have so much fun! Promise blog stuff is coming your way asap!

  4. That's so sweet your parents have already planned a trip to visit. Home is coming to you for the holiday!

    Enjoy your weekend, and happy wedding day to your friend!

  5. Segways make me feel so nervous- I feel like I might fall over! Then again the only experience I have was on the WiiFit...

    Also- I'm glad your parents are visiting :) Moving to PIttsburgh was easier once my family and bff's had a plan in motion for visits.

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