October 15, 2013

A Bit About Blogging

This little blog got a nice little face lift last night.  Do you know Erin?  She is pretty fantastic.  She prettied everything up for me and I love it.  As I'm figuring out how to capture my gratitude in a single snap chat, it got me thinking.  This whole blogging thing is pretty crazy.  A whole bunch of friends that I've never met before, but I feel like I know them.  For the longest time, I always felt weird talking about it, but lately I feel like that has changed.

It all started that one time that I didn't get catfished by Heather and Chris.  Justin and I met them on Labor Day.  We had a nice lunch, then a nice visit to a little place called Rogue, then a rooftop visit to see their beautiful view and hang out with their dog & meet their neighbors, and then finally a really nice dinner complete with dessert.  A full day... hanging out with someone I had never met in person.  I've been so bad about posting the rest of our San Francisco trip, but I can tell you that that was one of my favorite parts.  I wish I could prove to you that I met her, but I took one picture that whole day...

It just doesn't seem that weird to me anymore.  We chat back and forth all the time.  I text ridiculous pictures to Alexa and it doesn't seem weird at all.  I've learned lots of things from reading blogs.  Thanks to the blog world, I know about Watermelon Beer, Fifth and Mae, too much about Miley Cyrus and the power of GIF's.  I feel comfortable wearing yoga pants everywhere.  I feel constant support and get great advice from people all over the country.

On the other hand, I have real life friends that read my blog and sometimes ask questions about it.  They probably don't understand link ups and sponsors, but knowing that they are out there sometimes makes me smile.  Even my mom and dad check in sometimes on the blog.  People that know me know that I'm ridiculous, cheesy and sometimes inappropriate, so nothing on my blog would surprise them... hopefully.

All that being said, I love having a blog.  As much as I'd like to pretend that numbers don't matter to me, that would be a lie.  I love getting comments from people.  I love the people that I've started a relationship with just because of this blog and I LOVE that people I know take time out of their day every once in a while to read my blog.  

Thanks to Erin, I added a few new pages and I'll be updating those over the next few weeks with the big move coming up.  I did update the sponsor page and for the rest of the week, you can get $2.00 off either spot with the code UFFDA.


  1. Love the new design! The blog is looking good. :)

    I was so glad that I finally started interacting with other bloggers instead of just writing on my own. You really do form some special relationships with people you've never met before.

  2. seriously, getting comments from new people is like winning the lottery! you have no idea how GIDDY it makes me and i love it! it's why i blog all the time and think of things to blog on the regular. it's also why i'm always taking pictures of random shit because i want to post about it and my hubs is all: wtf? what are you doing? and i'm all "never mind! you don't get it!" LOL

    btw, LOVE the new layout!!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. You never really get it until you blog yourself! I am amazed at how close I have gotten to my blog friends in such a short amount of time and when they take internet breaks, I miss them! And comments from new people make me excited, too! Love your new look!

  4. Your new design looks GREAT!! Erin is just the best at what she does, I agree! :)

    And woohooo blogging! It's crazy how it does connect people and to us it doesn't seem the least bit weird. Thank heavens, because I don't want to remember a time when my "blog friends" weren't a part of my real life!

  5. Love the new design girl!! It looks great.

    And I agree- I don't know how I used to make it through my days without constant blogger interactions through every single form of communication!

  6. Love the design!! I have to say I started this journey in May and I am loving it too!! Although sometimes it feels like homework!

  7. Love the new design, lookin fab! And I agree, blogging is a bit weird to fall into, but once you start really getting to "know" other bloggers it's pretty amazing.

  8. I know.. blogging is certainly something else. I love it. Although, I find my ass sitting in this seat with the computer on my lap a little too often because of it. But- what the hell!?
    Hey! I too, learned about watermelon beer from blogging.. ;)

  9. Thanks for being so awesome/easy to work with. And for being a great bloggy-friend. It's definitely crazy to think about all the people we "meet" this way that we would NEVER KNOW in life!!

  10. LOVE the new design :)

    Also I totally know what you mean. I had a few bloggy friends that when I started texting it was weird...but its just normal now.

  11. I hung out with 5 different bloggers on Saturday. Three separate events, five different bloggers. I think I can safely say blogging has engulfed my life. Or my life engulfs blogging. Might not be using the term accurately. But seriously, the ladies I've met through the MN blog group have become some of my dearest friends. I feel like we skipped a part of the friendship when you censor yourself and slang overshare. They met me through an outlet where I am raw and unedited. I think that made a lot of us closer, a whole lot faster. I am glad you've found similar friendships. It's really awesome, isn't it??

    You're in Minnesota, right? You need to come hang out with us Minne gals. :)

    1. Not sure how the word slang got in there. Weird. Pretend thats not there.


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