October 29, 2013

The Head and the Heart

I saw the Head & the Heart this weekend at First Ave with some of my favorite people.  The evening started with drinks & football at the bar next to the venue - and possibly a photo shoot with the band.

He might have been trying to hide his face.  Sorry.  Once we got into the show, we caught the second opener.  She was fun to watch, but the music didn't really do it for me.  We entertained ourselves before the main act by taking selfies and making friends with the world's tallest man.

The show was great.  The lone female in the band has incredible talent.  One of my favorite parts was her solo time on the stage at the beginning of the encore.  Lost in my Mind is probably their most well known song and they played that right in the middle of the set.  I have a few favorites after seeing the show too, but probably the best for me is Rivers and Roads.

As cheesy as I feel saying this, it's a fitting song for this point in our life.  It's even worse when your friends give you that look when they sing the line "all our friends will move away and they're going to better places."  I found myself looking at all of them during this song and knowing that I will miss their faces like hell.

Here is the City Pages review of the show.  I didn't take any good pictures of the band because an iphone won't work for that and you should just Google them.  The only downside of this show was the songs that were missing from the set list.  One of my favorite songs on their new album is Let's be Still.  Go read this post about it.  There were a few other new songs that I was surprised they didn't play, but overall I loved it.

If you've never heard of this band, I recommend you listen to Down in the Valley, Lost in my Mind, Summertime and Homecoming Heroes to get a good variety (along with the two songs listed above.)

In other news, packing sucks and moving is hard work.  We had the best distraction this weekend when J's family threw us a surprise going away party.  Also, I just got a message that MY NEW NEPHEW WAS BORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I'm beyond excited to meet him later today.

Also, Insert Classy Here is now on Facebook.  I figured I'd join the rest of the world.  Click here to like on Facebook!


  1. She seriously JAMS to Rivers and Roads!! I loved that song in concert so much!

  2. I just cued them up on Grooveshark. Thanks for the recommendations!

  3. YAYAYYAYAY Congrats to Nicole and you guys!!!!

  4. I always love new music recommendations, especially from my rock o'clock partner! Def will check them out. Congrats on your new nephew!!!!

  5. They kept popping up on my pandora and I like them so much! The newest album is a touch twangier than the first one, but I think it will grow on me! Glad they put on a good show!


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