October 4, 2013

Right Now - October Edition

It's so crazy that it's October already.  Time seems to be picking up speed as we get closer to the holidays.  I hope this month slows down a little so we can enjoy every last second.  It's time for a little "right now" information, so here is what I'm currently up to.

Reading:  I finally finished Wild by Cheryl Strayed.  LOVED it.  I'm also finally reading the backlog of magazines sitting in our house.  We've been in and out so much lately that a pretty large stack has formed and that makes me happy because I love magazines.

Eating:  Apples.  Our neighbor across the street has been bringing over apples from his tree every few days and they are incredible.  He covers each of them with a plastic bag so he doesn't have to use any sprays.  Just another reason that I love fall.

Watching:  24.  We started back at season one and we are almost done with season three.  I just love Jack Bauer.  I've also been getting emails on the updated seasons available on Netflix and that makes me soooo happy.

Missing:  running.  I just about puked that running is my answer, but I really do miss it.  I need to sign myself up for a run so I have something to work towards.

Anticipating:  Our new hometown.  We found an apartment and we sign the paperwork tomorrow.  I am beyond excited for this adventure.  Just a little over a month left in the Twin Cities and so much to do.  Thanks again for all the support and kind words over the last few weeks.

Wishing for:  All the things on my autumn to-do list to actually happen.  Also, I'm wishing for a productive month getting through all the things we need to do before moving.  Last but not least, I'm wishing for an awesome race this weekend for our friends that are running the Twin City 10 mile and the Twin City Marathon.  I love cheering on the thousands of people that run this race every year.

Drinking:  A new favorite beer and I definitely recommend trying this if you enjoy hoppy beer.

Laughing at:  Modern Family, Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother - my three favorite sitcoms on TV right now and they've all started up again for the year.

Loving:  the weather, the leaves changing, the new design that Erin is working on for me and the new fall candle I am burning in my living room right now.

Beginning:  to fall back in love with my job and the amazing opportunities that they are giving me.  It's time to kick some serious ass.

Listening to:  nothing new really... and looking for some new music... any suggestions?  I will leave you with this song that we heard while driving around this week.  Love me some J Lo.


  1. Love your throwback song! I looooove HIMYM but I am behind. I need to spend a weekend getting caught up.

  2. I'm with you in hoping October doesn't fly by like all the other months. This year is the fastest year yet!

    As for the running, ditto. Ugh.

  3. Slow down October! What's your rush?

    Which city did you settle for in NJ?

  4. I love 24 and I miss Jack Bauer.

    So excited for your big move! I'm also happy for October, although oddly enough we may have to turn on our AC for a couple days due to mid-80s and humidity. Enough! I want to wear my boots!

  5. I have a huge backpile of magazines I need to read or get rid of- I keep trying to cancel subscriptions but then they still show up!

  6. I'm still sort of in a daze that summer and September is over. Where is time going? Remember when you were a kid and it felt like time took forever? How do we get back to that?

    So exciting that you found an apartment, I hope you guys and the pups love it!

  7. So excited to hear about your new place. What part of town will you actually be living in?

  8. Apples and nice job things are my two favorites right now. Fall and money are nice things to have!

  9. DID YOU HEAR? 24 IS COMING BACK!!!!!! i saw kiefer sutherland on tv talking about it and got the biggest boner, i LOVE 24!!!!

    and don't even talk to me about the months flying by; i saw CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS at costco :*(


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