October 7, 2013

I Can Hear Wedding Bells

Happy Monday.  This is a very special week for the lady behind the blog, Cotton & Boots.  It is her wedding week.  Do me a favor and go tell Brooks congratulations and give her any last minute advice that you might have.  She took some time last week and answered a few questions for me about wedding planning.

What has been your favorite part of wedding planning?

Besides being a complete foodie and devouring cake tastings?  The excitement of it all.  It feels like Christmas Eve and Day, your biggest birthdays (16 and 21, so far), and getting your own special holiday all in one.  Here I am getting to marry the most awesome man and have a huge party doing it.

What is the best advice you've received about marriage/wedding planning?

I've heard constantly to soak it all in.  You have all these little moments, from picking your dress to choosing your cake to finding the perfect venue and date, rolling into this huge moment that you can only live through once.  So, I'm trying to apply it to all the little moments as well as (hopefully) soaking everything in on the big day.

What advice would you give someone just starting to plan a wedding?

Man, what advice do I NOT have?  For someone who has been planning a wedding that is four states away, don't take anyone for granted.  So many people want to help make your wedding and celebration perfect.  Graciously accept.  These are the people who are part of your life now and are walking with you as you become a wife, a Mrs.  Just smile, accept, and be thankful for them.

What is your favorite love song?

I'm a music junkie so this is a hard one.  My all time favorite song, which happens to be a love song, is Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon."

What is your favorite wedding related movie?

It has to be Steel Magnolias.  I'm having slight pinks in my wedding, but nothing close to Blush and Bashful, and the chapel won't be covered in Pepto Bismol.  My daddy and I quote that movie on a daily basis, such a classic.

How many pins do you have on your wedding board (if any)?  This question was inspired by one of my favorite posts ever from Nadine - How Pinterest Ruined Weddings

424 to be exact.  But to be honest, as soon as we were engaged, I didn't even look at Pinterest.  I think it's a great thought on paper, but in reality, all my pins just couldn't make the budget cut.  So, I avoided it like the plague since I knew what kind of wedding I wanted.

What is the most ridiculous thing you registered for? 

Ridiculous or expensive?  I think they can go hand in hand.  I registered for a Dyson (fingers crossed) but I would laugh if I saw it on anyone else's registry.  I can't afford ridiculously expensive gifts, nor do I expect people to buy them for me.  I think I got scanner finger happy.  Whoops.

A vacuum is not crazy at all, we registered for a Nintendo Wii (which made my mother crazy) and then we got it from our amazing bridesmaids :)  Also, my husband got his hands on the scanner and started registering for Cheetos.  I had to do some editing.  Now, last but not least, what do your two adorable pups, Prim & Sinatra, think of this wedding business?

They are so happy their humans are tying the knot, well as excited as two dogs can be.  Prim is a bit miffed she's not the flower pup, but she'll get over it.  Sinatra is playing the cool card and being all chill about it.  I like to think they're super stoked.

That's all for now friends.  Go check her out and wish her well.  This is a BIG week.  


  1. I woke up like a kid of Christmas morning when I read your post. Thank you for helping me kick off my wedding week with some class. Can't ever have too much of that!

  2. Congrats, Brooks! Visiting her now! :)


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