October 25, 2013

Fenway vs. Busch

I'm sitting here tonight watching the World Series and I'm reminded how much I love this game.  Maybe you didn't know, but we are on a mission to see all the MLB stadiums in the country.  We have seen many, but we are only counting them once we see a game there.  Tonight, we came up with a scoring system and finally scored the 8 stadiums that we've been to so far.

Our scale is 1-5 and we have graded each stadium on 5 different categories and added up the total score:

Food & Drink - clearly, this is important to us.  The variety of beer, cocktails, junk food, healthy food - we try it all - well meat free at least.

Location - Is it easy to get to?  Can you see the city?  Is the surrounding area fun to party at before and after the game?

Environment - Are the fans in to it?  Do they have songs or traditions special to their team?  Are you swimming in a sea of the team's colors?  How is the 7th inning stretch?  Fireworks... any time during the game?

Stadium Itself - Does it show you the history?  Is it nice to look at?  Is it somewhat clean?  Does it add to the experience of a ballgame?

Our Personal Experience - Did we have a good time?  Yes, these are biased and everyone has a different experience, but we will at least explain the circumstances.  Each time that we visit the park goes into this score.

Today, in honor of the two teams in the World Series, I'll share the scores for Fenway Park and Busch Stadium.

Busch Stadium - Home of the St. Louis Cardinals - Opened in 2006

Read about our trip there

Food/Drink - 3 - It was 107 degrees the day we went to this game, so we just weren't very hungry.  The beer selection was good though, so we'll give them credit for that.  This score could easily improve if we make a return trip in the future.
Location - 4 - We are right in the city and there are a few bars and restaurants near by.
Environment/Fans - 3 - We were there cheering for the Twins and the fans weren't very fun.  I get it, we were routing for the opposing team, plus the weather was hot so it was hard to sit still.
Stadium Appearance - 5 - Statues all the way around the outside showed great pride in their history. Everything was clean and still pretty new.  Plus, I loved that you could see the arch from most seats.
Personal Experience - 3 - Like I said, it was hot, our seats were in the sun, so we were stuck watching much of the game on the TV's in the hallway in the shade.

Overall Score - 18 points (out of 25)

Fenway Park - Home of the Boston Red Sox - Opened in 1912

My Love for Fenway Park

Food/Drink - 4 - There was a decent variety, but the best part was the open area with the picnic tables for the ultimate people watching.  Plus, the beers... I love Sam Adams.
Location - 5 - Yawkey Way is the best place to get pumped up for a game, or maybe even watch an away game at the bar.  The park is also super easy to get to from the subway.
Environment/Fans - 5 - I don't even think I need to explain this.  Singing Sweet Caroline at Fenway Park is one of my favorite things.  Seeing the crowds of red and blue flood the city on game days is quite the experience.
Stadium Appearance - 5 - The history, the Green Monster, the red seat, the Citgo sign.  This place is a landmark and even though it's old, it's magical.
Personal Experience - 5 - This has time and time again been our favorite baseball experience.  The tour was great, the games are fun and loud and exciting, plus we just love Boston.

Overall Score - 24 points (out of 25)

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  1. Friendly Fenway for the win!! As big of a Sawx fan as Glenn is, I still haven't had the joy of going to Fenway!

    Funny story though - we actually had our whole honeymoon planned to Boston and Cape Cod. Sadly it didn't work out and we had to cancel, but we're still saving our pennies for a Boston trip one day! And your love for Fenway just made me even more excited :)

  2. I've never been to either stadium but I think I would score them the exact same way, Fenway is an icon!!

  3. Fenway has my heart. Obviously. Love this post :)

  4. Fenway is one of my favorite places in the entire world... love love love.

  5. Boyfriend just went up to Fenway a few weeks ago for the ALCS game against the Tigers(his fave team). The pics he brought home were gorgeous. I really wanna see it someday!

  6. We share the same goal. I reallllly love baseball and want to fit all of the stadiums into a summer road trip. The plan was summer 2014 but given a wedding I'm in mid summer, the mlb schedule, and the all star break...It's not gonna happen. Love your comparison, never been to either. Can't wait to check them out in the near-ish future.

  7. I love this goal!

    I haven't been to Busch. I loved Fenway.

  8. Love it! Have you seen a game in Cincy? :) Please do, and soon, and call me! Jared and I want to see the Bengals play in every NFL stadium, we've only seem them at 3 so far- lots to go!!

  9. Never been to a MLB game before. But I have to do it one day! It would be unreal to go to a Boston or NY game.. they have such a huge fan base!

  10. I'm not a huge Fenway Park fan- not just because I am a St. Louisan! Just didn't have a great experience there. But I do love baseball, and it's wonderful to live in a baseball town. Hopefully next time Fenway will be more fun for us- we do enjoy Boston though. In fact, we honeymooned there/Salem!


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